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  1. Hi fro we got our order and couldn't be happier with the hoodies comfy and warm Thanks again mate
  2. Thanks heaps fro ! Your the best !
  3. Hi fro sorry to be a nag but do you know when my order will turn up ?
  4. I cant wait for mine to turn up
  5. Thanks heaps fro your awesome
  6. Hi dirtriderz crew I hope all are awesome! Just wanting to know dud the Jersey company give an ETA for delivery??
  7. Hi fro check your inbox
  8. Sorry can I change the 2xl black / orange to a 4xl black / orange please . Sorry to be a pain
  9. Hi fro Can I add 1 more to my list 1x adult 2xl black / orange Thanks mate
  10. Hi fro / dirtriderz awesome admin Can I please get the following 1x adult medium black aqua 1x adult large black / light blue ( in picture bottom row 2nd from the right) 1 x 2xl adult black / light blue ( in picture bottom row 2nd from the right) 1 x large adult gun metal / aqua 1 x xl adult gun metal / aqua Thank you fro You guys are awesome Thank you Mr noodles
  11. farnsy


    Hows it looking fro? Do u reckon we can get some hoodies? Or not enough interest?