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    Newly into bikes and so glad i did. So much fun. ive got the bug thats for sure!
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    Footy, Riding, Camping, drinking. all with Music!!
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    Work in the Mine at Olympic Dam

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    Riding, Camping, Sport, Music, Spending time with the family......Might enjoy a few froffies on the odd occasion also....

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  1. Biglumpy

    Finke Fail 2017

    Ive copped so much about cleaning it before i fell off!! haha
  2. Biglumpy

    Finke Fail 2017

    Went OTB about 39.5kms into day one.....made for an interesting remainder of the finke adventure! Longer clip i slapped together from the start of day one with a few high/lowlights right through till my get off....
  3. Biglumpy

    Finke 2017

    Heres a quick clip I slapped together of the my start right up until my crash... my crash in slo mo....
  4. Biglumpy

    Finke 2017

    We had a lad in 2014 that was top 50 coming home and was trying to pass a lad on his rim and said he was the hardest to pass because he was all over the track haha Seemed like every 2nd person i spoke to had a flat this year. One guy had 3 flats in the same section in a week. Twice pre running and then again on race day 1. Cheers mate!!
  5. Biglumpy

    Finke 2017

    haha poor bloke! yeah we had a few stories like that with a few of the lads that we did it with this lad ran out of fuel in between his 1st and 2nd fuel stop on day one and ran to the top of the next dune and waved down some people who only had a small jerry with some weak 2 stroke for a chainsaw so they chucked it in and got him going again in a cloud of smoke! Funny thing....the same lad actually forgot to send his thongs to fine with the rest of his gear and had em duck taped to his rear fender the whole way to finke haha. On the way home he filled up a 500ml water bottle with fuel and put that in his camel back and then ran out on day 2 but ran out right next to another camp and they topped him up to get him to the last fuel stop on his way home. Another lad had a rear flat with an 18inch rim and also waved some people down all they had was a 21 inch tube. Our lad said thatll do chuck it in. Got him to finke where he was able to source a new 18 inch tube! When i fell off i actually snapped my GoPro off my chest mount and when sitting on the side of the track i saw it in the dirt but a few bikes come through and buried it. The people that helped me up actually dug it up and returned it on the tuesday!! Bloody awesome! I bloody love it how everyone helps everyone. Stories of the KTM fuel stop still helping out Ivan Long with his flat early on day one is awesome too! One thing i was disappointed on this year......lack of dress ups!! I saw the Stig but that was about it....come on guys lift ya game haha
  6. Biglumpy

    Finke 2017

    Well Finke 2018 was ripper fun!! Had a week of camping and pre running the track which was great....except i lost my phone at the 160km ruins. Fell out my pocket when i was changing shoes just before we left. But managed to get it back when i arrived home. Pre running was good with no offs and was feeling confident of improving on my result from 2015. Scruitineering was hectic. We got there reasonably early to get our gear looked at and let the kids see all the Cars and Bikes get some tea and get to bed at a decent hour but the line was massive so we waited. Scruitineering finished up at 9 and there was still a hell of alotta bikes still to be looked at. But we eventually got through and instead of parking our bikes with the rest (all of which had already left) We pushed our bikes straight back to the trailer and headed home. Prologue saturday was looking to have a clean run and just get around with no mistakes....well that went out the window early ....Got a good start but one other lad got a better one and i missed a corner in the dust. Stalled it trying to get back on the track. Then few corners later the rear wheel hit a square edge and nearly went over the bars and ended up missing the next just putted around to get through. Was pretty disappointed. Think i was starting at around 450 ish position.... Race day one was a fair way back on the start lines and knew i would be a little faster than most of the people around me so just wanted to get out clean and start passing people and get some clean air to get a decent day one time to be with people my pace on day 2. Got a half decent start but wasnt racing to get a holeshot as i knew the first 20kms is usually carnage and i wasnt wrong. Fair few people in the first 20kms on the side of the track. Was also a section where some spectators had actually set up a board and were waving us to one side of the track away from a huge hole which was awesome of them!! All was going great and was passing a fair few people without being stupid about it....not exactly sure what happend but just before the 40km dune i ended up on my back side with a pretty sore knee. Hobbled back to the side of the track and some more awesome spectators helped me up. Felt like i was going to throw up early after a knock on my knee but slowly faded and got up walked around for a bit and thought ill just get to first fuel stop. Managed to get there ok so thought bugger it ill get it to Finke. Managed to get there but stacked it again in the bull dust about 15 meters from our camp . Big camp oven for tea and some voltaren and voltaren gell with some ear plugs and i got a pretty good sleep! Day 2 the knee was swollen but I was feeling and moving ok. Checking the board i got into finke in 3 hrs and 56 minutes putting me in 396th position which before the stack i would have been disappointed in but was just happy i got to finke and just wanted to finish now. Lined up on the start line and in my rut was a massive rock so i let everyone go off my grid and slowly caught them in the whoops. Had a good run home with only one little tip over in some really soft sand just after the 10km bonnet. Managed to get home in 3 hrs 39 minutes so was pretty happy with that time. finished up in 336th position im pretty sure (Havent actually checked just going on what people have told me) Didnt improve on 2015s position but pretty happy with myself to get there and back after a decent get off. The support on the side of the track was awesome all weekend again! People who dont even know you cheering you on definitely helps get you through!! Bloody love it. Will be back again for another go....
  7. Biglumpy

    Finke Desert Race

    Not long to go now guys and gals! How is everyone travelling?
  8. Biglumpy

    2013 Bike been sitting for a while

    cheers guys! What i was thinking but just wanted to check there wasnt something else i should do! thanks again!
  9. Hey guys, Just after a bit of advice. Recently brought a 2013 CRF450r thats done about 15 hours. Hasnt been ridden much at all and definitely hasnt been ridden in the last 12 months. Apparently had an oil change 6 months ago but never got ridden.... Just after some advice on what sort of checks and maintenance i should carry out on the thing before riding it! cheers Lump
  10. Biglumpy

    Finke Desert Race

    Must have been a few drop out over the weekend!! Wait list has gone (only had 2 riders left though) and the final tally of riders just now was 634. With still 50 odd days to go will probably see that number come down a bit.....
  11. Biglumpy

    Finke Desert Race

    650 Riders.....woah boy gonna be busy!!
  12. Biglumpy

    Adelaide 500 Superenduro-X

    Racings all done and dusted now but a pretty cool add with Ivan Long riding through some Adelaide spots...
  13. Biglumpy

    Finke Desert Race

    Pretty sure i just liked this photo on instagram....
  14. Biglumpy

    Finke Desert Race

    97 Days to go..... Getting bloody excited!
  15. Biglumpy

    Favourite Movies

    Star Wars Episodes 4-6. Used to have them recorded on VHS from channel 10 years ago. I used to thrash them all. Id watch one rewind it and watch it and rewind it. I even knew all the adverts word for word. Other favs would be The Last Castle Gladiator