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  1. Macka040872

    Pooncarie 2018

    Annual Pooncarie ride Friday 7.45 take off coffee at Ouyen then on to Wentworth for fuel up bikes and body and push north to Broken Hill 50 km out Pete spits a chain so Jim runs him back to Mildura the rest of us push on through Broken Hill and onto Silverton arriving 4pm ish and Pete and Jim roll in 6 ish after a small issue with a skippy but bike still ridable total of 630 km for first day Saturday no rush check out Silverton res and all the Mad Max memorabilia rolling back into Broken Hill for a look around, back to Wentworth for fuel then up to Pooncarie for a nights R & R at the pub all accounted for bar one on a Triumph tiger he desided to try a short cut but took a right hand turn and ended up 50 km north back up the Silver City Highway so he desided Wentworth and refuel and finally arriving 6pm at Pooncarie just a small day @427 km Sunday Depart Pooncarie and back through Wentworth and on to Werrimal for Lunch cut down through Pinaroo to Willalooka for the night 590 km with wind red dust and good old rain heavy rain Monday off again to Kingston Robe Beachport for lunch across to Penola Dergholm Chetwynd Harrow finishing off the 450 km back home. lots kangaroos, goats, emus, horses, cows, sheep and Donkeys
  2. Macka040872

    FREE dirtriderZ Stickers!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hook us up with some please
  3. The organizers is looking for some help I will be camping in swag at Rec Res and helping on track somewhere in the 80 km if anyone wishes to join we can prob have a play in the sand here and there email info I am the secretary of the Rainbow Desert Enduro Group. This group was formed to assist in the planning/staging of the enduro off road vehicle race in the Rainbow area on 10th-12th August, 2018. This involves approx 80 competition vehicles racing over an 80km circuit which takes in farmland, creek crossing and the Big Desert National Park. The group is seeking interested 4wd groups or individuals to perform recovery duties on the saturday and sunday, being based at pre arranged locations around the track, towing competition vehicles as required. At the 2017 event some crews camped out for the weekend onsite, the choice would be up to yours how you wish to stay. There will be very cheap camping/showers at the local recreation reserve. In summary, crews would expectt to be in Rainbow early evening for registration (to get you covered by insurance), a recovery crew meeting to sort out who is doing what, given communication plans, etc then you would be free to check out all the cars and action in the main street. On saturday morning vehicles race around a 7km circuit just to the west of Rainbow. In the afternoon the vehicles do 2 laps of the 80km course out westof Rainbow. On the sunday morning the vehicles do another 3 laps of the 80km course. Event concludes early sunday afternoon with presentations. I ask you forward this email to all club members and any other parties that maybe interested. We are also seeking any rec registered/registered off road motorcycles to assist in recovery/spotting duties. For any further info people can peruse our facebook page: rainbow desert enduro. I can be emailed at: Regards, Tony Clark
  4. Macka040872

    KTM 500 exc f

    In the big shed getting new stuff all over it
  5. Macka040872

    Farmers Enduro 6 hour pony express 19 August
  6. Macka040872

    Farmers Enduro 6 hour pony express 19 August
  7. Macka040872

    Mt cole delight, queens b/day long weekend

    Always a challenge for me at Mt Cole not my normal ride conditions but you don't get any better if you don't go Great mix of rocks loamy & clay and tree laden tracks (did i say i hate trees /logs) Great to meet some new faces thanks to Mr Noodle on Sweep Sunday and Stickman Monday Thanks for the leaver PeteV and lead duties Sunday and Monday some pics from Sunday & Monday
  8. Macka040872

    BearMX and the Big Desert Adventure

    Noice one Bear me and Bruce
  9. Macka040872

    Collarbone 2018

    Never to late Trev
  10. Macka040872

    Collarbone 2018

    Rippa Vid of all 3 rides Bruce
  11. Macka040872

    Collarbone 2018

    Cheers for the kind words Arbo just a average weekend for use wimmera boys
  12. Macka040872

    Collarbone 2018

    History Collarbone 2015 8 local blokes blast off for a ride with in 1.5 km of camp Paul flips over the hangers 2 hours later Amboed out 2016 decided we need to do an annual ride and a trophy was needed so the tree root you see was the one Paul went over but 2016 Paul showed up to claim trophy but had no bike to complete ride but we had no incident 2017 15 fronted for the Saturday ride and 35 Km in we had a Gas Gas 300 superman landing on his ankle and not able to complete ride rider and bike limp back to camp and thin blood with some cold ones, And hence the addition to the trophy 2018 31 front for the Saturday ride no show from 2017 Gas Gas 300 Superman but Paul Wr450 Collarbone is back The criteria to take home the trophy is due to body injury So till 2019
  13. Macka040872

    Collarbone 2018

  14. Macka040872

    Collarbone 2018

    Phone was flat having a coffee at lunch
  15. Macka040872

    Collarbone 2018

    Friday 14 bikes 60 ish Km with a Coffee shop afternoon Tea Saturday Collarbone Ride 31 bikes and 2 support utes and 150 ish Km covered Sunday very slow start but we did slip in a 50 Km loop witch all say was the best Wollaby Rocks look out Walaby Rocks look out Wallaby rocks look out Wallaby rocks look out Wallaby rocks look out Check out the 690 enduro Oldfossil Eagle Phil One legged Macka with coffee to dilute last nights bouboun Aissiefly Moora Moora Res Lunch The fast channel Bank The fast channel bank Moora Moora creek look out Tbrider in sweep uniform Moora Moora creek lookout Moora Moora res in back ground Pork Lamb and Beaf follaw team camel toe on social media Blower assisted fire