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  1. Scottland

    E bikes

    Perhaps a little colonic irrigation before each ride?
  2. Scottland

    Hydro Back pack

    I have a fox backpack with 3lt bladder. Its copped plenty of abuse, has done the job well. Had an ogio before that and it was also very good but I busted the buckles by standing on them
  3. Scottland

    Knee braces

    I have a set of pods k800? The carbon ones anyway, and a pair of the “cheaper” ones. The first advice I was given was, they will save your knee but probably break your leg! The other thing is, I busted a ligament on my right knee brace a few weeks ago! I’m convinced that saved my knee as it was an awkward stack on a nasty hill with a stupid log crossing. So yes, I’m a big fan.
  4. Scottland

    Ute tie down options

    Thanks, already have 2 ramps
  5. Can't comment on the Scott gear, but totally disagree that the Ficeda team rock! Brought a Just1 helmet that fell apart. the sales rep glued it back together and sent it back. It fell apart in my hands again. Ficeda glued it together again. My argument is that your helmet is the most important bit of safety gear you have. If it falls apart, it is unacceptable to simply glue it together and expect customers to use a repaired helmet. So, in short, I think Ficeda suck! But that's just my opinion based on a recent horrible experience.
  6. Scottland

    Ute tie down options

    I agree with Cluffie, why have a 3lt v6 diesel in the Ram 1500 when you can have a 6.7lt V8 in the 2500! LOL! I’d love either I reckon, even the V8 petrol, but you’d probably need to tow a fuel trailer with you
  7. Scottland

    Ute tie down options

    Yeah, I had a real close look at the US trucks about a month ago. They’re cool as, but soooo big. Even went as far as driving an F250. Safe to say I loved it. But hey, maybe next year! LOL
  8. Scottland

    Ute tie down options

    Just watched the video, seems to be a good system, bu5 maybe some wasted space up front
  9. Scottland

    Ute tie down options

    That looks awesome, has anyone tried it with 3 bikes in a tub?
  10. Scottland

    Ute tie down options

    Awesome! Thanks mate. I have a trailer that I use, but looking for options for when I take the bikes to tassie.
  11. Scottland

    Ute tie down options

    Dual cab Ute.
  12. Scottland

    Ute tie down options

    What is everyone doing to tie your bikes into the tub of their utes? im trying to work out whether to stick with the factory tie downs or add some after market options and possibly some sort wheel chock.
  13. Scottland

    Get well soon Cobraone

    Sorry to hear, all the best for your recovery
  14. Scottland

    Property Investment

    Yep, the entire country is screwed!! That was actually sarcasm for those that missed it!
  15. Scottland

    Property Investment

    Yeah ... sure am. And soooo disappointed that I moved to a town that has a strong economy, low unemployment, amazing standard of living and great wages! LOL. Country Vic is awesome!