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  1. Easy as to change was having trouble with spooge and jetting and overall fowling plugs like never before and weird smell burning oil in gearbox Took about 2 hours Removed clutch plates main gear then took seals out with a screw and replaced them including the metal collar and oring. Metal collar was worn and oring really worn. Testing my work out this weekend.
  2. The Ktm cylinders are pretty hardy these days. I’ve had scoring marks and honed em out put it back in and all went well. I have a hone if you need it but in melb west. Also use the wiseco pistons they are tighter tolerances but listen up more due to how they build them. I have used vortex wossner wiseco and found all to be good with no noticeable difference in how it ran. I have replaced cylinders with new and found the noises never went away due to ktm rattling clutches. Just slap one in it she will be all good if you need advice let me know via pm and I’ll ring you in need.
  3. I run the Pro circuit with carbon guard that’s all I need because I baby it a bit and don’t ride like I used too.
  4. Forgot To mention slavens recommend dep pipes over any others but listen to his you toube on the ktm 2t pipes
  5. Don’t Forget gnarly Is torque down low And mid and fatty is improvement all over with more Over rev.
  6. There is a number on top of the piston that stamped in you’ll need to use crc to clean it but it will tell you what size 79.34 or 79.35 from memory was group 1 then group 2.
  7. Believe the fatty fmf will Fit. Ring force they will know.
  8. Don’t forget some of the older models have a blue and a white spring which can be used in today’s machines. I have a blue and white one somewhere think blue is above red. White is inbetween red and yellow. I have always found yellow best for sure
  9. Get a New Cylinder If The Shit Comes lose you’re a gorner at high speed and will do major damage
  10. Sunday 9am start but a 12. Finish This weekend yep wesy again.
  11. Was a good ride Mate I just re fitted the sensor with that Grease stuff so should work Properly now. I’m going to re jet mine and see how I go.
  12. JJBKTM300


    Ballarat is only going up because MELBOURNE is becoming over populated and the government are sending imports to regional vic. Ballarat and Bendigo are one hour on a train or there abouts.
  13. JJBKTM300


    Not a good time to do it today. Maybe few months will be cheaper
  14. After 8m off from A stolen bike I’m back with another Had My first ride back last week at My old haunt Warburton with a few close work Mates. God I missed it. Jb.
  15. Yes Bent disc could also be problem I have had siezed caliper in the past had to Oil soak it Pull apart and clean before re install