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  1. Fixxy


    Awesome. Have fun guys.
  2. Fixxy

    Vids By Fixxy

    No mate, sorry. My gopro has been playing up lately.
  3. Fixxy

    Vids By Fixxy

  4. Fixxy

    Vids By Fixxy

  5. Fixxy

    RCHA Cobaw Saturday Ride

    Haven't looked at anything yet. I'll get there eventually!
  6. Fixxy

    RCHA Cobaw Saturday Ride

    A quick feed and back massage when I got home then straight to bed for a ten hour sleep. Easter bunny duties now. Thanks for the day Fab and thanks for coming along Captain and Cujo. If you're not knackered at the end of a ride then it wasn't a good ride. ☺️
  7. Fixxy

    Fabs Gearshift Day

    Oww, ya went everywhere I wanted to go and it wasn't too hot.,owww, I should have come along. Damn damn damn! I got some stuff done at home that needed doing but owwwwww.
  8. Fixxy

    Fabs spring hill. beta wasn't beta

    Always enjoyable and reasonably relaxed with lots of challenges thrown in on your rides Fab. Thanks for that. Don't know if I'll get a vid together though. As you would've noticed I had to stick it on top of my helmet due to my usual mount breaking and the angle is really crap and hard to watch. Also thanks H. T. for the sweeping duties.
  9. Fixxy

    Fabs spring hill. beta wasn't beta

    I noticed Fab needs new pants.
  10. Fixxy

    Vids By Fixxy

  11. Fixxy

    Vids By Fixxy

  12. Fixxy

    Vids By Fixxy