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  1. kbuxx

    "Spin Hill" - Spring hill 14 Jul

    Big thanks to Fab for posting this ride. I hadn't been on the bike for 11 weeks so really needed to get out. White crispy ground was in my view the whole drive and I could see that it was going to be cool and slippery. Slippery is un understatement as every single log, root, rock were there waiting to attack its prey, waiting for it's next meal. Spring Hill swallowed my stand spring about half way through, then it dawned on me where we were. I should have known to bring a spare to feed to the hungry "spring hill". Big thanks to Cujo for sweeping up our mess and big thanks to centralVic for "unrecoverable erroring" our mess. From all the Fab rides I have been on, this was my pic. Good group, nice tracks. Cheers n beers, Brian. Love you long time.
  2. kbuxx

    Dustys Dissa what a Pissa

    That left eye is top dog now, twice as important as its ever been.
  3. kbuxx

    Kmatts grouse Greendale

    I guess it felt even worse when you were offering me fuel and I was telling you this is my all time favourite. Imagine how much worse it would have felt if I took your fuel as well
  4. kbuxx

    Kmatts grouse Greendale

    Now your just showing off mate, I refill and struggle to make 70km, your not playing with a full tank and get over 80!
  5. kbuxx

    Kmatts grouse Greendale

    Thanks Matt for posting up what turned out to be my favourite ride ever. Now I did see Marko's lip quiver when I mentioned that this was my favourite ride, but other that Matt leading, Marko did as well so no need for any Quiver Marko, you were apart of it. Thanks Matt (and Marko) for leading and to Browny and crusty for sweeping. I was afraid that I would not have enough fuel and Matt indicated that he would send me home before my fuel time was up. I did decide to carry a litre and a half so I got a little bit more riding time. Unfortunately, the extra fuel I carried was enough to get me to the furthest away from the cars that we were going to be. In good dirtriderZ spirit, I started to get offers of fuel from some of the guys which took all my concerns away. I'm so glad that I went and was lead around some of the best tracks I have ever seen. We concurred many hills, awesome flowing tracks and the pace was good. Once I hit reserve (my bike did too), I ran out of water and it wasn't long before some hand cramps started to occur. Fixxy and I headed back to the cars and 70km all up with the extra fuel I carried, Browny turned up 20 minutes later while the rest went exploring. I am envious. envious of all the guys having a bikes that can go the distance and envious of the guys that can just keep going. Great day, great tracks, and a great bunch. Till next time, Love you long time. Cheers n beers, Brian.
  6. kbuxx

    Marko's Marauders Maul Spring Hill 14/4

    Thanks Marko for the lead around Spring hill and Cujo for sweeping up our mess. What a great piece of bush that is. I am definitely returning, maybe when the tracks are not flowing like rivers. I also considered pulling out but am so glad that I didn't. The pace was good and the tracks were prime with grip slowly decreasing as the day went on. One hill had 4 of the 6 struggling with pushes and pulls required. It help every one get warm! No issues through the day ........... until I hit reserve at 50km, then I was forced to chuck in the towel for the day and 2 followed me back to the cars. I really have to fix that thirsty bike issue! The day started out dry, a bit of drizzle after half an hour, then rain, then heavier rain, then it got heavier as I was attempting to pack up, it bucketed down. Great to see a couple of new faces and see some familiar ones. Good group, good tracks, what more could you ask for. Till next time, Love you long time. Cheers n beers, Brian.
  7. kbuxx

    Dakota's Cobaw 3+ (+ what, a million)

    ?? Is that legit Yes it is.
  8. kbuxx

    Dakota's Cobaw 3+ (+ what, a million)

    This is a graph of the level of excitement of the ride today. Just encase you needed proof of how awesome the day was......
  9. Wow, I mean OW, just kidding I really mean WOW, I'm not kidding it's OW, but in a WOW way. Thanks Dakota for the lead around Cobaw. It is definitely my favourite forest. I forgot how fit you need to be to (1) do Cobaw and (2) follow Dakota. Although I think he has increased the difficulty of Cobaw with out telling anyone. Did I mention WOW, friggin amazing place. One dude had to straighten his brake lever several times. Another dude had his chain going on the out side of his chain guide (could you imagine). Another dude fell off more time in the first hour than I have ever seen. One or more of those dudes may or may not be me........ :-) I need an emoji with red cheeks. A big thanks to sweeps for sweeping up after us, I mean me. Tiny had an early off and had to depart. You can't do that Tiny, you're my tow truck and ambulance............ I started cramping after 35-ish KM and decided that I was going to pull a sicky and not be there for the remainder of the ride. Once the cramps start, you just can't control the bike. If any of you know Cobaw, that is the wrong place to not be in control. Have I mentioned OW. Great to meet some familiar faces and see some new as well. All good riders, I can't believe how fit you all are. Mental note, have to be fit for Cobaw. Or will Cobaw will make me fitter. Oh the Cobaw paradox Thanks all for a great (half) day. One more ..... WOW Cheers n beers, love you long time, Brian.
  10. kbuxx

    Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Thanks guys.
  11. kbuxx

    Training Day at Wombat

    Thanks Fab for sharing some stuff that you have learnt from the pro him self and also for leading us around some awesome tracks in Wombat. It's sometimes good to back off the pace and work on technique, I probably should do that more often. Unfortunately due to the "Chinese Whispers" (Birch to Fab to me to .....) my advise to people will be a totally obscured and incorrect but hilarious to watch. Perfect weather and conditions with plenty of grip. Thanks to Daniel and Fab for sharing sweep. WTF you say, Fab was lead? Also thanks to the camera crew (CV) that were ready to capture any note worthy events and show our moments. Great to meet some new faces and collect a potential new member along the way. Good day, good group, good weather, what more could a Dirtrider ask for on a Satdy. Cheers n beer, Brian.
  12. kbuxx

    Dissa, perfect first ride for 2017

    Between Kurnster and Orangeboy's +1, I don't think any of us can ever complain about anything ever again ........... ever. Totally correct Nathan when you say "respect" (and I feel the need to add some funny hand gesture where I tap my chest with a fist and then point). I'm not sure which is bigger, my being impressed with riding with such big injuries or my disappointment that I can never whinge about any minor problems that I have.
  13. kbuxx

    Dissa, perfect first ride for 2017

    What a day, Thanks 2T for the lead, to the sweeps for cleaning up behind us, and Marko for the great pics. Nice to meet a few new faces and catch up with some familiar ones. Plenty of moisture today which makes for an interesting fight with angled logs. I say logs but to be honest some were so small that you wouldn't even notice them in the dry, ok some were sticks. Today those "logs" were making me smell the dirt way too often. The drizzle in the morning had me constantly fighting with my goggles but there was no dust and plenty of grip (except the slippery sticks, I mean "logs"). The cooler temperature was great. Wasn't sure I would last but I think 60km was the perfect distance for me today. What a great start to 2017. Thank you all for the great day. Cheers n beers. Brian.
  14. This has been my worst year for riding so I am usually busting at the seams to get dirty. Daniel offered an easy going level 2 ride around Tallarook. Pft, level 2 my AS if. I think we all know that DC and level 2 are never in the same sentence (except this one). I was only going out for half the day because my daughter has decided to increase her age today of all days. As she was going to play horses today I decided to play bikes. Unfortunately she cancelled at the last minute and now I feel guilty for playing bikes on her birthday. It started off well with me being sweep and then getting a flat rear within 10 minutes. I said to the guys I'm out, got a flat and I'm going home. But no that was not acceptable and the DirtriderZ machine just started the cogs turning and before I knew it I was back in business (I have to get me one of those machines) thanks guys. On top of my 10KG back pack I need to carry an esky for such occasions. Off we went to test the puncture repair and did Daniel find the right tracks to do just that. I was happy to remain off the rim so good to proceed. Covered some tracks I have not seen (or it's been that long I have forgotten) and started feeling good as (that's right I have a birthday girl at home that I need to feel guilty about) I had to call it a day. All the logs, rocks, hills, rocky hills and hilly rocks and some rocky logs, I get 1 Km from the car and decide that the flat road was going to be the best time to fall off. I had plenty of chances to do so before but flat track 2 minutes from home base....... go figure. Well if things happen in threes I'm now safe (guilty dad, flat rear and a stack near the cars) few. The guys all head off for their second half of the ride and I attempt to pack up. a small gap in the top of my bag and NO KEYS! Holy crap could I think of a better thing to be amongst my possible options, I am glad that you asked but no I could not. I attempt to call my wife and have "Emergency calls only" thrust upon me. I learnt that weird body positions help a lot in this situation and eventually got through. After giving in depth instructions to find me, I had an hour to wait and see if my instructions were accurate. Seems as though I had an hour to kill, I decided to go see if my keys were where the DirtriderZ machine was operating on my rear wheel. But no they were not to be seen. Seems as though the ride to find my keys was so much fun, I decided to keep going till my spare key magically appeared at my car. So I had a longer ride than I was initially allocated. My key turned up, the guys returned from their ride and we all had a laugh at my eventful day. I do have an impatient daughter waiting, my wife and mother just left (after delivering my key to the middle of nowhere) and announced to me that I would be right behind them. Then Mr HXshagonWagon offered beer, HELL YES I say. We all then left on or merry way to drink more beer (at home) and enjoy the fact that eventful days like this do not grace our life very often. Oh yeah, my air con decided to play funny buggers on the way home too, just to let me know that I can not let my guard down just yet. Some would say shit happens, some would say what a bad day, I say I had an awesome day and am just so lucky to have this DirtriderZ machine, and my wife to make such an eventful day still be enjoyable. And on top of all that, I got to ride an extra hour and a half more than my allocated allowance. Maybe this was apart of my plan to get extra seat time, maybe not. So if you find some keys around the awesome Tallarook, let me know. Thanks again to everyone for the great day. Cheers n beers, Happy new year to you all. Brian.
  15. kbuxx

    Mt dissa 27/11 kxf450

    Sorry I couldn't make it KX450f. Found out too late that I had stuff to do............. Hope you all had a great day.