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  1. All take note Seasonal Gate now closed If you wish for more info Forest Fire Management web site
  2. Bruce and Bearmx trying to sort husky issues with iPad
  3. More Pic T feed time and after hour
  4. Manaforts little weapon
  5. Politics with wine and chocolate
  6. Ktm Bruce more interested in politics
  7. Yes did carters play for some Friday then Polners link Flagstaff and around Olive plantaion then cut across to distribution heads and back through Wartook SF to Wander Inn for some pizza and beers then Back track to camp
  8. I should have messaged you Manafort and Fallen stayed at camp till Monday and went for a blast back up Walaby rocks and down Launders back onto the channel and back through Wartook State Forest to camp, You could have led them around a bit anyway till the next local ride.
  9. Collarbone 2019 Friday 18 fronted for 60 km loop with afternoon beer at Wander Inn in Wartook Valley Saturday 40 bikes fronted And in first 3 km a Husky 610 pulled out 210 completed with bbq lunch 3 fuel drops by 4x4 back up crew Sunday 13 fronted for a last 50 km loop i only completed the 48 as my back tyre ended up flat big thanks to Gypsy and Bill for sweep duties With no carnage for the weekend the trophy will sit idle for a year till 2020 All chime in and add your story’s and pics Over and out going to clean up at camp with Bear mx Manafort and Fallen that came all the way from Hobart
  10. i will take it away on weekend trips as a spare if needed
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