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  1. Property Investment

    Fully, daily Comsec morning news. Record high building permits for units in Meld. Hey gotta put the people some where.
  2. Property Investment

    Ageing population, over 55s with a title. Like a mess hall and all. Like for $78,000 between Bris and Noosa. Rented at $195. A tenant waiting list. Maybe even move in one day for a stay. Serious there things worth looking at out there. I like a $$$ and property style and state search on the Real.com.
  3. Property Investment

    We all know the bloke selling the 1983 Hiace ex rental camper van for $12,500. And the tin ass will make a sale. And the bloke who gets first option on dearler whole sale cars because its the end of the month. Price valuation differences. !!!!!!! QUESTION: Can I buy a house in Melb district for $350,000 ie Real.com makes that search difficult all in one go.
  4. Property Investment

    oh, oh, Air B&B. Positive geared. Yes please, show me the property please. Finance should be no problem if the forecast correct. Dream on Chris. Oh yer and I want to use the property on the vacant times. Like the back beach for the summer and a cabin in the snow. And there will be murders and stabbings to keep me entertained.
  5. Property Investment

    Fully, yes, date of sale profit. Eh the tax man garrenteed to get you on inverstment capital gain. Yer I got a place to sell. But no point. So it be a hobby. Note if I did work full time, The year I did sell I would show no other income(holliday) to reduce the tax bracket.
  6. Property Investment

    Thank you all, a quick read. Perth, eh the weather is nice.
  7. Property Investment

    Fully, I with you man. The world needs a big shake up. Yes something might happen one day. But the future ????
  8. Property Investment

    Fully Sick please let me know when city apartments fall to a price affordable to the average. I will have one please. But at $650 a week loan costs its not going to happen. And do you think old mate the Australian richest is going to stop building them Fully. Sorry man, you shoud have brought 10, 20 years ago. And I can still hear those mast stays clanging.
  9. Bruised / Fractured Ribs

    Do we get a ride report Geoffo, or is all hush.
  10. Reefton Spur to Big River 2+

    Yer Cruise Man, that section near the camp ground. **** sick riding. But I out with money problem, like the beer bill and utility bills. Been working flat out to get another deposit for a new bike. One day. also great camp by the creek there. And the burgers at the shop I hear are great still.
  11. 2017/2018 ktm 300 mods

    Cruise Tune, be a good name for a Southern 80 social class boat. ie your suspension upgrades.
  12. 2017/2018 ktm 300 mods

    Hey J-man, I am working on my deposit. How did you get yours so quick.?? You must know someone.
  13. Tazzy's What's Made You Happy Today Thread

    Jase, so with you. You know where I am at. This post been on my mind also. Been meaning to chime in. Yes I am on Tassy fb page and get the occasional reminder of the situation. But all said, I am happy that I have meet the likes of Tassy and the Grampians Crew he was so proud to be a part of. RIP Tassy.