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  1. Scottland

    Wye River 13/14 October 2018

    What a weekend! I was supposed to be in the USA, but things went wrong. Was stoked to be able to join the boys as a “mystery guest”! This basically involved me giving some honest facts about my life and Ratfinke embellishing the truth beyond recognition! The weekend was just what I needed! The truth is I should’ve been the one giving a heartfelt speech instead of ghost rider! I’d had a stressful 3-4 mths, and these couple of days really helped remind me of the important things in life. The riding was good, but the riding buddies were friggin awesome. No attitudes, everyone pitched in, lots of laughs, the P!ss was taken at every available opportunity, and Kmatts truly took 100% of what I had in the tank. Thanks for the invite, thanks for the amazing food and thanks for the brilliant company! This week is my biggest week of the year for work, and the Wye River weekend truly helped me get through it. Thanks fellas (and Lady) and Thanks Dirtriderz!
  2. Scottland

    Dartmouth 2 day

    Arm? Collar bone?
  3. Scottland

    Dartmouth 2 day

    Oh dear ... hope you’re all good Russ, heal up quick mate
  4. Yeah ... but you’re in the 350 club mate .... better get back to the big bore club before we kick you out! LOL
  5. Yes mate, you cannot compare a 2017+ model with a 2016- model. Heaps more bottom end. i reckon mid to top is similar.
  6. Vortex is good and can go on other bikes, but probably best to check if the one that suits a 2016 can go on a 2017+. I won’t be fitting another one, the new 350’s have so much more bottom end it’s ridiculous. I did put a pipe on though. Rode a 14/15 model that had been remapped a couple of months ago, I was very impressed.
  7. Scottland

    End of an era (for me)

    Oh yeah, I know you ride it alright!!! somehow the Speedo said you only did 100 metres on it ...... apparently the speedo doesn’t read when the front wheel is in the air! LOL!
  8. Scottland

    350 Club

    Over 100 but can’t tell you more yet
  9. Scottland

    End of an era (for me)

    No where near the HP on the exc but I reckon it might be easier to ride
  10. Scottland

    End of an era (for me)

    Definitely mate, 4T riders are much much better .... just not sure at what yet
  11. Scottland

    End of an era (for me)

    Really starting to gel with it. Having sooo much fun so far.
  12. For the last couple of years I have had this love affair, that I’m sure many here can relate to! Long week days spent dreaming of the steed and the excitement it will bring. Nights spent trawling the interweb wondering where this thing of beauty in The shed is going to take you. Early Saturday morning load ups, watching the rear view mirror intently to see if your beloved is still o the trailer. The thrill of the first few trails, twisting the wrist way more than you know you should, but knowing you are going to be rewarded with a huge rush of exhilaration and power .... realistically mire power than a chubby office worker can handle. Tractoring up hills in the wrong gear, knowing you’re going to look like you have more abilities than you actually do. The knowledge that very few are willing to go where you are going! Ahhh .... yes .... I’m certainly going to miss this stuff!!! Thank you for the fun! Thank you for the excitement! Im certainly going to miss it all! If you have never owned a modern euro 450 ... you are truly missing out!! 450’s .... you’ve treated me well!! Except when you broke my bones ya b@stards!! Bye bye 450’s ..... VIVA LA 350!!!!! And no I’m not quitting riding or dirtriderz .... just being silly as usual! LOL
  13. Scottland


    Got a Bourke and Wills XL which gets used about once every 2-3 years. i believe Darche are also very good.
  14. Scottland

    Trax Shock

    Loving the Trax shock mate???
  15. Scottland

    Creswick 29/8

    ^^^^^^ That’s the one