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  1. Just updated some broken links from this post. A overlay from my getting ready for winter blow out the cobwebs ride today out at paddys.
  2. Haha true! But mine come in 50 packs free courtesy of a mate. I only drop 2 in the camelpack each ride and never had one burst. *touch wood*
  3. G'day guys, Its that time of the year again with A1 starting tomorrow for the first round of the 2018 Monster Energy Supercross season. Rocky Mountain has started a free fantasy league for the season with some great prizes up for grabs. I have created a group if anyone is interested in joining, always good for a bit of banter and extra interest in each round. Group name: dirtriderZ Group Password: dirtriderz Cheers Adam
  4. Throw a couple of these in your camelback and eat some when you stop for breaks. Works wonders. Just a little trick I picked up from noodle! Always have a couple in the bag now.
  5. Skolnick

    Windows movie maker no longer free?

    Thanks Biggie, I have not tried it as I use Vegas but from all reports its a great program.
  6. Skolnick

    Windows movie maker no longer free?

    Hmmm didn't know this. So removing paint and making us pay for movie maker. Good job Micro$oft Try Lightworks Biggie.
  7. Skolnick

    My IT250K

    That's a thing of beauty! I wish I could have that in my shed. Summer street cruiser. Wouldn't hit the dirt apart from the odd dirt road. I had a the 200 when I was younger and still to this day I regret selling it.
  8. Skolnick

    Erzburg 2017

    Ahhh no Greg Rust this year.... Was there any other country apart from South Africa participating this year?
  9. Skolnick

    What do you take riding?

    water tools for my bike vegemite sachets gps gopro clean rags beer money for the pub on the way home
  10. Skolnick

    Romaniacs 2016

    Greg Rust commentary
  11. The bike went to Chads last week for some TLC on the front forks and a new tyre ready for winter/gellibrand. Once I get the bike back from Chad I will fit some new brake pads and chain and sprockets.
  12. Skolnick

    Red bull hare scramble

    Well I was so excited for Sunday night, new 58" UHD TV redbull tv app downloaded on the xbox one, the broadcast started and I herd an aussie accent my heart dropped, ohh yer I can handle Leigh Diffy just.... BUT noooo!! my anguish turned to despair when I relised it was Greg Friggen Rust!! Fark me its bad enough I have to lissen to this flogs mubblings on the V8 broadcasts but not during a once a year broadcast that I have been counting down the months/days too! But hey if we have an aussie commentating we surely should/might have regular updates on the aus contingent in the event. NOOOOOOOO offcourse not! From the 4.5hours of broadcast I think maybe 2-3 minutes of it was on the Aus contingent. You got to be kidding Rust does not and wouldnt know the first thing about enduro motorcycle racing and the whole 4 hours he talked out of his ass, you could hear his co commentator just lowering his head and thinking WTF is this flog doing in the coms box! Broadcast was effectivly crap from then on in for me. I wanted to beat the living shit out of my brand new tv that night. I thought the changes to the starting hill climbs ruined some of the enjoyment of the start, I suspect this was done for saftey reasons, but im not sure how safe the new start was considering the crashes that were happening coming into T1 Couple of things I have taken from the broadcast. Greg Rust is a total noob jockey Jarvis is a machine Greg Rust is a flog of a bloke There is not a 3 stroke motorcycle but there is a 300cc 2stoke Jarvis is a machine Greg gets excited over a ripped shirt on a motorcycle rider Jarvis is a machine Taddy is Gregs love child If its a white bike its Jarvis, because no one else would be riding one Greg wouldnt know the difference between Jonny Walker and Johnnie Walker I thought RedBulls coverage was below par from last year even after taking away Greg Rust's effort or lack of! No Im not bitter, I just expected more from RedBull.
  13. Skolnick


    looks good but you were riding on the wrong side of the road!
  14. Skolnick

    A4DE postponed

    I'am surprised that some people of Geelong are not blaming the postponedment of the A4DE on Mr Lyons.
  15. Skolnick

    X-ring chain.

    That picture is taken in my shed last night, I purchased 2 chains at that price in 2014. I dont think chains are like fruit...