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  1. Thx guys .... Paul ... can you retire off $150?? If not I’ll try the other companies! Lol
  2. Will be when I get back mate! Have found an awesome GP too! LOL
  3. Does anyone know a reliable bike transport company that can pick up in Ballarat and deliver to the Sunshine Coast??
  4. I run 110/100-18 michellin starcross on my 350's and 120's on the 450's.
  5. I put my money where my mouth is, did something very unusual and purchased a KTM 350 4T. Glad I'm in sunny Ballarat and not in lock down ...... yet!
  6. Interested in the response to the ignition cover, I put a KTM clutch cover on the 350 though.
  7. In hindsight, had I watched your body language a little closer, rather than laughing, I might have disappeared earlier that day
  8. Mate .... should be headed “public service announcement “!!!!!! 100% agree .... must have!
  9. Done .... it’s July .... or July!!! no fitness right now, hopefully better in a couple of weeks. Let me know what suits, maybe take weeksy05 if keen?
  10. Something totally different ... brought an orange ktm 350excf (as opposed to a white ktm 350excf)
  11. Hi mate, ive just moved from Invermay to QLD. Ridden glasshouse twice and ramping up. Am in sunny Ballarat for a few more weeks and could show you around creswick Forrest if you want. Picking up the new bike tomorrow or Friday.
  12. Lots of fun there mate. try to hook up with some of the Ballarat guys.
  13. Just need to be able to log legit business kms, easy!
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