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  1. Good on you for having a go...logs are something that I need a lot of practice on.....the slimy wet ones can wait till summer [emoji6]
  2. Gypsy ....you have to change your Dirtriderz name...The "501" bit isn't showing your true commitment for your love of the TPI 2T
  3. Cujo

    FABulous Dissa

    Great ride Fab! My local forest and Fab put a great mix of tracks together. On some of the rocky hill climbs grip was a rare commodity at times so those running low pressures had the advantage. The creek run was fun and the Hamburger's always put a smile on my face. Thanks everyone for coming out to Dissa and sharing your day!
  4. Cujo


    Crypto currencies are a volatile platforn...let's see how long it will hold at this rate.
  5. Cujo


    I have no luck with shares...... So I'll go for something much more elusive ...Crypto Currency TRX. Lock it in Ratfink!
  6. Adrian is a good dude. Hes done 3 pipes for me.....one was a squashed spaghetti that was given to me as a spare. Came out fantastic and lined up perfectly.
  7. Thanks Mat for leading and Noods for sharing the sweep duties . A great day of of good solo tracks with a few tecky bits to keep us on our toes. The weather was pretty on point, but actually warmer than I expected.....Who Knew! We searched hi and low for the infamous Buttaminga but instead found lots of little tracks in lieu. Even had lunch at the official trail bike unloading area that even had an integrated bike stand for repairs.... Who knew ! Came across what looked like a Storm water pit that was spewing out water at the highest part of hill Hill......Noods and I were mesmerised by this physical impossibility and stopped to try to understand..."HOW is this possible?"....Who knew! Thanks again fellas and as BushyBrows DBT said, thanks BenG for starting the original ride post. We were surprised that we didn't cross paths.
  8. With soooo many wordsmiths on this thread I will simply say.....I had a ball....was quite done by the end of the ride.....my wrists hurt from all the rocks. Thanks to all...... and ....... Merry Xmas and a happy New year!
  9. What a great video - love the low chasing camera angle!
  10. How good was that...enjoyed those skillful riders.
  11. Thanks Dusty for the ride.....perfect balance between riding and family yesterday with a great family dinner to cap off fathers day. Thanks everyone for the ride and of course Gypsy for sweeping and the rest of the recovery crew.
  12. Thanks CentralVic for hosting a good varied ride from the technically improbable to awesome flowing tracks that still had you on your toes. I agree with Fab, the logs and some of the rocks were absolutely slippery - even a few puckering sphincter muscles on greasy down hill descents. Even with the few extra scratches to the bike after various ugly dismounts, I absolutely loved the day and to be fair the weather was reasonably kind to us. Bugger all work required as the sweep as the crew were quite capable and when needed, others had already in place to help. Thanks all for the ride. PS. If we had a swear Jar for the group .....donations to the sweep.......I would now be rich!
  13. That hill does look slipperry!
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