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  1. Definitely in! [emoji482]
  2. Burnzie

    dirtriderZ Hoodie Order

    Could I please order 1 x Large black/orange hoodie, cheers
  3. Burnzie

    Never DISSAtisfied at Dissa!

    Great day out riding today with a couple of good fellas and near perfect weather, what els could you ask for! We meet up at Dissa for a 9am kick off and within about 37 seconds I realize that there has been something missing from my life for the past few months now, DIRTBIKES! Just an easy ride today around some ft of the dissa and Some tight stuff thrown in for good measure just to keep the blood flowing.. As the past few days has had plenty of rain it made the tracks pretty slippery in parts but overall was pretty much perfect to keep it dust free and keep you on your toes in parts to avoid getting stuck in the mud! Been a couple of years since I was last at Dissa and some tracks are getting a bit flogged out but not as bad as I would of thought it would be these days being a pretty popular spot. Being a first dirtriderz ride for Blowe and Scotty being only with the forum for a couple of weeks and his second ride through the forum both guys couldn't speak highly enough about how great dirtriderz is and the fact that they will never ride alone ect again is awesome to hear and get such positive feed back about the forum makes you appreciate what we have here! As a 1+ level ride that I posted up and advertised it as I had to make sure I kept it to exactly that and being that Blowe was on his maiden voyage on the Husky 350 weapon I tried not to lead us into ERZBERG and thats really all I was set out to do myself anyhow and will definitely be doing the fun easy paced loop again in the near future as I found it just a good fun day out on the bikes at an easy pace. Met up with another fella towards the end of the day that was out on a solo ride and got talking and he insured us that he will be signing up to the forum after telling him what we are all about so look forward to getting on the bikes with him at some stage also. Scotty was itching to hit up some tight stuff at this stage so he ended up venturing off with the other dude while me and Blowe headed back to the cars via a couple of trails to finish off the day. After a few minutes scotty arrived back with the other fella and we had a chat and a laugh and loaded up to head home. Bloody good day out boys, cheers!
  4. Burnzie

    E.O.I For Winter Merchandise

    In the market for a couple new DRZ hoodies!![emoji123][emoji123][emoji123][emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  5. Burnzie

    Local Shop Rips Off Forum Member

    Yes that's about right.. I ran it past the mechanic I have been taking my bike to for the past 8 years or so and he reckons if it would take you more than 45 minutes at worst case scenario to bleed a brake then you shouldn't call yourself a mechanic and get your arse back to trade school. Fair enough you might be the slowest mechanic in Australia but to pass on the bill for your BS workmanship isn't right in my opinion, would be like your car mechanic charging you triple because the new apprentice did the service on your car and took him half a day LOL
  6. Burnzie

    Local Shop Rips Off Forum Member

    I think anyone with a client based/retail type of work place would appreciate that going and naming n shaming businesses on a public forum is not the right way of going about things as much as we probably all would like to. I'm sure this business will just end up shooting themselves in the foot without any help from us getting all keyboard warrior on them.. As far as letting other forum members know who this business actually is so that they don't get stung themselves, from what I have taken away from this post and what I think Geoff was trying to point out by posting this up is that I think if you decide to change bike mechanic(or what ever you may be chucking your money at) make sure you do a little bit of research ect, jump on the net and read some reviews of the business and ask around to see what others think and if they have had any bad experiences themselves with them. You gotta remember that not everyone is as honest or reliable as each other and their actual workmanship may not be as good from person to person unfortunately. I'm sure we have all been ripped off by some prick along the line somewhere or some how and hopefully at the least we learnt to try to never let it happen again and hopefully let the persons that put one over you or even tried to that you know their ripp offs and that will be the last time they get the chance to sting you ever again! Peoples differences in views and opinions make this forum what it is thats why its so great and thats my 2 cents worth anyway.
  7. Burnzie

    Local Shop Rips Off Forum Member

    Thats pretty rough considering you purchased 2 tyres from them, $25 might be more appropriate if they wanted to sting you at all but $50 is pretty steep
  8. Burnzie

    KTM 500 exc f

    Yes I also carry a spare now, and the right size socket to put it on... Geez was it really your first ride, WOW first of many!
  9. Burnzie

    KTM 500 exc f

    Better than the sprocket bolt actually coming out mid ride like what happened to me on the first ride I took out my new KTM on!!!! Plenty of locktight on the new bolt after that little adventure... I think you should be able to remember that day LOL
  10. Burnzie

    Local Shop Rips Off Forum Member

    Yeah a up front deposit is a fair call, but a booking fee?? Flogs.
  11. Burnzie

    Local Shop Rips Off Forum Member

    Admin/booking fee?? Would think just giving them your business and paying for their services would be enough.. Never heard of being charged for choosing to take your business to someone, would rather think they would be giving you something back for choosing them over anyone els if anything to be honest..
  12. Burnzie

    Front brake

    Release the pressure from the piston by loosening the bleeding valve nut/screw. The piston will press all the way in to the caliper with ease allowing you to slip the disc in between the new pads. Then re-bleed the brakes n get all the air bubbles out of the line and add some new fluid.
  13. Burnzie

    As requested - Another Annual shirt order

    Will grab 1 youth medium for the boy mate. Nice lookn tshirts this year!
  14. Burnzie

    2017 dirtriderZ Annual T Shirt Order

    1 x Large size thanks