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  1. Hey Noods sorry to be a pita. Can you post account details again so I can pay for XL MACCA 511.
  2. Conditions pretty much as expected. Slippery in places but more grip than expected in other areas. Weather couldn’t have been better. The ride flowed well with great team work in a few challenging spots. It was great to ride with some new people who held their own really well. One highlight for me was Daniel c smashing a double log that everyone else either needed help with or went around. Daniel I hope you enjoyed your 1st ride in Australia as much as you said. Another shout out to Misc and Snoopy for the way they blasted up a rutted hill with step ups to make it interesting. Thanks LTJ70 for sweeping most of the day and Kavs for bringing up the rear at the back end of the day. I didn’t expect so many starters at the short notice it was a great day for me riding with you all.
  3. What an awesome day in the bush. The weather was perfect & the day was well organised & flowed well for such a large group. No serious crashes or breakdowns to hold us up, just 1 gumby that made sure everyone else was well rested. Sorry if I got in anybody's way. When I first spotted the clay I thought oh shite what are we in for but it was surprisingly grippy (maybe good tyres help). There was a bit of everything & not too much transport to make you cold which is good. Thanks Rossco for organising, Ian M for sweeping & the crew that kept an eye on mid pack. Michael, Glen & sorry can't remember, starts with J maybe Jordan. The bbq lunch was great too. I'll keep an eye out for the next ride. I hope you blokes doing the Cape next week have an awesome trip & come back with some great stories to tell.
  4. Nice ride. Sorry it ended so badly. Hope you heal well and quickly.
  5. Thanks Bear for the Tallarook tour. The ride flowed really well except for 1 nong that banged handlebars into the ground a couple of times when losing the front on a some slippery bits. Although it was wet it could’ve been wetter. Grip was mostly good. Loved the tracks. A few slightly technical bits but nothing too hard for anyone on the day. Thanks Daz for sweeping and putting up with my pace for the day. My arms are telling me that not going back out for another ride was the best thing to do. PS We aren’t bluing anymore. She made up last night and this morning. Love her.
  6. Somebody said there would be rocks. If there was a logie for honesty I know where my vote would go. Terrain was generally flat and tracks generally flowing but for a few yonnies in the road. Seemed like CV knows the place like the back of his hand. The first track had me hoping it wouldn’t get much harder and thankfully it didn’t. The variety of trails was great from fire trails to tight at times rocky tracks. The section in and out of the dry creek bed and through a tunnel where I managed to miss rock in the dark was great fun. All up great ride as listed. Thanks CV for a faultless lead and beeaye for eating mostly my dust for the day. Again a great bunch of people to ride with. Some old faces and some new thanks all for a great ride.
  7. We both arrived a bit early at the same time so it looked like we were off to a good start. Promptly kitted up & hit the tracks. Down a fence line to a road the track came out on, along the road a short way to the next track. Here the Husky started giving grief. It was misfiring & running like it was out of fuel. Got it going and pushed on but it was something that kept happening at random. At 1 stage I flatted the battery & Simmo had to tow start me. Thanks mate. Glad you came. Would've been a long push. Into a nice st that is petty easy when it's dry then made our way to Extons/Mt Robinson Rd. Lost Simmo for a while after I sent him up a gnarly rutted track that was too hard for me. Told him I would meet him at the top but I got there before him & went past the track he was on & waited at the wrong one. After waiting awhile I back tracked & met him coming my way. All good. Not having been much over that side we went looking for tracks. Found some nice ones, then went down a hill that I was hoping I wouldn't have to come back up. Guess what! The other side was worse. Simmo went half way up came back saying it got worse. I had no hope so we went back the way we came. I didn't get far before getting stuck. I did the walk of shame, partly because I didn't think Simmo should have to walk back up after coming to give me a hand but mostly because it was too hard & I would've got stuck again. It was a long hard walk & I was buggered by the top. Rested awhile then made our way back to the cars. We had both had enough after 50 km
  8. Hope you meant burst or blast !!
  9. Good luck with your recovery Pete. Make sure you do mostly what the doctor tells you.
  10. Thought you were going to bring the Suzi.
  11. hi Macca,

    will this be a cruise ride, im thinking about bringing Melissa along for this ride, if we are holding you up we could always peel off.


  12. Sounds like a ripper weekend. I’ll have to get on the next one. Great reports and pics. Hope you heal well and fast Russ.
  13. Happy Birthday Cluffie.

    Hope you've had a ripper day.

    1. cluffie


      thanks mate,always a great day.

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