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  1. ausricknz

    Monday Dissa

    First time back at disa and honestly there were times I was thinkin of selling my 300. but now that im drinking JD, the pain has gone and Ive fixed the mighty wr300 (man's bike) coolant leak maybe not. Yeah I tried stuff that scared me and had a couple of falls ...sucked but also made some of the climbs and logs .... great stuff ! After 3 yrs in sydney it really is fantastic to rejoin the camaraderie of dirtriderz Oh yeah on Gypsies 250. awesum to be able to ride a current model so thx so much Mate - that motor is sooo sweet - but that wasnt why I was thinkin of selling the WR- more like this is just too freaken hard now (NSW pussy moment )I As discussed with Bear I love the handling of my bike, Ive had it over 5 years and I know what it does and Ive got a rekluse I can chuck in for hardier rides so today Im keen again
  2. Have just bought a TT600R Belgarda 98 in Sydney. 13,000 km, Ohlins Legs and in good nick Plan to get back to VIc after the winter and ride the highcountry
  3. cafehusky.com is your best resource for any WR related issues, the guys in the States are really knowledgable and they love their WRs over there. Unlike our racist aussie krew
  4. Ive still got the Au with same towbar and have thought of this also, my trailer is a pro built one and bloody heavy But Ive come to the conclusion its not worth it, youd have to change towbar to the square one and no one wants your old one as there are heaps around. Bikes are much safer on the trailer and realistically Ive just driven down to melbourne again from sydney with out the trailer the difference in fuel is probably 50 bucks at most Falcons are awesum they dont care what they tow just drink a bit more
  5. Ive just put the front end from a YZ 250 on it and now its much more dirt capable. I can load it with as much gear as I want and It will do 300km on a 14litre tank regardless of how I ride it
  6. Heres my Terra 650 complete with top case for work duties, Im in the process of upgrading the suspension, YZ front end modified and almost ready to go on and an ohlins or similiar planned for the rear.
  7. I agree its seems a bit breakback but then again Im stuck in a shop in Sydney during the weekends
  8. http://www.bahtsold.com/view/kawasaki-kdx-250-2-stroke-40-hp-only-invoice-paper--221879 Saw this for sale in Thailand, Ive got a place over there and thought itd make a great little rice paddy ripper. Only thing is it may be a bit of a bitch to kick over in the thongs after 6 beers
  9. Just love watching a vid from a WR perspective, those sweet Husky 2T tones Im taking mine out tomorrow Cruiser - it looks like we are both 1964 gifts to the world is yours 250 or 300? I gotta get back to Victoria
  10. Ive got a Terra 650 - its my daily ride - adv bikes are way kool. I got a 650 because you cant really pick anything bigger up if it falls over on anything other than a road, Ive had it for a couple of years and I dont think Ill ever part with it.
  11. WR300 with stock Mikuni carb and JD jetting kit 9.5 l tank well done in 80kms Didn't want a bigger tank which are ugly for the husky and who wants to carry more gas anyway ? so bought a Lectron carb from the states Heaps better fuel economy and performance everywhere, I haven't tried to run it out but would be confident 100kms really night and day difference so yeah sorting out the fuelling is much better than carrying more fuel
  12. Cant see how the KTM Stefan Pierer, could resist that one for the monopoly
  13. S12 on the front for NSW everyone uses this tyre and last vist to the Vic was great in da slop
  14. Thats what you get for helping huh?
  15. ausricknz


    Ive got a few pptys in NZ which are just coming good so Im selling this year. Overseas investments can be good, just ask any chinaman who is buying up Sydney. NZ has no stamp duty and no real capital gains tax, cash-flow neutral pptys are the norm and yes you can claim the income and depreciation on your Aussie tax affairs.
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