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  1. Thanks cruiser for letting me jump on my first level3 ride. What a ride, awesome tracks and hills were definitely challenging loved every second of it. Great group of riders everyone moved along with a constant pace. Thanks cruiser for the feed after the ride too will try get on more rides
  2. Hey mate I’m in Healesville. I have a charger u could borrow if needed
  3. Yeah will do. Thanks mate. Think he might buy new now
  4. Thanks mate I’ll let him know.
  5. Hi guys a mate is thinking about buying a newer/lighter bike. Coming off a drz 400. His been looking at a Ktm 350. are there anythings to look out for with a 2013? his got around $6000 to spend.
  6. Thanks for the reply guys
  7. Thanks cluffie. Don’t really know anyone using it so if the price is right might switch. Thanks mate
  8. Hi guys iv got a 2017 Ktm 300. Currently using motul 800 but could get a good price on belray oil just don’t know if it’s any good? thanks
  9. MKM

    GPS unit

    Thanks guys will look into these models
  10. Hi guys been looking at a gps just not to sure what's good. What r others using?
  11. I was up Eppalock yesterday and decided to take the bike. I'm on the twin rivers side and found some nice flowing tracks. Can't wait to get up there again and do some more exploring
  12. Hi guys I just purchased a caravan site up on lake Eppalock and not sure if there is any riding spots around the area that anyone might know of??
  13. Picked it up yesterday. Starts and runs nice. Can't wait to get out on it
  14. I hope so Craig. So far they have been good I'll let u know. Hopefully get out for a ride this weekend if I can get anyone out.