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  1. It was a challenging hill on the other side of the road where you left from. Going down I was thinking that l hope I don’t have to come back up. Kind of wish I did go back up.
  2. Thanks Seza for tempting me to take the day off work. A bad day on the bike is better than a good day at work but that was a great day. You’re probably a little lucky you left when you did. You missed some gnarley stuff that destroyed me. Maccastrewth would’ve been in his element. Was good to meet some new people that were great to ride with. What impressed me was that everyone thought that I knew where I was going. Thanks for sweeping Bear MX. Bad luck with the clutch giving up but we made it back so not a problem at the end of the day. Can’t wait to ride again. PS. Glad I had a new tyre f
  3. Hi Geoffro 1x black with white XXL 1 x black with red XL Is postage double for 2? I assume it would be When I know postage I’ll transfer or pay pal. Whatever you prefer Thanks
  4. Thanks Tracey, Mark, Luke & Bear. A great level appropriate ride. Nothing too hard but a few challenges for lower skilled riders. Lots of small logs which must’ve given confidence because everyone was popping over the bigger ones with ease by the end of the day. It was great to see the improvements over the day. Good to meet some new people and ride with some great regulars.
  5. What’s happening this year with regards to the annual weekender?
  6. What’s happening this year with regards to the annual weekender?
  7. Get well soon Mick. It is always bad to hear that kind of news. It sounds as though you have been looked after as well as I was a little while ago. What goes around comes around. DirtriderZ are awesome. PS. Where should I send the flowers?
  8. How good was that? Don’t know how anyone could call it Disappointment. Being cold and wet I wasn’t sure I would get out but I was planning to ride Kinglake on my own if it wasn’t raining in the morning. Didn’t want to post up because I didn’t want to muck anymore around if I didn’t go. When 99 percent posted Dissa looking for a buddy I said a tentative yes. So glad I did. On arrival Hussaberg 501 was there 99 percent followed me in. Bushy was already out on the pegs. He came back to greet us and he then took the lead with his local knowledge. The tracks were all level 2 in the dry and for me
  9. Howzat for a pumpkin patch?
  10. On ya chix. Taylor 715 loves the puddles but doesn’t like wet feet. Feet up under the handlebars and away she goes. Always fun to watch. I was at Dissa today and yes there was a lot of water around and some slippery sticks but I was surprised by the amount of traction especially with the concern I had with my back tyre when I looked at it last night.
  11. Thanks Kelly for getting the ride happening and Trails for leading. Been looking forward to riding Whipsticks and the stars finally aligned. After a bit of a sleep in I thought I would be late. Still got there before Trails so all good. I pulled up beside Matt and found him trying to remove his stuck butt plug. Had a look up his exhaust and saw it about 3 inches in. Put my finger in for a feel but only pushed it in further. A bit of back pressure wouldn’t blow it out either. Got my tools out for surgery. Exhaust off and Ruger to the rescue with some yellow tongue to push through Matt’s exhaust
  12. macca

    Happy Birthday Cujo. Hope you've had a ripper day.

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      Thanks Mate!


  13. Happy Birthday Michael. Hope you've had a good one.