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  1. Somebody said there would be rocks. If there was a logie for honesty I know where my vote would go. Terrain was generally flat and tracks generally flowing but for a few yonnies in the road. Seemed like CV knows the place like the back of his hand. The first track had me hoping it wouldn’t get much harder and thankfully it didn’t. The variety of trails was great from fire trails to tight at times rocky tracks. The section in and out of the dry creek bed and through a tunnel where I managed to miss rock in the dark was great fun. All up great ride as listed. Thanks CV for a faultless lead and beeaye for eating mostly my dust for the day. Again a great bunch of people to ride with. Some old faces and some new thanks all for a great ride.
  2. We both arrived a bit early at the same time so it looked like we were off to a good start. Promptly kitted up & hit the tracks. Down a fence line to a road the track came out on, along the road a short way to the next track. Here the Husky started giving grief. It was misfiring & running like it was out of fuel. Got it going and pushed on but it was something that kept happening at random. At 1 stage I flatted the battery & Simmo had to tow start me. Thanks mate. Glad you came. Would've been a long push. Into a nice st that is petty easy when it's dry then made our way to Extons/Mt Robinson Rd. Lost Simmo for a while after I sent him up a gnarly rutted track that was too hard for me. Told him I would meet him at the top but I got there before him & went past the track he was on & waited at the wrong one. After waiting awhile I back tracked & met him coming my way. All good. Not having been much over that side we went looking for tracks. Found some nice ones, then went down a hill that I was hoping I wouldn't have to come back up. Guess what! The other side was worse. Simmo went half way up came back saying it got worse. I had no hope so we went back the way we came. I didn't get far before getting stuck. I did the walk of shame, partly because I didn't think Simmo should have to walk back up after coming to give me a hand but mostly because it was too hard & I would've got stuck again. It was a long hard walk & I was buggered by the top. Rested awhile then made our way back to the cars. We had both had enough after 50 km
  3. Hope you meant burst or blast !!
  4. Good luck with your recovery Pete. Make sure you do mostly what the doctor tells you.
  5. Thought you were going to bring the Suzi.
  6. hi Macca,

    will this be a cruise ride, im thinking about bringing Melissa along for this ride, if we are holding you up we could always peel off.


  7. Sounds like a ripper weekend. I’ll have to get on the next one. Great reports and pics. Hope you heal well and fast Russ.
  8. Happy Birthday Cluffie.

    Hope you've had a ripper day.

    1. cluffie


      thanks mate,always a great day.

  9. On my way up the Hume there were a few drizzle patches and I'm thinking that if this is as bad as it gets it'll be ok. As soon as I saw the Beechworth sign it was misty & raining lightly. Find the unload point & most are already there. I'm thinking if I hadn't come so far I might've pulled the pin. (probably not) Anyway by the time we got on the bikes the rain had stopped. There were a few more light showers throughout the day but not bad enough to prefer not riding. The fire at the pub where we stopped for lunch was real good. (can't say the same for the barman but that's another story) We all dried and warmed as much as we could before lunch. Beechworth has lots of flowing fire trails with some easy tighter stuff and a good mix of long up & down hills, some rocky stuff, some slippery stuff after the rain & a couple of small logs to keep it interesting. Thanks Dirt Girlie for leading, great to catch up & ride with Mess after a couple of years. Always good to ride with Biggie. Kudos to Lucy Goose who rode her new WR as well in the wet as she did her KLR in the dry a couple of months ago. No carnage & only minimal help needed on a couple of slippery hills. Another great day on the bike with awesome people. Can't wait to get back for the Weekender, although I will only ride on the Sunday.
  10. What’s his recovering from?
  11. macca

    Kinglake L 2

    What a day for a ride. The weather couldn't have been better. Everybody arrived on time and without too much mucking around we hit the trails. Early in we tried a challenging hill but Kinglake being what it is it was too slippery and nobody managed to conquer it this time. After some more not so challenging trails we went up a rocky rutted hill that most struggled with except Yamijim on his YZ. He had 1 go and sussed out the rocky step up that was claiming everyone. Went back down for another go and held it pinned and blasted straight up. Top effort. With typical DirtriderZ team work everybody eventually made it up. Back to the cars for lunch, then back to the first challenge hill. Traction had improved and katman & AT84 made it to the top. I went up to give Yamijim a hand getting his bike out of the scrub but he had it sorted by the time I got there. I was going to keep going but started cramping in the thigh and turned and went back down. At the bottom was a 4 WD waiting to have a crack. He got a little way up before he speared off the track into the sapling pines. He was in a dicey situation for a while. Thought he might roll over if he tried to turn around but after mowing a few pines he managed to get back on track and drove to the top. Headed to Extons rd. but turned back at Arthurs rd. because the red clay hill although not steep would have taken too much effort to get everyone back up. After that we climbed another nice hill to the lookout spot. From there it was back to the cars and the day was done. Thanks everyone for a great day. Thanks Badger 66 for sweeping for the day.The lookout.
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