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  1. Thank you Fab for a great day. When I say a great day, I mean a punch in the gutz! But a good punch in the gutz! I found out that my newly acquired skills (weight gain and laziness) did not help me at all today. Was hoping my last 6 months of training (lock down) would come in useful,. What a big ride for a first ride back. Yes Kmatts warm up loop had us doing hill climbs 2 minutes in. Then the day got soooooo much bigger. Great group, great weather, great tracks. What more could I ask for. Thanks all for being a part of it. Love you long time, Cheers n beers, Brian.
  2. Oh I wish this competition was still going! Maybe we could have an ongoing one but just for fun (with no prizes). Just for the ongoing interesting places that the stickers would end up.
  3. That was an awesome days riding. Thanks Roland for the lead around some very nice tracks. Yes the rain added some grease factor early on which just kept our reflexes on full alert. I think I seen most get caught in a greasy situation (including me several times). The day started with some early challenges which warmed us up and the later trackes had a bit more pace. Excelent bunch of DirtriderZ to spend the day with. After Rolands ride ended, Dann and Eric decided to show a few of us that I was not as energetic as I had been making out. The rocky creek was a workout and the hill
  4. Woke up 20 minutes late and started watching the clock as I prepared. Rushing around is never good as you no doubt forget something. Left 10 minutes later than I would have liked but shouldn't be too late. The usual stop at the servo for last minute drinks, food and a chance for the last "comfy" toilet break. Headed down the Calder and set my cruise at max to keep good time. Watching the clock instead of other usefull displays, I missed my turn (&#$*....*^%$#). the next turn felt like 50 km away, probably 8. My GPS went into "we'll get you there another way" mode. Still watching
  5. Hi Geoffro, where do I get the payment details. Not sure if I missed something....... Cheers.
  6. Lol, ok then. Good luck ha ha.
  7. Thanks mate, yeah doin ok thanks. Hope I'm not too late for a shirt!
  8. Hi Geoffro, I'd like to order a men's XL in black please.
  9. 2011 ktm 300 exc and loving it ..... A bit of a learning curve after riding a 450 for 8 years but starting to really gell with it.
  10. Well Dissa is a bit of a favorite for me as it is the closest to home. I do it a lot and know my way around. Thought I would get no surprises today but was pleasantly surprised (may be it should be called Mt pleasant). Fab's ride today bought a smile to my dial in so many ways. Lots of nice tracks and plenty of hills. Really beginning to gel with the new stead and finding it a pleasure to muster around the tight stuff and up the hills. A couple of minor mishaps today, one loss of front brakes (followed by loss of rear!). Good job by the way getting through that trail with no front brakes.
  11. Thanks for the lead around CV, and thanks to sweep for sweeping all day! I have never seen so many blue bikes on one ride! 5 yamahas out of 9 bikes. Although the 3 bike with slight issues were also blue. Small text cos I said it under my breath as one was mine. Never been up that way and have for a long time wanting to jump on one of your rides. Glad I did, there were some very nice tracks covered. Nice cruizy ride that flowed pretty well. Not too dusty, only on the fire trails but not bad. Some of those tracks made you work for it which mad it a bit of fun. That middle bit through t
  12. Maybe you could sell your house. Homeless people still need their eyes protected when they ride. Seriously Daz, they are yours! My missus bought me some not long ago so these would be spares. Better off protecting some homeless families father so he can keep his eyes in good condition! Maybe best not to sell the house just yet and use these for now..... Merry Christmas mate. P.S. I just noticed that was your 666 message. Hope that was really you talking.......
  13. Daz. just noticed. The goggles are yours mate. Next ride I see you on, Ill bring em along.