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    just love gettin out there & exploring the tracks
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  1. What are you watching on TV

    Recently just finiahed stranger things 2 & enjoyed it. Currently watching Mindhunters on Netflix & am really enjoying it so far
  2. The Walking Dead

    Just got a bit bored of the same stuff, my brother has been telling me it gets good again from season 6 so maybe I'll try again.
  3. The Walking Dead

    Was into the walking dead for the first 4 seasons but got over it very quickly in season 5 & never went back.
  4. Mounting garmin 62s

    PM sent
  5. Mounting garmin 62s

    No link mate but if your interested in 1 shoot me a pm & I'll pass on the guys details who had them made up.
  6. Glenmaggie 10/9

    Good stuff, yeah its a favorite of mine but haven't been there since April
  7. Glenmaggie 10/9

    Nice Mick, how'd you go up that track in your videos?
  8. Mounting garmin 62s

    Sure did!
  9. Mounting garmin 62s

    I use a billet mount which also comes with a billet clamp for the bars
  10. Hema Explorer VS Garmin Gps

    I also have mine set up like this & find its easiest to follow.
  11. Hema Explorer VS Garmin Gps

    Personally mate found that using a garmin gps matched with the program basecamp to edit & tweak loops you just cant beat it. Also theres some really good billet mounts available now for the 64
  12. Im also running the Starcross 5 soft front & rear with no issues yet. I'm still playing round with pressures when riding but as others above said as long as the inner tube pressure is between 100-110 psi your all good
  13. Forum Technical Issues at the moment

    Just logged on from tapatalk & all seems ok
  14. I hope there will still be ride reports too, but unfortunately the pictures, videos & text will have to be moderated like never before. There's a huge push & people are worried/nervous (myself included). I think I'll have to follow faultline & remove all video threads too unfortunately.
  15. Dirtriderz Fitness Support

    Great post Noods, I'm lucky enough to have a girl I went to school with run pt & group training out of her shed (which she is fully qualified for & was a well set up training studio) but she is in the process of moving so its stopped atm & so did my motivation... dam winter sucks!! I felt the urge come back after reading this so thanks! Remember lads curls get the girls [emoji123] haha