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  1. No mate, I’ve never had to use mine but have been on a ride where someone needed one. theyre bloody light, and who knows, it might save someone’s life??? Or at least make someone more comfortable I also chucked in a fire lighter and matches a couple of years ago.
  2. Yep .... I do
  3. Break free caravan hire in Ballarat used to have a Basestation. Pretty sure they sold it, but would be worth a call
  4. Has anyone used this gear??? Im trying to find something a bit cooler than the full armour and thought I’d seen some info here on Zac speed stuff but no results when I tried the search. Was thinking the integrated backpack/hydration pack and roost guard
  5. I reckon so. But I’m riding a 350 ATM so I’m biased.
  6. It’ll do the firetrails and roads, but 4T’s seem to cruise better. One of my mates did 500km at tassie on the 250 2T and had no problems. If you buy it, you’ll adjust and you’ll be fine. you would find a 250/300/350 enduro bike would be a better choice for the fire trails. i would highly recommend an enduro over mx bike, but each to their own.
  7. A couple of mates had te310’s, they were great when they were running fine, but then they became horribly unreliable as they got older. Id say don’t get a red/black husky.
  8. Could be worse still .... is it a black and red husky??? If so, keep away!
  9. Had a 14 husky 250, awesome bikes, but it wouldn’t be my first choice as a beginner/intermediate rider. They are awesome fun, but I found they can beat you up a bit and perhaps not as forgiving. I also agree that a KTM/Husky 350 4T or even a Beta 350, sherco 300 4T etc would be better than the 250. Alternatively, a 300 2T that you can lug around would be easier than a 250 in certain circumstances
  10. Scottland


    Yep she is sitting in Ft. Lauderdale I’m not that far from it right now .... if only I didn’t have weak little office arms and knew how to fight! Sorry bud! LOL
  11. Bugger, missing Anaheim 2 by 6 hours! just looked it up
  12. What’s even worse is I missed the real thing by 3 days.