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  1. Hello FSE, Not sure on the year of your bike, but a few things to consider : make sure the starter is a 410 Watt not the 350 Watt starter that came with model from 2012 and before. I have a brand new 310W here that wont crank my Berg fast enough to start. Never had luck with lead acid batteries, only high CCA (220A) lithium batteries seemed to put the extra pep in the starting circuit check your getting a good earth connection to the starter - To check just use a jumper lead from the negative of the battery directly to the housing of the starter and see if that improves
  2. Thanks for the ride Dusty. Good fun and just what I needed. A capable crew and a good level of some of the harder tracks at Dissa. Dissa is always way slippery in summer as the Shaley rocks become ball bearings in the ruts...especially on the steep up hill. Congrats to the boys that had a go at the Widowmaker, fun to watch and glad I don't have any aspirations to try it. I recovered a Force bash plate half way up one of the snotty hills thinking it was off one of our riders bikes, but it wasn't....... so if you have lost a force pipe guard/bash plate in the last week or so
  3. Oh the pain.....the pain Will Robinson. Just what I needed....lots of muscles moved for the first time in months. Ripper day, lots of laughs and great finish with Cheezy deli spread. Thanks ti all who came and especially Fab, Riles and almost Matt for sweeping A quick auto gopro video from me giving a small glimpse of the day.....excuse the camera angles. I had to go to a chest mount when my chin mount failed.
  4. I agree Hoff. I am thinking of buying one when I go north next year...... if they ever open those borders.
  5. Expensive, but inner city.
  6. Great to see you girls getting out. I drove passed Dissa on my way to Cobaw yesterday morning and it was bitterly cold with light rain. I can only imagine how the riding level of the tracks just went through the roof. There are some pretty deep bog holes in there for the uninitiated. I hope you missed of them and had a great day Cujo
  7. Certainly a good idea to consider putting these on your bike. I actually have them mounted above the triple clamp and don't have a problem with them slipping. As you pull on them they compress around the fork leg and won't slip if installed correctly. I found that installing them under the triple clamp would let them slip down and when you need to us them you couldn't put your hand under it to grab it. .... But I do acknowledge that your solution with the zip ties would fix this issue.
  8. Well done mate. You made my day!
  9. I do like the XT300, but I think it's a bit small for my frame....street dragged kmatt on his over the weekend and it just pulled away from the Kato. I was impressed how it doesn't want to break traction on the hill climbs when we were up at 3rd gear hill At Dissa.
  10. Bloody handsome bloke sitting on that log.
  11. That made me a nasty way [emoji1787]
  12. Totally agree gents