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  1. Have not touched my jetting yet, going to wait till i get the TSP head mod done
  2. Yeh got the lower seat too, makes a huge difference
  3. Yeh after owning the bike for nearly 6 months now im coming to grips with it. Have put on lower bars which has made a huge difference (im a short ass), slid the forks up a little and a bit of clicker adjustment and im getting pretty close. Will throw on a Goldentyre fatty front and a bit more time on the bike and should be pretty sorted Like rider said, these bikes are brilliant in the tight stuff, its the more high speed riding when you start to notice it.
  4. +1 for 100% Racecraft. I always had problems with fogging up till i got these. If they do fog up which is really rare, they clear up really quick, the ventilation in them is great
  5. Just put a low seat and a set of Pro Taper Carmichaels on my Kato 300, best mod ive done, bike feels spot on for my short ass now
  6. Chasing a set of new bars for my KTM 300 after bending a set on the weekend. Looking at the Pro Taper options, which has a factory Suzuki/KTM bend which i assume is pretty close to what i had. They also have the Carmichael bend, which being a fellow short ass could possibly suit me better? Anyone used a set of these? My only concern is that if i stand up alot they may feel too short?
  7. Great, thanks Pete will give that try!
  8. I know theres a lot of threads on this but just need a quick clarification, want to try and get the right part before the weekend. My 300 electric start wont even click when i hit the button. Jumped the relay with a screwdriver and the starter motor cranks a little. Is it safe to say the relay is rooted? Used a test light on relay and wont light up when i hit the button so i assume this is the problem? Cheers for the help Scott
  9. Was exactly in this position a couple months ago. Upgrading from a 450 4T, was dead set on a 350. Read i think every forum post around the globe in regards to 350 vs 300. To be honest confused me even more. Ended up with a 300 and couldnt be happier.
  10. Okay so looks like i might just have to live with it! Play around with the clickers and sag a bit but sounds like that will only get me so far. Is this something that a suspension specialist can dial out or will there always be that sketchyness with the 4cs?
  11. Have just bought a 2014 KTM 300 six days and took it out for the first time last weekend. Having come off a 450x i knew this was going to be a bit of a change. In short, am absolutly stoked with the bike and feeling really comfortable on it except just want some advice on the fork setup. Im noticing that its quite shakey at speed, and deflects a fair amount on small obsticles. Think its something i just need to get used to but i have the clickers set to standard, will going to sport mode make a fair amount of difference? Would appreciate any feedback on which way i should go. Thanks
  12. Great thanks for the feedback, makes alot of sense, cheers.
  13. What are your thoughts on a rekluse on a 250 2T? Have not really noticed many 250s with one, seems they are mostly fitted to the big bores. Reason i ask is theres a 2014 250 with one that i went and looked at which seemed pretty good, just not sure about the whole rekluse setup.
  14. Thanks for all the replies, great insight to the 2 strokes on here. Didnt realise the powervalves made so much difference. So from what i understand you got three springs with the bike from new? Heres hoping that buying one second hand the owner still has them. Im able to test ride a 300 and a 350 from a couple of mates, just not a 250. Think this is a must as still have not completly rulled out a 350 yet.
  15. Have just sold my Crf450x for something a little more manageable on the trails. I have an eye on a couple 250 excs which im keen on. Wondering if anyone on here has any experience with them and your thoughts. Alot of people have suggested going the 300 but for some reason im drawn to the 250. I would say im just your average rider and realise that the 250 may be a little more aggressive but with the weight loss compared to my 450, i think this will improve my riding alot. Just after some thoughts on those who ride a 250 2t on the trails.
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