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  1. Had blue loctite on them
  2. Hey bud i have had this happen to my wr, and i just put a new stator in it and found after probably 6 months or more it did it again but this time snaped the heads off the bolts because the flywheel bolt holes where slightly worn causing me another new stator and flywheel and new bolts. Got annoyed and left the bike in the corner of the shed for a year and a half only just fixed it this week lol
  3. jimbot21

    BIGGIES Dissa

    I do understand it is private property but what about all the other ways that end up leading you into it?? And I know your not meant to be on tight tracks but everyone uses them or if you didn't know your way around and you end up in there? There hasn't been any effort to fence any other part of the property off....
  4. jimbot21

    BIGGIES Dissa

    Was great to get back on the bike after being off it for a while!!! Thanks to everyone for a good day!! Sorry I didn't say cya to everyone was keen to do a couple more tracks before calling it quits.
  5. hey guys, anybody wrecking a wr450? have destroyed the stator and flywheel in my 06 450. dont really want to spend the money they want for a new one and they are on ebay but trying to get one asap. thanks in advance
  6. hey guys, Just bought a 82 ts185 off a mate at the bike bonanza. i helped him get it going and put a trials tyre on it and he didnt like it. I was having fun on the flat track with it but needs more power. just wondering if anyone knows any tricks or good advice for chasing power? Am planing on putting a down pipe, a bit of head work and setup for flat track but wondering if a ts or tm 250 top end will fit? Cheers Jamie
  7. jimbot21

    Yz450F Backfire

    my wr450 was doing this for a while i cleaned the carby out and that helped but i ended up moving the needle one click and that fixed it. it was running lean but i had just put an fmf exhaust without a jetting kit to. hope it helps mate
  8. hey guys am chasing the clip that goes on top of the needle on a 2000 model ttr 250. the needle all looks ok and it is a 2 week wait for one to come in so if anyone has one they want to sell would be great. thanks
  9. jimbot21

    The riding game. Dirtbike version.

    Can we get a photo of a bike next to a fence to get this moving again?
  10. jimbot21

    Yamaha Spare Parts

    I rebuilt my bike the start of this year (wr450) and the price difference between Australia and America and where all genuine Yamaha parts was ridicules I would of saved around 500 - 1000 dollars on parts
  11. jimbot21

    How Do You Take Care Of Your Boots?

    I got a pair of sidi crossfires and I generally just hit them at the car wash and put newspaper in them but change the newspaper after a couple of hours and again if the papers wet and it absorbs the water a lot better