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  1. Chrissaddress

    Biggies Kinglake Adventure

    Awesome ride! Thanks guys [emoji106]
  2. Chrissaddress

    Wobblers Super Creswick Arvo Run

    Awesome ride! Thanks wobbler and scotland for leading, and the sweeps C u on the next one !
  3. Chrissaddress

    Part 1. Wombat Explore Sat 7.3.15

    Awesome ride! Thanks guys
  4. Chrissaddress

    Toolangi To Narbethong Return 25/01/15

    Thanks Twisti3s, awesome ride, really well organised, Im there for the next one!
  5. Chrissaddress

    Neerim "2.5" Step Up Ride.

    Amesome ride! thanks guys
  6. Chrissaddress

    Dc's Tallarook Ride N Skills Practice Day Out!

    Thanks DC & TC, awesome ride!