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  1. Fabs Gearshift Day

    Oww, ya went everywhere I wanted to go and it wasn't too hot.,owww, I should have come along. Damn damn damn! I got some stuff done at home that needed doing but owwwwww.
  2. Fabs spring hill. beta wasn't beta

    Always enjoyable and reasonably relaxed with lots of challenges thrown in on your rides Fab. Thanks for that. Don't know if I'll get a vid together though. As you would've noticed I had to stick it on top of my helmet due to my usual mount breaking and the angle is really crap and hard to watch. Also thanks H. T. for the sweeping duties.
  3. Fabs spring hill. beta wasn't beta

    I noticed Fab needs new pants.
  4. Vids By Fixxy

  5. Vids By Fixxy

  6. Vids By Fixxy

  7. Perfect ride/conditions at Springhill

    What an awesome day's riding, thanks heaps for putting it on, working out the loop and leading us around Marko. Thanks also Chris and Riles for hanging out the back to keep us all safe. Not to mention, what top bunch of blokes to ride with, had a ball. I'll get some footage posted soon, always the best ride report I reckon. Can't wait til the next one. ☺️
  8. Cobaw Sat Dec 10 Christmas ride

    Thanks for the ride Riles, I had a ball. I can't believe I had a silly crash in the first 100 meters and lost a Gopro. Lucky I've got another one so I can still film future rides but no footage for this one. Thanks Central Vic for helping me look for it after the ride. Always a great catch up and ride with Dirtriderz at Cobaw but unfortunately the owner of Cobaw didn't join us this this time and it did feel a bit weird being there without him giving us a hard time for taking chicken runs and laughing at us when we didn't. Thanks Dave and H.T. for sweeping and Hoff for not sweeping. Perfect conditions, nice trails, top blokes, Chissy cake, not too hot for summer and a beer at the end. You couldn't ask for more.
  9. 9 Apr - Wombat

    Thanks for the day Fab, it was awesome. I feel about 80 years old though. "Where's my walking frame sonny? I think I'll have another nap now." Should get some vid up later in the week. Shame we missed you Marko, we had lunch near your car!!
  10. Dakotas Cobaw. The thanks ride. Sat 12 Thanks Dakota for letting me take the old girl out at your joint.
  11. Dakotas Cobaw. The thanks ride. Sat 12

    What a top weekend, thanks heaps for putting it on Dakota and thanks also to everyone else for all your efforts in making it all come together so well. Awesome ride as per usual. I struggled a bit due to a severe lack of fitness and even cheated in a couple spots. Pitty I piked out half an hour from the end but it gave me a chance to get my breath back and take the old Husky for a quick spin. It took some energy to get the big 430 running and that weird LH kick bit me back a couple times. Ouch. Got to mention, yeah Bazza's got that log hopping thing down pat. Thanks too Eammon for looking after me at the back in my troublesome times of which there were many. Thanks too Riles for taking me back at the end. I very much enjoyed the grub, grog and top people to hang out with after the ride and having my family there too was an added bonus. They also had a ball. Thanks Jase and Carl for welcoming us all into your home once again. Awesome. :-))
  12. Ktm camchain issue

    Well here's a twist. Remember earlier I said there was a guy looking for a rolling chassis who had a 10hr from new motor and I wanted his motor, bad!! Well he won the little battle and has bought my rolling chassis leaving me with my old motor for spares and my extras such as the big radiators and thermo fan, lighting kit etc. So all good except I loose my reworked, tuned for me suspension. Now I just gotta find another sxf 250 2012 (an xcf would be better) , to fit all my stuff, get the suspension done, rego and I'm up and running again. I won't be ready to buy for a coupla weeks but if anyone knows of a goody, please let me know. It has to be a 2011 or 2012 so that my spare parts engine is useful. Not to mention that I love em and I now know the bike inside and out. Thanks for everything guys.
  13. Ktm camchain issue

    Yep. In my case, metal in the oil pump jamming it up. What a stupid ruddy angle, eh? Well I hope I've saved someone out there from making the same mistake.
  14. Ktm camchain issue

    Nobody likes admitting they're wrong or looking like an idiot. Well I'm about to do both. Firstly, while cross hatching the bore today aluminium was coming off and a small scratch appeared on the lower section of the bore, too low for rings to touch, so bore should be ok. So yes aluminium and yes a scratch. I was wrong. Now for the big one and I feel damn stupid. This whole thing is my fault. I pulled the cap off a strainer today and noticed it looked wrong. So I shined a light in there and sure enough it was wrong. It wasn't located correctly leaving the oil unstrained on it's way into the pump. The strainer is supposed to go in on an angle, not square. The plug is on an angle which I first noticed today and I remember having trouble trying to fit it on those 2 oil changes I had done . Oh boy, what an expensive, stupid mistake. Anyway, I found a guy today looking for a rolling chassis so I thought he might wanna sell the motor he must obviously have. Well neither of us wanted to part with what we had for the money each of us wanted to pay, if that makes sense. We're gonna talk again in about a week but I really really want his motor!! It's a perfect, low hour (from new) motor. How much do you guys think it's worth, keeping in mind my rebuild will cost a grand or less. A new motor would be better and I'd still have the old one for spares.