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  1. Hi Mick I'm curious, to what Noods had on the rear when you say piss off the intermediate tyre. I have been running a sc5 medium on rear of the 300rr, seems ok but just put a new mx3s on and haven't been out yet want to see what the difference will be. Cheers Gary Oh by the way Sicko is very happy with the 18 3fiddy he got from you.
  2. Ah the old 2.5ers era.............they were the best days ever and the banter was the best, that was a long time ago
  3. Bloody Ktm....all good as long as its a 2t have fun mate
  4. ha ha ha ha you hit the nail on the head there Scottie
  5. Are my eyes playing tricks or is that a Lectron carb on your bike Mev
  6. Good Luck to the guys who have entered this event. Hope you do well and give the international raiders a hard time.
  7. Hi Dann That is happening a lot mate 2 years ago I was made redundant from my job with a pay out and was back there 3 months later as a contractor working for someone else but doing same job. its nuts in my opinion,
  8. Thanks Geoffro much apprieciated
  9. Funny stuff, I will leave it to you and Mick to stir it up. But it doesn't matter what you ride, its about getting out there and mixing it up with ya mates, that's what its all about.
  10. Hi bud your problem will be the crimp clamps as mentioned above. They are on the thermostat mainly as not a lot of room where its located. Remove them and replace with proper ones and all good. I did mine as soon as I got the bike home from Raceline. Love the subtle ribbing between brands above...ha ha
  11. If your going to replace the clutch pack make sure you replace the clutch hub damping rubbers as well mate. For sure they will be knackered.
  12. I'm thinking of grabbing one of these as a second steed. What do you think of them Geoffro? They are a really nice looking bike
  13. picked up an Airoh Aviator 2.2 Le Cairoli limited edition last week from a guy around the corner from me on ebay for 500 bucks, really nice helmet and light, didn't know I had it on. considering they are 950 bucks here in the shops I thought I snared a good deal he only wore it for half an hour
  14. If it was me I would be taking it back to the mechanic to sort it out. If the mechanic knows you have been playing with it he might wash his hands of the problem. Just my 2 cents worth
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