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  1. Pretty much all has been said. Spot on level grading. I admit I was a little anxious when I put my name down. Cruiser delivered in spades with interesting tracks that in my opinion never went above the ride grading. A little rain would've been a different ride. It was a privilege to ride with the talented group that turned out. Most were way above the posted level but all were happy to wait for the less talented and rip past like I was standing still. It always amazes me how fast & smooth you blokes are over terrain that belts me around at much less speed. I know momentum is king but how much momentum do I need going down hill. Thanks Cruiser for an awesome ride & great night with a good feed & good company. I hope we are riding for many more birthdays to come.
  2. Don’t stay new for long do they?
  3. Well I think it's all been said in words & pics what a great weekend it was. Huge thanks to everyone from Harry the host on Friday night to everyone that turned up with a well maintained bike. Special mention to Sandra & Joe who without your support as has been said this wouldn't be possible. Captain Kenny your knowledge of the area is awesome & the 2 lead riders worked well to keep the mob flowing. Good job Harry. Arien & Stinky thanks for bringing up the rear. It must've been a slow & cruisy ride for you due to the lack of carnage & issues through the pack. As this was the longest ride I've ever done in 1 day not to mention backing it up with probably the second longest the day after I was surprised how well I pulled up. Probably something to do with the Beta being so much easier to ride than the Husky. Merry Xmas DirtriderZ. Catch you in the new year.
  4. Thanks for the input PJ. I did ride a TPI a few months ago along with a Sherco 300 4t. The Kato was impressive for the way it went but the Sherco felt easier to ride. I rode a Sherco which I considered buying a week before I attended a Beta demo day. I was thinking of a x trainer until I rode one after a 200 rr then I rode the 300. I thought the rr was as easy to use as the Sherco and performed very similar to the KTM. It would be interesting to swap and ride each back to back. Merry Xmas. Catch ya on a ride soon.
  5. Welcome to dirtriderZ Scott. I'll keep an eye out for your 530 big banger on Saturday. Looking forward to meeting you. Macca
  6. It’s here. I’m loving it. Haven’t been far on it yet. Chased the kids around a paddock on a crf230 that I picked up on Saturday as well as mine. Once they were confident I took them on some level 1 trail. Did a couple of km st while the kids waited. So much easier to pop the wheel over a log and steers so much better than the husky. Feels like a mountain bike between my legs. I think I’m going to get used to it real quick. Looking forward to Tallarook next weekend.
  7. I thought they would’ve been onto me trying to sell after the demo day but I haven’t heard a thing. The demo worked for me. I was seriously considering a x trainer but after riding it and the RR back to back it was a no brainer. I thought about the race but decided I wouldn’t be good enough to use the better forks. Maybe one day but not now.
  8. Thanks Cluffie. That sounds like a good rap. I rode a tpi a couple of months ago so I won’t comment on vibration but I would agree with beta being a little better off the bottom but I reckon the kato has more once you’re off the bottom. Looking forward to picking it up next Saturday and learning to respect it.
  9. Awesome Macca congratulations. What year and model did you end up with? 2020 RR 300
  10. Did a deal with Raceline today. A 300 is on it's way. Now I have a good reason for sleepless nights.
  11. I had a feeling that's the way the consensus would go. Thanks for the feedback.
  12. Hey DirtriderZ I'm planning to buy a new bike! It'll be a Beta. I would like to know people's thoughts about where I should buy from. I live near K&J Thomas but I've heard not so good things about their after sale service. I've also heard good things about Raceline. Not looking for anyone to bag anybody just a general opinion on good or bad or somewhere else to go. Thanks. Macca
  13. MESS

    Hi Macca, were you thinking Kinglake?

    1. macca


      When I mentioned it the other day I was talking about November 16th

  14. Thanks Russ. Would you believe the hips were 2 years ago. No problem there. They have been great. Just another one of life’s little ruts where you’ve got to keep your head up and keep looking forward.
  15. I’m doing ok. It was easier to get out of bed this morning and I’ve only taken Advil today not the other drugs I was prescribed. I hope that’s all I need from now.
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