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  1. Marko's Marauders Maul Spring Hill 14/4

    Thanks Gents. What an interesting day, starting with dry low dust conditions to rivers flowing down the tracks. The Spring Hill tracks are littered with a plethora of leaf litter, bark and small branches, which mixed with 20mm of rain made for some slippery "Oh F#$%" moments as bog holes overfilled and line choice became hit and miss. The rain made even the smallest of roots, rocks or even bark a potential slippery slide and I'm sure most of us hit the deck at least once. Visibility was an issue during the rain, and the goggle debate of visibility vs poking your eye out played on our minds...Damned if you do and damned if you don't. The one hill that caught us out was a bit of fun and laughter......and jubilation once we hitched, pushed and pulled each bike up. Glad I had tubliss up this one as I dropped the tyre pressure when I saw how difficult it was becoming. I was glad when Kbux hit reserve as it gave me an excuse to get back to the cars ....soft I know ....thank god for heated seats Thanks Marko and all that rode today.
  2. I concur with all that was said. Thought I would add Riles's Catch as my thanks to All that came, lead and swept.
  3. RCHA Cobaw Saturday Ride

    Nice one Fixy!
  4. RCHA Cobaw Saturday Ride

    Oh and i had it at 45 km Maybe you were monoing alot[emoji16]
  5. RCHA Cobaw Saturday Ride

    Thanks for the ride gents. Really enjoy Cobaw...keeps you thinking even on the fire trails. Plenty of moisture in the soil made for lots grip and no dust I can't believe we had the whole forest to ourselves and perfect weather,but I must talk to you about gentleman's hours Fab[emoji28]
  6. Mt Dissa L2 4/3/18 injury update.

    All the best with the recovery.
  7. Wombat - Operation Dust Avoidance

    Thanks Fab for a great ride. Only 50'ish Km but great tracks, especially the ones you found in the afternoon. We did a lot of tracks in the reverse order that I normally do which makes it all new territory again. Loved it. Dust really wasn't an issue as the cooler moist air in the morning and the breeze in the afternoon made for great riding. The Beta Creek track had me cramping in both legs for a while. The cramps subsided once we got back on the good stuff...But then the fingers started to cramp shut in the closed position...never had that before unless it was a Browny/Buzz ride at Dissa. Also thanks to all that came out for the ride and Bayerj for sweeping during the morning session. PS Swapped the green spring to the yellow spring in the PV on the KTM300....Geez that made that bike come a good way.
  8. 2018 KTM/HUSQVARNA TPI 250/300

    That's some dirty water.
  9. Nice photos Riles [emoji1417][emoji1417][emoji1417][emoji1417]
  10. Enjoyed the ride gents....thanks to Matt and Marco for leading and Chris, Riles and Jono for sweeping. Great trails...a few challenging major incidents and even the dust was acceptable I ended up cutting my ride short. The bike was running pretty ordinary after lunch and stalling continuously. After a bit of fiddling with the carby and taking Riles advice, I decided to pull out and take the roads back to the cars at the 60km mark with a suspected pilot jet blockage. Thanks again and great to meet a few riders that I havn't ridden with before.
  11. Dirtriderz do Romaniacs

    Nice one Buzz. I wish you both all the best.....That certainly is one hell of a bucket list item...[emoji1362][emoji1362][emoji1362][emoji1362]
  12. Fabs Gearshift Day

    Even hit the Lyonsville sisters behind where we used to park..... yes you should have come.
  13. Fabs Gearshift Day

    Thanks for the day gents.... great to get out again to clear the mind. I think we did around 70 +kms . Hardly any dust and the temperature wasn't too hot. We went from Greendale to lyonsvile ......and even went to the bowl which i havent been to for a long time.....amasing how those hills look steeper than i remember. We hit Hoffs hill ( thats what i know it as) and this is where i stalled it on a rock outcrop and dropped it ....just cant seem to get a clean run up that hill....damn that hill...its got me twice now....ill be back. Again thanks guys for the ride and Fab for leading
  14. running on empty at Dindi

    Any update on the knee Dann?