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  1. Macka040872


  2. Macka040872

    Collar bone 2019

    Lookin to fall in May
  3. Macka040872

    Collar bone 2019

  4. Macka040872

    Collar bone 2019

    some of Markos footage 2018 Saturday
  5. Macka040872

    Collar bone 2019

    Collar Bone 2018 un edited first snip
  6. Macka040872

    What State, Suburb is everybody from ???

    Horsham 3400
  7. Macka040872

    Collar bone 2019 Start by checking this out
  8. Macka040872

    Collar bone 2019

    What does it need ? Dirt bikes tick What would you like to see ? Big bon fire tick Roast meat tick Hot showers tick What could we do to LIVEN UP the PARTY ???
  9. Macka040872


    Kingdavey, KirtisFullsick,heyhey13,Ghostrider,Hilly, Faultline20 Tazzy, Me , Oldfossil ,Marko as photographer
  10. Macka040872


    2 Years 18/2/2019 first dirtriderz in Grampians
  11. Macka040872

    2019 Rides Wish List

    Robe beachpprt Avoca Mt Clay (Portland ) Black Ranges Rocklands Creswick Enfield My Cole L2 only no l3 cos I just smash my bike boarder track with night in Marraville pub
  12. Macka040872

    Fuel range

    I’m on a 16 500 with 12 litre tank and average 4-4.5 litres fuel per 100 km
  13. Macka040872

    WARNING- Racv Don’t Insurer Rec Rego Bikes Anymore

    Shannon’s TDM 850 4500 agreed value plus $1000 gear cover and KTM 500 REC reg 3 rd party fire and theft agreed value 9k and $500 gear included all for $31 per month
  14. Macka040872

    Rainbow Desert Enduro 10-12 August Helpers 4x4 and Bikes

    This team had some trouble Saturday broke back wheel studs no comms so I had to ride back to check point 6 and get the message sent back then we contacted there pit crew I then rode out picked up the replacement studs so they could keep racing