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  1. running on empty at Dindi

  2. running on empty at Dindi

    Any update on the knee Dann?
  3. running on empty at Dindi

    Thanks cruiser for a great ride. I was surprised how dry it was after all the rain on the way through Kinglake. The dust did start to rear its head in the afternoon. The level of rider made the decision of this gumby to take sweep and easy one. Sabo had a bit of trouble with his rear brake. Loosing them completely just before the long down hill decents. Top effort getting down safely. Thanks again gents. Until next time. Ps Dann I hope your knee heals quick
  4. I might be Fab....i have something in the morning.... then i should be there
  5. Otway Magic

    That about sums up the weekend! ..........Oh the Pain....the Pain. A great weekend of riding. Wye River and the surrounding Otways are just Beautiful. A big thanks to Ratfink for opening up his home and his explanatory hospitality to a few weary dirtbikers .....well we were weary after Friday night . Absolutely great riding on the Saturday where we rode about 80km, including one of the longest non Firetrail trails in Victoria...... it must have been 10km . Sunday was a quick 45km to explore a deep deep valley that fulfilled our thirst for "Just one more ride" On the way back we were fortunate enough to get a tour of the changes in Wye River since the bushfires not so long ago. Loved the whole weekend....thanks gents for sharing your weekend and solving all the worlds problems with me.....I look forward to the next one. And thanks to the sweeps and leads.
  6. Cobaw with Cujo and HT

    Gents.....great day riding. Cobaw is a great techy place to ride..... as Fab said even the Fire trails can be challenging.
  7. Friday Grand Final Mt Dissa Ride

    Heal up quick mate.
  8. Different bikes, different rates. My honda MX's would do 100 Hrs then I would pretty well replace plates and baskets The Husaberg did 300hrs and I only replaced it because I was doing the bottom end and decided to give it a reliability birthday, I'm sure it would have lasted another 100 hrs easy. I would have thought 70hrs seems pretty poor for your bike.....knowing how you ride.
  9. Stockmans rally weekend

    This was my first Stockmans rally and I've got to say I really enjoyed it. Would I do it again..... I think I would with the same company. I really really enjoyed the camping weekend and meeting a few new people . The Stockmans ride on Sunday was awesome .....mainly because of all wet weather in the days before. Didn't get to finish a second loop as we got caught up at one of the hills that can only be described as carnage city.....but One loop was enough for me as i had been feeling pretty ordinary coming into the weekend. Thanks Scotty bringing the 5 star accommodation Jayco base station and thanks to Riles and 5EXCF for feeding the boys each night ...... Great weekend......and as Dan said there should be more of them.
  10. Look at this on eBay
  11. Of course mate...There is a full patella guard that wraps around the front of the knee. It took the full impact of the hit without any fracturing.
  12. TRAILZ I can't speak about knee braces as I don't use them. But I do use the Thor MX guards only because they have proven themselves with protecting the Knee time and time again. They are not a brace, but have a pivoted joint and are Left and Right leg specific. I would not consider anything that leaves any part of the knee exposed in any position - be it a brace or a guard ... a picture says a thousand words.... The tear in the fabric is where the branch hit, then lodged in the side...then snapped off. The hinge remained intact....I actually could not remove the branch without the use of a vice and hammer .......testament to the strength of this Guard . I run Sidi Crossfire 2's and they work fine with this guard. Sidis have an adjustment (2 screws need to be relocated to alternate holes) at the front part of the boot to allow for more room when using a Knee brace or guard.....or have huge calf muscles
  13. Chewton in the rain(well, some rain)

    CentralVic and Nasty...... crap to hear about the hand injuries.....I hope you both recover quick.......all the best from one of the amatures you passed [emoji38]
  14. Cobaw.... it was nice

    After much speculation about Gypsy not being the king of the Hill.......Here is Gypsy eating one for breakfast. PS - We suspect that Dakota bypassed this somehow without us knowing, and left the rest of us to navigate the treachery of this Rocky outcrop PSS - Thank all for the ride and BBQ and beers after . Great day.