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  1. Dirtriderz is what we are thanks to dirtriderz I get to hang out with such a great bunch of people shout out to geoffro and the team for all the behind the scenes work it doesn’t go unnoticed with prizes giveaways organisation which makes these weekender work so well .. the riding was incredible with everyone having there dust masks on lol and the yarrrhhooos echoing through the hills like new age Ned Kelly’s we were all in our element as riding is what brings us all together can’t wait to see you all again on the trails
  2. Spot on I’ll go 1 black orange xl hoodie thanks Geoffro
  3. Hi all 15 hours on my 18 tpi now and only getting better that vid of the bike reving at different rpm mine does not do that just holds smooth rev but mine is stock with nothing adjusted not even the idle speed or mapping I’ll put up a video if I can to show you all if I can work out how to post one up just did the Kenda rally and although it’s not a race I came in after the first loop and was the 5 riders back out of 450 odd riders and a lot of the boys up front were into it and not holding back as I was also but safely and curtesy of other riders no issues with the oil tank as the problem was fixed with what I’ve been told in the 2nd batch of bikes brought out to aus the front tyre from new is a bit washey but that’s an easy fix I put a new back tyre on before kenda a geo 52 and it halls well as it’s my go to tyre .the plastic on the sides also mark easy from leg rub compared to my 06 Ktm 300 it’s got good fuel economy around 6 ltrs for 90 km ruff maths yes spark plugs are 45$ at my local dealership and only got 4 which arrived late last week as there was a wait I booked one but haven’t picked it up just for a spare I hope I don’t need it any time soon lol at that price I’ve also read the owner manual who does that haha but any way a couple of things out of the book people may not know first is different altitudes so you start the bike run it for a second or so then shut it off for five seconds before restart that tunes itself very important I believe 2 is the idle is very important not to muck around with it changes how the bike can run at different revs not just idle . When I got my bike it would just idle and was tempted to take it up but after running it in for 5 hours it’s perfect still low but does not stall ,, the overall is a massively upgrade from my trusty never let me down 06 thas far although I still have the old o6 when I hoped on the old girl again the vibrations were very noticeable
  4. Yes another top weekender ran by dirtriderz, was great to catch up with everyone again and meet new members of the dirtriderz crew I got to starglen sat morning as I worked Friday and was happy to have a early night and drive across sat morning (trying to be well rested for a big sat night an take out last man Standing) but wasn't meant to be thanks to noodles cosie your both party machines but I will get it one year. The morning ride was as always top fun and exciting knowing MX tv belly was with us and his bling bike and geffros flash bit of gear getting around the loop it was a pleasure being apart of it with everyone injoying what we love to do (ride) as said before the lookout was spectacular with the views and the good vibes ,, lunch time was over and taking on cluffies Arvo ride was on my mind on whether to go or not I made the right choice it was fantastic with a bit of everything on the loop I had absolute ball. We were all up for what cluffie through at us and worked well as a group ,with no energy left I also was glad to see the front gate of starglen , after two beers to wash the days dust down there was nothing left to do but kick back and injoy the company of the dirtriderz family.... Highlights for me ,the Yamaha jump the tyres , sound of bigies KTM 300 diceing with noodles ,listing to the kids rip it up on there bikes, cosie Ghost ride bikes down the hill at 4:00 am ,seeing all the riders that have had enjurys back riding Macka DC Geffro ect great effort,, untill next time barrrrrrp
  5. I'll be keen as you know hilly and either place hopefully both places,
  6. woodsy300

    roofs rack

    Off to qld makay for xmass need a roof rack basket all ready got roof racks .might even make one anny hints
  7. Thanks all ride on ,365 days till I'm 40 and get my new ktm 300
  8. Happy Birthday Pete. Hope you had a ripper day.