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  1. Property Investment

    Even with a 40% retracement, i'd still be happy if i bought mid 2017!
  2. Property Investment

    BTC co-founder has sold as his crypto : http://www.theage.com.au/business/markets/bitcoin-as-good-as-useless-says-bitcoin-com-co-founder-20171218-p4yxty.html
  3. Property Investment

    Might be risk averse, but that particular wager is safe as houses Good analogy. It has beer in it.
  4. Property Investment

    KEYWORDS : Almost / Soon. Bit halfhearted mate, or still convincing yourself that the sky has already fallen ? Background : FullySick bet me a six pack of excellent craft beer that the housing bubble would dramatically pop in 2017 and all ensuing chaos would occur (think mass unemployment, widespread bankruptcies, soup lines). Pretty sure we're not seeing this yet mate, but you've still got two months for armageddon!
  5. Wildwood is next Sunday (29 Oct)

    Why the Brownballs of course, on his gelati coloured Beta. This will surely turn heads!
  6. Otway Magic

    Cheers mate - i really think the difference between an okay edit and great one is time invested. If you're not feeling an edit, or it's too long, walk away and come back refreshed and ready to be brutal with your cutting. And spend the time on it that it needs to be awesome. There's no way around it - good edits take a reasonable amount of time investment.
  7. Otway Magic

    Thanks Darren! Great idea, I'm sure we could cut together a high culture version though! The soulful, jazzy tones of Norah juxtaposed with hedonistic bogans crashing dirtbikes would certainly elicit a polarising response from the masses... /artwank Can't wait for the next trip mate! I was gonna slo-mo it, but it's already kinda slo-mo! Definitely giggle worthy!
  8. Otway Magic

    I'm fashionably late to this ride report but it's been well handled so far! Once again many thanks to Ratfinke for being a generous host, and to Riles, Brownballs, Cujo and Kmatt for a top weekend on the bikes. Agree it was pretty refreshing to solve lifes problems over a few reds and conversation instead of the usual discussions about thin tyre carcassess and moose vs tubliss. YMMV. Here's what the ride looked like from the cockpit of a beta 350
  9. Agree with all of that. It remains to be seen what the discussion paper on forest users looks like. Is it about locking bikes and 4wds out, or about land uses like mining and logging. Too early to tell but we can all speculate!!
  10. Romaniacs - Live stream

    Would you give that a crack Cluffie? Not sure I'd have the balls.
  11. Romaniacs - Live stream

    Midnight. Yeah might have to watch the repeats
  12. Crazy Aussies take on Romaniacs (Video)

    Top stuff Life of Loam!
  13. The genie is out of the bottle, and it isn't going back in. One google video search later on one single forest. Even if there was a self-imposed or community code of conduct, and a banning on ZERO future content, this material will still exist and continue to grow by those ignoring such rules. It's not enforceable on any meaningful scale.
  14. I've got an exciting solution to that Marko! EXCLUSIVE preview of my upcoming video - it's a thrilling compilation of my favorite transport sections!!! Sorry, it's how i deal with things.
  15. Just to clarify SG67, this debate is probably more about community self-moderation than any environmental group pressure (although discussion stemmed from a paper assessing land management in the west - see here : LINK ) The crux of the discussion is : some "vocal leaders" in the community believe others shouldn't share pics and videos of certain things because it can be used as evidence to close down areas. I don't believe there's much weight in this, but it's quite a difficult case to argue if you're clearly doing the wrong thing. Essentially videos should only contain private property, race tracks or fire trails. Pretty dull viewing I reckon. I've asked Noods to delete my video thread here ( 12,000 views ) so as to be seen we're doing the right thing. Small steps.