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  1. Hi fro Sorry to bother you but would you know when the jackets will be sent out Cheers mate
  2. Hi fro can I get 2 more jacketx please Black xl times 2 Please fro
  3. All paid fro $406.55 in your account
  4. Hi fro Can I have 4 black jackets 1 x 3xl 1x xl 2 x large I believe that comes up to 392 for jackets Is the postage per jacket or can you do a bulk postage price ?? As soon as you confirm mate I will pay Cheers fro Best regards Farnsy
  5. Wow fro the jackets look alright ! I'd be on the fence with this one mate the jackets look and read good but I love the hoodies I have got in the past I'm 50/50 on both hard decisions
  6. Any demo pics fro ? If they will keep the cold out id by at least 4 maybe 5
  7. Me and my family will get 4 hoodies if that's the way everyone votes. Do you have any idea what the jackets will be made of fro?
  8. I got my t shirts today fro ! Thanks heaps they are awesome
  9. I'm happy with logo on front and picture on the back fro
  10. 10 black ladies 12 black ladies 16 white ladies Xxx black mens
  11. Hi fro can I get a ladies medium black a ladies medium small black a ladies large white and a guys xxl black
  12. Hi fro we got our order and couldn't be happier with the hoodies comfy and warm Thanks again mate