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  1. Habs, It was an unbelievable weekend. I had a ball. It was the hardest riding I've ever done, and was everything you said it would be and more. Great to finally meet a lot of guys I've heard about. Thanks to Cruiser and Noodles for doing the sweeps. To those who couldn't make it, you missed a great weekend. Husaberg Mark.
  2. husaberg mark

    chewton fun 20th may

    Thanks CV for a great day. There definitely was no shortage of rocks out there. The tracks were awesome. That 5km track was good but I dropped my bike a few times going over those slippery logs and rocks. The highlight of the day for me was the big hill, I loved it. It was good to meet some new faces and old ones like Riles & Fab. Thanks to the sweeps Habs and Mojo. Sorry I couldn't stay for a drink, maybe next time. Mark.
  3. husaberg mark

    chewton fun 20th may

  4. Thanks CV for a great day. There definitely was no shortage of rocks out there, the tracks where awesome. That 5km section was good. I dropped my bike a few times going over the slippery logs and rocks. The highlight of the day for me was going up that steep hill (I loved it). Its good that I'm starting to know some of the faces now like Riles, Fab, etc, and some new ones. Thanks to both the sweeps, Habs and Moto . Sorry I couldn't have a beer with you all, maybe next time.

  5. husaberg mark

    Anzac Day at wet Dissa

    Thanks Dusty for putting on a great ride with the wet conditions making a few hills very slippery. It was good to brush up on some skills . The highlight of the ride was the creek crossings, thanks to the sweeps. I do have some photos, but having trouble down loading them. I will see how I go over the week end. husaburg mark
  6. husaberg mark

    RCHGFA Murrundindi April 8

    It was another great day at Murrindindi. It was good to meet you all. It's been a while since I went on a dirtridrz . Thanks Nathan for a great ride, the loop was awesome and the pace was fast. It was good that there was no major stacks or bike break downs.Thanks to the sweeps Chris and Jason, the BBQ at the end of the day was much appreciated. This year I'm going to do some more riding than last year so I hope to see all again soon. (Riles and the other bloke, I don't know his name, but thanks for the advice about my bike much appreciated. ) I only took a couple of photos today.
  7. husaberg mark

    Greendale 16 Jul - Lucky someone packed a sprocket

    thanks fab for a good solid ride those hills were awesome here are the photos i took
  8. husaberg mark

    Ride out west Sunday June26

    sounds like you blokes had a lot of fun the pictures look awesome, hopefully i will be able to go next time as I'm keen to do some riding over that side of town
  9. husaberg mark

    The Glenmaggie Report

    For all the guys that didn't go on this ride, boy did you miss out. It had everything, fast flowing single tracks, lots of rocky sections and some good hills . It was a very fast pace which tested me out on more than few occasions. The best spill I had was when I was trying to chase down Sink and my handle bar clipped one of the trees, throwing me over the handle bars. Some of the views on this ride were amazing {see photos }. Thanks Chris for a great day , I would definitely go again on a ride in this area. Thanks Sink for the cold drinks afterwards.
  10. husaberg mark

    Stepping up with Buzz at Mt Dissa May 21

    husaburg mark ride with buzz 21/5/16