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  1. Had some dealings with them in June, not impressed.
  2. Just paid $280 with racv, but obviously full rego If going with youi .... make sure you read the policy carefully.
  3. Scottland

    300 kit in a husky te250

    Yep, I did it a few years ago. I think it totally changes the bike. Not as snappy, heaps more bottom end, tractors better, but possibly not quite as much fun. Riles is your go to man though
  4. Scottland

    Bears whippin it at whipstix

    Come up here and ride it if you’re changing bikes
  5. Scottland

    Bears whippin it at whipstix

    Thx heaps for the last minute add. Weather was perfect, awesome crew to ride with including a few friendly faces I haven’t seen for far too long. Ttacks were fun, although quite slippery in spots. Was a great turnout, attitudes were good, can’t wait for the next one.
  6. Yep .... Good Friday ride at Paul’s range. seemed liked 25 riders Long enough to light a fire and talk plenty of shite
  7. Scottland

    Property Investment

    Check Ballarat property prices .... not all doom and gloom!
  8. So, taller or shorter than 13/52??
  9. Please excuse my ignorance and probably I asked you this at dissa, but that is in between a 13/52 and 14/52 isn’t it??
  10. Nothing to see here ....
  11. Now, to read over 55 pages of awesomeness to work out what gearing we all used to run on 350’s. Think it was 13/52 if someone can remember before I find it amongst 1000 other posts.
  12. Scottland

    Expanding the vocabulary @ Dissa!

    Oh .... I thought you were going to say stop and get ya camera out ...
  13. Scottland


    Bloody hell Buzz, that was a shocker! How have you pulled up today?
  14. Scottland

    Romainiacs 2018

    Well done fellas! Awesome effort
  15. Scottland

    Property Investment

    Here’s a little motivation ...