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  1. I feel it important that I start this, mostly for those of us who prefer orange or white bikes: So .... who’s gunna buy a 2020 beta? i rode a 2020 390 just before Easter, the rear suspension out of the box is awesomely awesome!! Front geometry and suspension just ok at best, but maybe I’ve ridden ktms for too long. Going to try ride a 350 beta next week to compare with my 2019 ktm350excf that I just sold to the worlds best dirt bike videographer.
  2. You doubt me because you think the front wheel in the air was a deliberate attempt .... you should know better!
  3. Surely you’ve run some pretty top suspension over the years mate??? Any thoughts?
  4. Hey mate, I’ve got an airoh ($850 I think) and a fox V4 mips. I find the fox is heavy but cooler than the airoh and was about $400 on special. Super comfy but heavy, and probably safer. my “go to” helmet is the airoh. Love how light it is. Dunno how safe it is in comparison, but it’s comfy enough and, did I say light
  5. Thanks mate. looking at a 2021. have always had the standard forks valved and spring for my weight by choice suspension. Last bike had trax shock. Gilesy has always done a great job, but I was thinking of going the next step, which is a little crazy considering I’m also a weekend warrior but, amazing suspension adds a new exciting element.
  6. Anyone running them, or has anyone ever run them?? After having a trax shock fitted to my old 350 .... I’m convinced good suspension is worth the $$$$ ....
  7. Drezz is your man. Let me know if you need more details Vince
  8. That’s like saying Australia brother!!!
  9. I was going to try and find a photo from exactly that hill Chris .....
  10. More Laguna Bay ..... it’s covid 19 I tell ya
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