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  1. Scottland

    Green Day Wednesday

    It all helps
  2. Scottland

    Green Day Wednesday

    Yeah .... gotta be honest ... the 450 and new tyres is like cheating on hills like that!
  3. Scottland

    Electric bike at Erzburg

    I watched something on Redbull TV about this. I think the electric bikes are cool as.
  4. Scottland

    Green Day Wednesday

    What an awesome day. For me it doesn’t get any better than yesterday. Awesome bunch of blokes, perfect conditions, and a lead rider that both put on an amazing loop and kept us all flowing nicely. Thanks to Bear too for his track clearing to get us around a fallen tree. Jungle track is possibly Victoria coolest track, loved it! Thanks for having me along. You blokes are great to ride with. It was very reminiscent of some of @Marko_FE250, @kmatts55 And @fabs rides for me. Well done @Trailmaker300! Also, I must comment on how well some of you guys have improved. A big difference and obviously a lot of riding been done over 12 months. When are we going again?
  5. Scottland

    Beechworth bikes bourbons an bonfire

    Ride report of the year to date! Love all the photos.
  6. Scottland

    Local Shop Rips Off Forum Member

    Bloody hell!
  7. Scottland

    2018 KTM/HUSQVARNA TPI 250/300

    Anyone got any up to date experience on the 250 or 300 tpi?? Love them? Hate them? Good? Bad?? Im curious ..... which could mean expensive
  8. Scottland

    Local Shop Rips Off Forum Member

    Am I reading that right Fro? $450 for one tyre and brakes to be bled? No other work done? No tubes? As a business owner I would suggest not to name and shame where possible. To put it into comparison I just had a service, tyre and heavy duty tube and a few other things done for just over $500. Surely for $450 some other work was carried out? Hopefully? Otherwise ... CRIKEY!
  9. Scottland

    How many kms per tank? 350 Exc-f

    I did 140+ a while ago on my old one. But yeah .... what gypsy said is bang on
  10. Scottland

    Show Us Your Bike

    Check with me Toysrus .... but I believe they’re interchangeable with some spacers
  11. Scottland

    Show Us Your Bike

    Yeah ... that's awesome too mate .... just need some of those fancy blue rims to top it off.
  12. Scottland

    Show Us Your Bike

    Love a bit of bling! Looks awesome mate.
  13. Scottland

    Ultra heavy duty tube PSI

    I’m with Gypsy. Ive taken it down to 6-7psi once but the pump came straight out once I cleared the hill. I run 10 through most of winter. 12-14 on faster/dryer/rocky fire trail type stuff or glen Maggie stuff. usually I won’t go below 8, but rarely do I start that low. Running starcross 5 soft or medium tyres usually.
  14. Scottland

    Fluro Zebra

    That would be GREAT news!
  15. Scottland

    Error in communication

    Should’ve just asked for forgiveness first and not permission