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  1. Great to see you girls getting out. I drove passed Dissa on my way to Cobaw yesterday morning and it was bitterly cold with light rain. I can only imagine how the riding level of the tracks just went through the roof. There are some pretty deep bog holes in there for the uninitiated. I hope you missed of them and had a great day Cujo
  2. Certainly a good idea to consider putting these on your bike. I actually have them mounted above the triple clamp and don't have a problem with them slipping. As you pull on them they compress around the fork leg and won't slip if installed correctly. I found that installing them under the triple clamp would let them slip down and when you need to us them you couldn't put your hand under it to grab it. .... But I do acknowledge that your solution with the zip ties would fix this issue.
  3. I'll take one of each color thanks.
  4. Cujo

    BenG is a hero

    Well done mate. You made my day!
  5. I do like the XT300, but I think it's a bit small for my frame....street dragged kmatt on his over the weekend and it just pulled away from the Kato. I was impressed how it doesn't want to break traction on the hill climbs when we were up at 3rd gear hill At Dissa.
  6. Bloody handsome bloke sitting on that log.
  7. That made me smile....in a nasty way [emoji1787]
  8. Cujo

    Just a thought.

    Totally agree gents
  9. Great fun day boys....I was a late entrant to the team so took on the sweep duties.....nothing needed as sweep as everyone was quite capable and we all travelled at a decent pace. The hills at Dissa are always a challenge. They are rutted, rocky and loose....and forever changing. A line that worked last week isn't there this week........ you have to think quick or else your kissing dirt...... 3rd gear hill dirt doesn't taste that good [emoji854] Thanks Dusty for organising the day. Bushy for leading the morning run and the rest of the boys for sharing your riding day with me. Till the next ride!
  10. macca

    Happy Birthday Cujo. Hope you've had a ripper day.

    1. Cujo


      Thanks Mate!


  11. Cluffie, just some feed back for your tubliss stats. I have used Motoz Arena hybrid gummy on 2 different bikes and have never had sealing problems or punctures. In fact the last gummy on on my berg had well over 2000km on it (Bush riding only) great grip in wet slop and I only changed it out because I didn't want Gypsy to cringe when I got on a ride with him at Cobaw a few weeks ago.....[emoji16]. The Areana still had the green washing liquid it from the original installation after 2000+kms.
  12. Great days riding with Roland showing us his 60km loop. On the pegs by 9.00am and finished around 2.00pm A very capable bunch of riders and with yesterdays rain conditions started out sketchy, but improved as the day went on....Certainly upping the level a notch. We rode a few tracks that I haven't seen before, and many old favorites. A good mix of terrain including wet greasy logs, river beds and the usual off camber bits. No major issues today other that an minor leak to a tubliss system with repairs and a lot of arm pumping from 3 seperate hand pumps during lunch break. All sorted and we continued on without any other mechanical interruptions or injuries. At the end of the ride we spotted a Dann and his mate and a few of us went out again for a couple of hours hitting a long long long rock infested dry creek a rutted out play hill and for old time sake we also hit the 3 sisters - forward, reverse and forward again....I have missed those girls.....Last time I saw them would have been 3 or 4 years ago. They are starting to show their age with some pretty deep wrinkles, but I still have a thing for them Thanks Roland - Great loop. Thanks Sweeps. and thanks to the rest of the riders for sharing your riding day with me. PS - Did I mention RIDER has a new bike....that didn't break down Cujo
  13. Excellent day out. Cobaw can be a tricky little forest. Known for its grip in winter, but in summer you need to be on guard as the the rocks are loose and the 4WD rutts become sandy on their edges. Loved the ride today, a great pace, a good mix of tracks and "Techy Bits". It was a lot of fun watching Crusty and Mile pushing each other to try the harder stuff (sometimes over and over) ...they just didn't run out of energy. To all that were putting themselves out of their comfort zone....A BIG THUMBS UP! To our injured rider....heal up my man and we'll see you out there again soon. Thanks Riles for leading and of course al the sweeps and thank you to my fellow riders for sharing your day with me! PS Kudos to yammy rider for coming from Warrnambool to ride !
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