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  1. Benny

    Buxton 30th the place keeps on giving

    I think Ausberg Summed it up nicely. Thanks Cruiser for leading us around, over and through some of the best Buxton has to offer. Topped off with one last track back to the cars that wrapped the day up nicely. Thanks to Habs and Simonj for sweeping. The ride flowed well all day with no major problems.
  2. Looking Good Macka. Im looking forward to coming up with the family next week. Hopefully the weather picks up a bit by then.
  3. Benny

    Wisdom Tooth Removal

    I shouldn't have looked at this. Im booked in to get one of my top ones removed Friday week.
  4. Benny

    Fixing Rim Dent

    Try Neway Wheel Repairs in Heidelberg. They fixed a bent rim for me a couple of years ago and done a good job. Only cost me $70 2 or 3 years ago.
  5. Benny

    south east Melbourne suspension tuner
  6. Benny

    2011 Husqvarna TXC 250

    Thanks Cluffie.
  7. After info on the 2011 TXC 250. Reliability, parts availability and cost and anything else that may be relavent to buying a second hand one. A mate is looking at one and I dont know anything about them.
  8. I don't know much about these engines so I guess I am lucky to have got 180 trouble free hours out of mine. Sicos original Exh valve clearances were .15 and .20. If my math is correct that's a difference of .05. I do believe that Husaberg / KTM only have shims in .05 increments. Now if you had the same clearance on both valves the decompression lever would be opening both Exh valves. I was always led to believe that an Internal combustion engine needs compression to run so opening both valves during cranking probably isn't going to help with starting. Or maybe it puts to much load on the decompression mechanism. Either way theres a reason why they set it up as they have. The only accurate way to measure valve clearances is with a dial indicator. What I think is slight drag on the feeler gauge will be different to what someone else feels. This could be be why Sico was .03mm over spec, maybe it was like that from the factory. It is not hard to start to force the valve springs down with a feeler gauge. From the clearances that Sico gave I don't believe there is any wear in the valve train and if it was mine I would have left it alone. Maybe you need to get your facts straight before you start to get personal 2Banga Glad you got it soughted Sico.
  9. True and each to there own and im not trying to tell anyone how they should maintain there bike. Just my thoughts on it. Usually 4 stroke valves start to recess back in to the head and close the clearance up. Unless it is starting to wear the rocker or the cam it has probably been like that from the factory and hasnt caused any issues yet. There is more risk of introducing a problem pulling the top end apart. I hope you get it soughted out Sico
  10. Scottys Dirtbike Spares in Ringwood may have something. My 70deg Berg was the same. One Exh valve had a bigger clearance than the other and if I remember 1 was slightly out of spec. I can remember reading somewhere that they do this on purpose so the decompression mechanism works correctly. If its not noisy and was running OK I would leave it. .03 of a mm wont make much difference.
  11. Benny

    300 exc jetting questions

    Yes I did. NECJ on the 3rd clip. 162mj, 35pj. Found it was a bit rich just of idle but pretty happy through the rest of the rev range. Tried to tune it out on the air screw but was still not happy. Dropped the needle one clip and this cleaned it up pretty good off idle but then felt a bit lean when cruising on the fire trails . Think I will try this set up with a 165mj unless anyone else has any sugestions. Im also running the red pv spring and 14/52 gearing. Found 14/50 a bit to tall. I was always shifting between 1st and 2nd in the ST, where now I can keep in in second. Wasn't it you who had a quick squirt on it
  12. Benny

    300 exc jetting questions

    There is some pictures in post 5 of this link
  13. Benny

    300 exc jetting questions

    This is the correct way to adjust your float as per the manual. I set my float so that the floats are slightly higher. Less fuel in the bowl when running. Need to make sure that the tab on the float is just touching the pin on the needle and not depressing it. Set the float about 1mm higher. This stops a lot of the fuel dribbling out of the carby while you are riding.
  14. Benny

    300 exc jetting questions

    I have been running the JD jetting in mine and it has been running good and has had good fuel economy. I have recently fitted the KTM SXS pipe and haven't been able to Jet it to my liking with the JD Kit. I have just picked up a NECJ needle and waiting for an NEDJ to come in. I was looking at fitting the NEJC before the weekend and see how it goes on Biggies ride at Dissa.
  15. Benny

    Ktm camchain issue

    I was looking at the 350. Heres the 250 diagram. Pretty much the same.