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  1. chopska

    Amarok Or Ranger?

    Got the '13 ranger wildtrak and would get it again every day of the week! Was very close to getting the rok but couldnt go past the ranger in the end
  2. I'm afraid this is definately the case [emoji24]
  3. Another Awesome vid mate! I however am not such a fan of the river roost scene :/
  4. Lol please... From memory we were singing along in unison......
  5. I think that was actually stm13's mate (jason?) in those pics, copped it worse than me lol
  6. Haha yeah i got absolutely drenched in that river crossing by rob on the husky 310. the worst part was just when i thought the douse off was over i would look up and then cop another face full of water, this happenned time and time again! I think scotty was standing there with the camera right on me, hopefully the footage is lost lol LJ those battles between us on the 2nd day were absolutely epic!!! Some of my favourite moments from the trip actually. And ur right all it took was a slight mistake by one of us and then bam there he goes and vice verca Great write up mate!
  7. Un-freaking-believable trip! Pristine trails, fast/tight/technical had a bit of everything really. fantastic food, awesome tour guides combined with a great bunch of blokes, what more can anyone ask for! Best ride ive been on by far, and will definately be back in a year or so. Thanks to all for a trip of a lifetime