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  1. JJBKTM300

    Overheating Husky te300

    Was a good ride Mate I just re fitted the sensor with that Grease stuff so should work Properly now. I’m going to re jet mine and see how I go.
  2. JJBKTM300

    Property Investment

    Ballarat is only going up because MELBOURNE is becoming over populated and the government are sending imports to regional vic. Ballarat and Bendigo are one hour on a train or there abouts.
  3. JJBKTM300

    Property Investment

    Not a good time to do it today. Maybe few months will be cheaper
  4. JJBKTM300

    I’m back

    After 8m off from A stolen bike I’m back with another Had My first ride back last week at My old haunt Warburton with a few close work Mates. God I missed it. Jb.
  5. JJBKTM300

    Rear brake line "popped"

    Yes Bent disc could also be problem I have had siezed caliper in the past had to Oil soak it Pull apart and clean before re install
  6. JJBKTM300

    Rear brake line "popped"

    Could have been a siezed caliber from the start too by the way I'd be checking for free movement in this before ruling out other things. If it was dragging that would cause a boil for sure and pop the hose from heat master cylinder is away from the heat source and would not normally be where it would start from.
  7. JJBKTM300

    Cunninghams Hotel Birthday Bash 22nd Jan 2017

    Spewing I can't make It bud happy birthday. Camping at eildon in labour day if you want to come for a ride Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. JJBKTM300

    Eye Spy

    That one looks like the top of helmet peak track. Lol. Jjbktm300
  9. JJBKTM300

    My Rm500 Resto

    Hey fro. I got a contact from the old heidelberg suzi dealer. Rex wolfendon he did lachlans ktm 50 rebuild and was awesome he does lots of old stuff.