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    just love gettin out there & exploring the tracks
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  1. Dirtriderz do Romaniacs

    Thanks awesome guys top effort!
  2. What are you watching on TV

    Sounds interesting, I'll check it out
  3. What are you watching on TV

    Have recently watched mindhunter & manhunt unabomber on netflex & enjoyed them alot.
  4. What are you watching on TV

    Recently just finiahed stranger things 2 & enjoyed it. Currently watching Mindhunters on Netflix & am really enjoying it so far
  5. The Walking Dead

    Just got a bit bored of the same stuff, my brother has been telling me it gets good again from season 6 so maybe I'll try again.
  6. The Walking Dead

    Was into the walking dead for the first 4 seasons but got over it very quickly in season 5 & never went back.
  7. Mounting garmin 62s

    PM sent
  8. Mounting garmin 62s

    No link mate but if your interested in 1 shoot me a pm & I'll pass on the guys details who had them made up.
  9. Glenmaggie 10/9

    Good stuff, yeah its a favorite of mine but haven't been there since April
  10. Glenmaggie 10/9

    Nice Mick, how'd you go up that track in your videos?
  11. Mounting garmin 62s

    Sure did!
  12. Mounting garmin 62s

    I use a billet mount which also comes with a billet clamp for the bars
  13. Hema Explorer VS Garmin Gps

    I also have mine set up like this & find its easiest to follow.
  14. Hema Explorer VS Garmin Gps

    Personally mate found that using a garmin gps matched with the program basecamp to edit & tweak loops you just cant beat it. Also theres some really good billet mounts available now for the 64
  15. Im also running the Starcross 5 soft front & rear with no issues yet. I'm still playing round with pressures when riding but as others above said as long as the inner tube pressure is between 100-110 psi your all good