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  1. Thanks to Biggie for posting and leading the ride, and to the riders for making it a fun day. Plenty of chit chat and laughs, especially about what Lindon had for dinner the night before - could have powered his two stroke with his own exhaust gases. Apart from the ending its was a good day. Struggled on the hills with the loose shale/rocks and appreciate the help & encouragement from you blokes. Different tyres before the next ride and maybe a change of rear sprocket. Good luck Pete, hope everything goes back into place and we see on the track soon.
  2. I've ridden with several of this group this crew at few different locations in the past few months, but the first for a long time I've been on a ride with the whole crew. It was really good fun. Scrambling up hills covered in loose rocks on "what I'm I doing here" tracks, with you blokes sitting at the top laughing. Then when I get to the top (thanks for the detour Cujo) I'm doing the same thing. It really is infectious. Thanks to Dakota for posting and leading the ride, your hospitality and our champion sweep rider for picking me out of the dirt after my left hand had such bad cramp I lost control of the clutch. No worries though, no real damage, can't wait to do it again.
  3. Sent an email to the folks at FunnelWeb Filters on Sunday night to redeem my gift voucher and the filter arrived today express post. The filter looks well made, especially the rubber seal. Next filter change I will install it and see how it performs. Thanks to FunnelWeb Filters for supporting Dirtriderz.
  4. When I got home last night I was sure that everyone had a good day and after reading your posts above it seems I was right. Thanks again to Marc for posting and leading the ride, and to all of you that turned up and made it a good fun day. The enthusiasm was really catching on and great to see everyone practicing the basics and nailing those hills. I did not get much more than the back of a few riders and dust on my action cam, so I'm hoping George and a few others have some pictures and video to go with Marc's. I think I could probably lead the same ride and may post one soon, or maybe a level 1 & 2 at another site. See you soon.
  5. Great ride today. Thanks to Biggie & Kmatts for organising and Riles for the sweep duties. Lots of words already about the "big off" so I'll just wish Brendan a quick recovery. The corner man system worked really well today, especially when we all had to come back, and I thought the ride flowed quite well. Made it up some big hills (big for me) and had a few gumby moments going down. Thanks to Riles and one or two others that helped me towards the end of the day when both the mental and physical abilities were starting to fade. Lets hope for some rain to settle the dust and see you all again soon. P.S. - good luck kx450F
  6. Thanks for organising and leading the ride Tom. It was a good ride with a good crew, with a few challenges which includes low visibility through some of those whoops. Felt OK when I got home last night, but just back from walking the dog and the legs are feeling it. Hope to see you all again soon.
  7. Forgot to add we had a visit from the sticker fairy. After I wash the car I'll find a good spot for one of them. Glad to hear you ladies and gents enjoyed the day. I hope to ride in there again soon, when the east side is open, I'll post it up as another level two ride.
  8. Everyone was on time and we were riding just after 9:00am. Just as we had read on a previous post the "forest managers" were in Cobaw doing burns and tree felling which kept us West of Reillys Road all day, so part of the planned loop was now off. NO PROBLEMS. We rode the tracks on the west side all the way from the top car park to the south west corner of the forest. Boyles Fireline, Link Track, Mansfield Track, down Stumpy, up Pole. We found our way to the end of Pinnacle Track and then across to McKinley Track. Several sections today were over the Level Two scale and everyone should be happy that they had a go and made it through. The ride went really well except when the leader (yours truly) got a little to far ahead, turned back and was not able to find the group. Common sense prevailed (with some help from our mobiles) and we met back at the car park. Good fun, some challenges, no damage, no one hurt and smiles at the end of the day.
  9. You might want to look around, read a few reviews or maybe PM The Fall Guy (I'm sure he is still on this forum) before you go down the CRF250L path.
  10. I am also about 5'8" with short legs. I currently ride a 2008 WR250F with 40mm of travel removed from the front forks and rear shock by internal modifications. I have know idea how you ride, but I don't jump or ride off anything big and have only bottomed out one or twice (probably need different springs due to my weight).
  11. Great ride today Ladies and Gents. Thanks to Marc and Bob for covering the two ends and everyone in the middle for making it a fun day.
  12. After messing it up Friday I had to carry a bit more speed. Love those little tricky bits we keep finding.
  13. Hello Tubby, Both the trial and registered versions of the OziExplorer for PC have a NMEA simulator (simulates a GPS receiver) that will allow you to play / experiment with all the features. Load a map. Enable the simulator - Moving Map / NMEA Simulator or ALT-S Click on the "Here" button and nominate a start position on the map. Start communications with the NMEA GPS - Moving Map / Start NMEA Communications or CTRL-S You can change speed and heading on the NMEA Simulator While this is running you can Log Track To File (will go to the default data path see File / Configuration / System ) Stop the simulator, then load the track file you just saved You could restart the simulator and follow your track The CE version does not have a simulator but the track logging & control features are very similar.
  14. Lots of information including a few tutorials on the OziExplorer web site. Are using the Windows ExplorerCE version on the Navman?
  15. My first Tom-Tom car GPS had a 90 deg connector and the socket was recessed into the unit. Much easy to secure than the socket/connector on the unit I use on my WR. Make sure you have the Log Track To File enabled.
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