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  1. Doubt it, moving to Queensland in December, bike money going into shift
  2. 350 much more sensible and I appear to be a little faster on it .... but if you haven’t owned at least one 450 you’re missing out, just like if you haven’t tried a 250 2T you’re missing out! Dunno .... probably a 2019 350 6 days at this stage mate.
  3. I’ve gone back to a 350. I had lots of fun on the 450 and, for me, would enjoy it more. Can most likely get you a good ride on husky 501 if you’re keen.
  4. Inertia .... I hated my 500 but loved the several 450’s (exc’s though) that I owned.
  5. 300 is an awesome bike and lots are riding them. Im loving my 350excf .... but I am biased towards 4T’s. The only blokes that always seem to struggle these days are guys on MX bikes .... unless they are very good riders
  6. What are you riding now @Gypsy501?? I loved the short time on your 250TPI ... was almost too tempting!
  7. All I’m gunna say is .... @Marko_FE250 is not drinking
  8. @Marko_FE250 with glass in hand .... “I’m not drinking today!”
  9. Apparently @Marko_FE250 Is enjoying his breakfast
  10. We did some training .... any wonder I can’t lose weight!
  11. Actually .... who is traveling further? Kage or JT? Better give JT a fine too!
  12. I think first “fine” goes to Kage for longest distance travel -$1 for you buddy! Second to Dakota for most time off a bike before a 500km trail ride - $1 for you too
  13. A little bit excited! We need to turn this baby into a GFA fundraiser .... can people give us some ideas for fines .... both on the bike and off?
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