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  1. Cujo

    "Spin Hill" - Spring hill 14 Jul

    Nice Rhyme Fab. Great day out...Just what I needed as I haven't ridden much of late. About 65 km covered with 7 riders originally but we lost Fixy at the half way mark due to a gearbox failure with his bike stuck in a high gear. The hills were a lot of fun........especially as a spectator. Thanks gents for a great day of fun!
  2. Cujo

    Forma boots sale

    I got a pair the other day. Size 13. Nice boot. Instead of using my sidis i decided to ride with them on Saturday and Sunday. About 130km of rocky terrain. I like the boot. Coming from sidis Crossfire 2s i wasn't expecting too much in comparison.....but they are super comfy, well made and a damn good option...made in italy. I especially like the double joint hinge system on the ankle brace and this is where all my sidis have failed. I had a situation on the weekend where my boot hit a rock at reasonable speed....kicked my leg back off the peg and my leg ended up in the superman position. I know in the sidis my big toe would have been in great pain ..... but i had no such issue with these. A little heavier than the sidis but i didnt notice. The sole is a little thicker and the tread pattern is more aggressive than the sidis so you will find that you will catch on the pegs and brake perch a bit until you adjust......but on the up side you will walk up slippery hills alot easier. The toe cap is taller than the sidis(what boots aren't)....but this was not an issue for changing gears... So for now I am happy. Let's see how they go in the long term. PS. Forma is the old Diadora i was told
  3. Cujo

    Bears Satdy Tallarook ride

    Fuel tap
  4. Cujo

    Ktm 300 2014 jetting help

    Great write up mate...
  5. Cujo

    Fluro Zebra

    Im rapped for you mate. See you out there soon.
  6. This has to be something simple. Does it try to fire if you spray aerostart down the air intake? Will it try to fire if you apply 12v to the coil pak while you described above..might back fire but at least you can discount the coil or fuel system Watching this space.
  7. Cujo

    Fluro Zebra

    I like this rumour.[emoji16]
  8. The workshop Manual has different resistive values for primary coil for the TE model. The TC was 0.09ohms TE is 4.5ohms...hope this helps
  9. Cujo

    Tire and Tube shifting

    The guys at Dirt trax gave us a tip on this once. Lift the bike, deflate the tyre, undo the rim lock Hand loosen the bead if you can Spin the rim as hard as you can in the direction of the valve tilt Slam on the brakes! Never tried it, but sounds the goods.
  10. Cujo


    Nice video Emil. What settings did you end up with?
  11. Cujo

    Marko's Marauders Maul Spring Hill 14/4

    Thanks Gents. What an interesting day, starting with dry low dust conditions to rivers flowing down the tracks. The Spring Hill tracks are littered with a plethora of leaf litter, bark and small branches, which mixed with 20mm of rain made for some slippery "Oh F#$%" moments as bog holes overfilled and line choice became hit and miss. The rain made even the smallest of roots, rocks or even bark a potential slippery slide and I'm sure most of us hit the deck at least once. Visibility was an issue during the rain, and the goggle debate of visibility vs poking your eye out played on our minds...Damned if you do and damned if you don't. The one hill that caught us out was a bit of fun and laughter......and jubilation once we hitched, pushed and pulled each bike up. Glad I had tubliss up this one as I dropped the tyre pressure when I saw how difficult it was becoming. I was glad when Kbux hit reserve as it gave me an excuse to get back to the cars ....soft I know ....thank god for heated seats Thanks Marko and all that rode today.
  12. I concur with all that was said. Thought I would add Riles's Catch as my thanks to All that came, lead and swept.
  13. Cujo

    RCHA Cobaw Saturday Ride

    Nice one Fixy!
  14. Cujo

    RCHA Cobaw Saturday Ride

    Oh and i had it at 45 km Maybe you were monoing alot[emoji16]