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  1. 2019 TPI. Had some studdering issues which were resolved with the idle screw mod. Now super happy.
  2. Suspension requirements is something I've learnt the hard way. It's not until you travel from Alice Springs to Mt Dare via Chambers Pillar and Finke that you have an understanding of rough, corrugated roads! I'd never take a trailer in to the outback again regardless of how good it is, if something goes wrong you are so royally screwed, it's just not worth the hastle. I carried a spare rim, tyre, bearings, hub, u-bolts and hub bolts, I thought I had it covered, turns out you can't do much when a leaf spring snaps in half. I've got myself a "Rack 'N Roll" and that would carry the bike if I head
  3. Hi all, I ticked off a few bucket list item for myself earlier this year, visited Uluru, rode Finke, swam at Dalhousie, awesome experience. Unfortunately my trailer didn't make it home, about midway between Mt Dare and Oodnadatta, she died, see the pics So I'm in the market for a new trailer, given that I'll also be building this year I'm looking for a 8x5 single axle galvanised trailer with a cage. Just wondering if anyone has looked around lately and found a reputable place at a good price? It's so hard to know what you're buying these days it would be great to start off with a fe
  4. Thanks mate. I think we rode there on an AMTRA ride many years ago?
  5. Hi all, I'm going to be in Toora for work late November, probably be down there for a couple of weeks but only working afternoons. Is there any riding down that way? I figure I can take the bike and get some k's in during the morning, then head off to work in the arvo. I can see a few plantations on google maps, but I'm guessing they would be a no-go. Not looking for details on anyone's secret loops, just wanted to know if it's worth taking the bike for some exploring Thanks!
  6. My last 2 helmets were a Fox V4 Carbon and a Bell Moto9. For my latest helmet I splurged and got the Airoh Aviator. It's a great helmet, super light and comfortable but with 3 (petty) things that bother me. The chin strap is pretty short, with cold hands it can be a royal PITA to do up the strap. The helmet doesn't have a single straight edge, it's all angles. Fitting a camera mount, other than right on top, is almost impossible. The retention system for holding the padded liner in place is pretty crap, and can be very fiddly to put the padding back after a wash. I purch
  7. Thanks mate. I’ve got a force bash plate I’m going to use, got it thrown in with the bike. It’s just the radiator guards I’m buying, so hopefully a simple install for me.
  8. So I just heard back.....they can anodise them any colour you like, but it's an extra cost of between $120 and $150. I'll be sticking with the polished finish
  9. Not sure mate, didn’t see it as an option on the website though. I’ll ask and post up when I hear back. If they do hot pink I'm in.
  10. Thanks mate. Just spoke with them, still a 10% discount for Dirtriderz members which is awesome. Placing an order now.
  11. Thanks for the pics mate. It's a shame you need to bend the louvres, seems like a bit of a design issue from B&B?
  12. Thanks for the pics mate. It's a shame you need to bend the louvres, seems like a bit of a design issue from B&B?
  13. I understand what you're saying, it's more a 2 or 3 finger lever I'm after, something like this: The Midwest levers are great, but $140 for a lever is pretty up there: Thanks ohmygewd, the B&B sure look well built!
  14. Grab a good tool roll, Kriega make a nice one, makes it much easier to organise your tools. Most stuff has already been mentioned, but I always carry the 2 part epoxy putty. Many uses on the trail, but it really saved my ass when we used it to fix a hole in a cluth cover that would of otherwise ended in a VERY long walk back to the cars!