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  1. Thanks Russ. Would you believe the hips were 2 years ago. No problem there. They have been great. Just another one of life’s little ruts where you’ve got to keep your head up and keep looking forward.
  2. I’m doing ok. It was easier to get out of bed this morning and I’ve only taken Advil today not the other drugs I was prescribed. I hope that’s all I need from now.
  3. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much effort you put in. If those stars or ducks or whatever aren’t aligned you’re just pushing....up hill. Wise move to pull the pin with no spare.
  4. Thanks Rossco. I'm hearing ya. Been thinking of something smaller for a while now. Might have to think more seriously.
  5. Now I know you’re b s ing. I need a calanda to time it to 130 in top.
  6. That’s all sorted thanks to some good men.
  7. Sorry I left out Wendy who was also a great help with getting my gear off and mopping my brow to keep me comfortable organising my belongings to take to the hospital. Dirtriderz wives are awesome too.
  8. Seeing as I’m laying in hospital waiting for the doctor with results of my scan I thought I might as well kick off the ride report. As you have already figured it didn’t end well for me. Only about 5 km into the ride we went down a moderately steep rutted hill. I dropped into the rut with a bit too much speed and way too much front brake. Endoed and landed heavily on my side on the top of the rut. Knocked the wind out of me. Waited a while to recover and realised I wasn’t going to be better in a hurry. Decided to pull the pin. Apologies to everyone for holding up the ride. HUGE thanks to Mick and Ian for assisting me back to camp. Also for going the extra mile and calling the ambo and waiting till it arrived. Make sure you drink the beer in my esky. Hope everyone else enjoyed the ride as much as I was going to. Will sort getting my car and bike home later. Dirtriderz are awesome. Thanks again to everyone for support. Can’t wait till I’m fit to get back on the bike. Hope to make GF Eve at Dissa. If not maybe still come up for a night camping.
  9. Hoodie arrived today. Fits good and looks good. Thanks
  10. Awesome day. Weather, tracks and people all spot on. The bike is in the shed dirty. I’m shagged. Time for a nana nap. Thanks Peperjack for organising the day and Riles for leading the way. Thanks also to Mrkiwimike for sweeping for the day.
  11. Hey Noods sorry to be a pita. Can you post account details again so I can pay for XL MACCA 511.
  12. Conditions pretty much as expected. Slippery in places but more grip than expected in other areas. Weather couldn’t have been better. The ride flowed well with great team work in a few challenging spots. It was great to ride with some new people who held their own really well. One highlight for me was Daniel c smashing a double log that everyone else either needed help with or went around. Daniel I hope you enjoyed your 1st ride in Australia as much as you said. Another shout out to Misc and Snoopy for the way they blasted up a rutted hill with step ups to make it interesting. Thanks LTJ70 for sweeping most of the day and Kavs for bringing up the rear at the back end of the day. I didn’t expect so many starters at the short notice it was a great day for me riding with you all.
  13. What an awesome day in the bush. The weather was perfect & the day was well organised & flowed well for such a large group. No serious crashes or breakdowns to hold us up, just 1 gumby that made sure everyone else was well rested. Sorry if I got in anybody's way. When I first spotted the clay I thought oh shite what are we in for but it was surprisingly grippy (maybe good tyres help). There was a bit of everything & not too much transport to make you cold which is good. Thanks Rossco for organising, Ian M for sweeping & the crew that kept an eye on mid pack. Michael, Glen & sorry can't remember, starts with J maybe Jordan. The bbq lunch was great too. I'll keep an eye out for the next ride. I hope you blokes doing the Cape next week have an awesome trip & come back with some great stories to tell.
  14. Nice ride. Sorry it ended so badly. Hope you heal well and quickly.
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