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  1. oops, pressed go to early
  2. A big thank you to all that attended yesterdays ride it was quite humbling. Also a big thank you to RatFink for sneakily organizing the ride at one of my favorite riding spots. Due to the change in terrain and parking area I asked Dusty to lead the second part of the ride which included all the old favorites. Thanks mate the track choice was perfect. The day started with around 30 odd riders turning up to a Mount Disappointment that had had 2 days of rain prior, not to mention the storm damage from a couple of weeks before. A few of us did a quick reccy ride the week before and realized that there were sections we best stay away from due to downed trees. After a quick debrief of who I am and what to expect I led the first section down to the base of the ladder track....knowing full well there would be one greasy hill that may cause some "interest" - And that hill didn't let us down. The scene was reminiscent of a Dakota ride where carnage was always a plenty. As usual the whole group assisted to ensure all riders got to the top. From there we took a great flowing track that led to the start of the creek section leading to to base of the Ladder. I have never seen so much water in the creeks and it was obvious from the erosion that the level was much higher days before. We lost one bike to the water god's, but the rear pack was able to get it going in due course. I hope all is well with that rider and bike. At that point Dusty took over leading through to the classic Hamburgers 1 & 2 (via a back way due to creek levels), down to 3rd gear hill, then to the tractor track . By then ot was time to make our way back to the cars. Dusty navigated som ripper tracks on the way home. I will let others fill in the detail of this part of the ride. To those that were stepping up to a level 3 ride, you guys were amazing. The weather upped the standard and you guys soldiered on. Top Effort! To the level 4 riders, thanks for all the help during the day and the entertainment of your hill climbing skills. To the sweeps Riles and Cruiser - Thank you . CUJO
  3. Loved it. Great to see the young ones out with the dads.
  4. https://thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/733201-hard-to-start-cold-2009-crf450r/page/2/#comments In this thread they discuss the capacitor not holding charge and it is a 10,000uf 50V cap....never confirmed if that fixed it but you could rig up a cheap capacitor from Jaycar and see if it works, before you fork out $ for a Honda one.
  5. One thing to springs to mind given that you mentioned a straight 12V in the Capacitor makes it fire up straight away is " does it have a good earth." Run a quick ohms test from the earth to the earth side of the capacitor.
  6. I started with the same bike - the first of the fuel injected Honda's. It was always a pain to start. - Heaps of power with small throttle input and flamed out like a candle flame in a wind tunnel. I can't really add too much, but If the Capacitor is off, then you wont have sufficient charge to run the injector or pump. There is a starting procedure when cold that worked most of the time. 5 slow kicks to prime the injector then one reasonable kick after a slight pause. A couple of items that I used to tinker with to deal with starting issues: I mucked around with the throttle position sensor (TPS) as well as if it is out by a bit the it will be hard to start. It has to have the output Voltage set to a specific value (Sorry I can't recall the value) with very small tolerance either way. I assume the valve clearances are in check and the stop button LED isn't flashing a code This model also had an issue with the auto decomp timing. There is a mod to the spring tension on the auto decomp cam. I think they changed the whole mechanism in the following models. Also if it has a headlight/ break light running off the the fuel pump hot lead - disconnect it - it might be killing the power to the pump. I hope this helps.
  7. Thanks mate...its never too late. Great video as always!
  8. Great job on the loop Dusty... I had a hoot. I have had my quads cramping tonight...a sign of a great ride. Thanks to the sweeps, and great to meet a few new riders. And a happy mothers day to all the mums tommorow !!![emoji173][emoji173][emoji173]
  9. Hello FSE, Not sure on the year of your bike, but a few things to consider : make sure the starter is a 410 Watt not the 350 Watt starter that came with model from 2012 and before. I have a brand new 310W here that wont crank my Berg fast enough to start. Never had luck with lead acid batteries, only high CCA (220A) lithium batteries seemed to put the extra pep in the starting circuit check your getting a good earth connection to the starter - To check just use a jumper lead from the negative of the battery directly to the housing of the starter and see if that improves starter speed. check the battery voltage while cranking. If it drops to far under 10V it will not supply sufficient power to the ECU to start. I would check this at the battery and then also at the starter to make sure this voltage is similar. If it the voltage varies too much between these two readings then you're losing voltage across either the relay or the positive cable. Check that the fuses have clean connectors and that they test 100% short circuit. I have recently had an issue where the fuse looked ok, but returned a high reading and not short circuit. if all else fails - do what I did for years ....momentarily hit the kill switch while it is turning over. I don't know why this worked, but it would always fire just as I released the kill switch....... it did on my two 300's and a friend's. Good luck.
  10. Thanks for the ride Dusty. Good fun and just what I needed. A capable crew and a good level of some of the harder tracks at Dissa. Dissa is always way slippery in summer as the Shaley rocks become ball bearings in the ruts...especially on the steep up hill. Congrats to the boys that had a go at the Widowmaker, fun to watch and glad I don't have any aspirations to try it. I recovered a Force bash plate half way up one of the snotty hills thinking it was off one of our riders bikes, but it wasn't....... so if you have lost a force pipe guard/bash plate in the last week or so and were riding the mountain road side of Dissa PM with the bike Brand and model and we can talk about recovery costs Dusty thanks for defining "Cruisy" for me during the ride.....was it 1 or 2 in the oxford dictionary - I don't think your definition was quite right Some certainly felt "assulted" at the end of the ride.
  11. Oh the pain.....the pain Will Robinson. Just what I needed....lots of muscles moved for the first time in months. Ripper day, lots of laughs and great finish with Cheezy deli spread. Thanks ti all who came and especially Fab, Riles and almost Matt for sweeping A quick auto gopro video from me giving a small glimpse of the day.....excuse the camera angles. I had to go to a chest mount when my chin mount failed.
  12. I agree Hoff. I am thinking of buying one when I go north next year...... if they ever open those borders.
  13. https://www.spacer.com.au/parking-east-melbourne-george-tight-vic-99744 Expensive, but inner city.
  14. Great to see you girls getting out. I drove passed Dissa on my way to Cobaw yesterday morning and it was bitterly cold with light rain. I can only imagine how the riding level of the tracks just went through the roof. There are some pretty deep bog holes in there for the uninitiated. I hope you missed of them and had a great day Cujo
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