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  1. first time riding in sand - bit of a different experience
  2. plenty of places to park up there along greendale blackwood road - all with direct access to fire trials - carpark across the road from the pub is a favourite parking spot - within walking distance after you finish!
  3. I should note I got caught by parks Victoria a coupla years ago riding out of a “conservation area” ie riding past a closed gate because I got “lost” its not something I wanted to go through again if I could avoid it
  4. Hiya Pete Ive got nothing to hide all of the tracks are fire trail planned from google maps - then downloaded to a gps - and then headed out for an explore - anyone can do it - and if they want zoom in and copy the tracks I’ve been on - good luck to them - tha5 would take an awful lot of time
  5. I thought the same - Trailed them for a bit - From what I saw they were riding fire trails keeping an eye out on the bush for anyone off piste ready to nabb them
  6. I love this app all planned of a gps - a lot of the tracks I have never ridden before
  7. I saw some guys from DELP out today on dirtbikes making sure no one was riding on single trail - based in daylesford - haven’t seen them before - get the word out to stick to the fire trail and everything will be a ok
  8. HI guys - just wondering if anyone had the gpx of the 2017 stockmans rally - that they would be willing to share - I wasnt able to attend this years event but go up to big river semi regularly and would like to have a go as I know they put on a cracking event - ps I understand its not really kosher asking for someone elses tracks but given its an organised event I just figured i'd ask cheers mick