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  1. Midnight. Yeah might have to watch the repeats
  2. Top stuff Life of Loam!
  3. The genie is out of the bottle, and it isn't going back in. One google video search later on one single forest. Even if there was a self-imposed or community code of conduct, and a banning on ZERO future content, this material will still exist and continue to grow by those ignoring such rules. It's not enforceable on any meaningful scale.
  4. I've got an exciting solution to that Marko! EXCLUSIVE preview of my upcoming video - it's a thrilling compilation of my favorite transport sections!!! Sorry, it's how i deal with things.
  5. Just to clarify SG67, this debate is probably more about community self-moderation than any environmental group pressure (although discussion stemmed from a paper assessing land management in the west - see here : LINK ) The crux of the discussion is : some "vocal leaders" in the community believe others shouldn't share pics and videos of certain things because it can be used as evidence to close down areas. I don't believe there's much weight in this, but it's quite a difficult case to argue if you're clearly doing the wrong thing. Essentially videos should only contain private property, race tracks or fire trails. Pretty dull viewing I reckon. I've asked Noods to delete my video thread here ( 12,000 views ) so as to be seen we're doing the right thing. Small steps.