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  1. It’s a shame someone can’t take over this forum. Seems to be the obvious option and the most considerate to the large volume of members already here.
  2. Sounds good, will be a while before I’m down there with a bike, but would love to ride your loop
  3. Apparently everyone has brought out all that stock!
  4. Thx mate, will look into them. Are they overly heavy?
  5. Hi All, Been a while. what helmets are we all running? Got an airoh aviator 2.2 that’s getting a bit tired. Budget not an issue. I find them all comfy.
  6. Saturday i had a bbq and drank 5 beers. Sunday, had 2 coffees, a muesli bar and a gatorade. Sunday ride, 2 litres of water and a snickers. sunday after ride, another gatorade, 4 more beers, and a deconstructed mixed kebab. felt like crap monday for some reason, so had about 6 more beers. Biggest problem i see .... im running low on beer!
  7. Wonder why no one compares FI and carby 4T’s anymore ......
  8. Creswick forest is fun. Lots of the good stuff out there. Mostly just a fun place to ride
  9. Rode with a bloke that had a rebuild at 30 hours on his 150. He purchased it 3 months ago. Apparently there was a few with top end issues. I would strongly suggest a phone call and visit to the selling dealer
  10. Just started watching it last night, doesn’t look like a relaxing/enjoyable first day at least. Wonder how the rest will go?? Definately want one of those Rivian trucks though.
  11. Come on man .... don’t you remember we had them for the push bikes as kids. They were cool as, attached to the spokes, went up and down as the wheels went around?
  12. Ok .... now that I am out of the circus act that is Sictoria .... I need help with some special parts for my bike for my first Queensland ride on my own steed. to help with the curvy act look, I am trying to find some spokey dokeys that will actually fit my ktm. Special preference for blue ones and orange ones! I have tried bmx ones, but they simply won’t fit.
  13. Thx guys .... Paul ... can you retire off $150?? If not I’ll try the other companies! Lol
  14. Will be when I get back mate! Have found an awesome GP too! LOL
  15. Does anyone know a reliable bike transport company that can pick up in Ballarat and deliver to the Sunshine Coast??
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