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  1. Thanks Geoffyboy, not sure when it was changed last. Might just flush it and go to the bike shop and grab a recommended Coolant
  2. Hi Guys Just wondering if anyone can inform me whether I can use this Coolant in my '09 WR 450? Was just going to top up as its a bit low I have looked everywhere and can't get a hard answer, didn't know there was so many Coolant options A bloke gave it to me brand new as he had no use for it
  3. Appreciate the feedback guys, I have ridden a few Wr's and Exc's and Kx. I do like the WR's and EXC's but don't know anyone on the CRFx or KLX I think I just need to bite the bullet and hunt out WR or EXC Any things to look out with these in terms of common issues being that they will be probably between 2007-2010, or links back to previous threads on things to look out for when buying a used bike Thanks again
  4. Hi all, new to posting but been following the forum for a few years. After a few years of not having a bike, I'm now back in the market for a bike but really struggling with what to get and sticking to my budget of around $5-6k. Here's where i am at and would love to get people's thoughts/feedback, looking at at either a 250f motorcrosser or 450f enduro: Kx250f - can get 2012, rec reg,with from local dealer, just worry about how they have to be rebuilt after so many hours, and only kickstart! Fuel injected too Wr450 - older models only fit budget, bullet proof engines, electric start, love the usable power across the range 450exc - pretty much the same as above and just love look of them and always wanted one Just for riding trails, and do the odd trip up the hills. Would look to get a newer model enduro once I get back into properly over the next couple of years Thanks in advance for your feedback