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  1. faultline


    Aussie house prices record sharpest increase since 2003 : ABC LINK So many tree changers still make houses a good investment eh @FullySick
  2. faultline


    Indeed it's very interesting, and yeah it's much like unions too I guess. Now that the "poors" have highlighted flaws in the system and beat them at their own game, I'm sure they'll change the rules so it can't be done again. Also see that scene from Pixars Bugs Life or this NSFW sweary George Carlin comedy bit (language warning)
  3. faultline


    In other news, I was struggling to understand the GameStonk vs hedgefund situation that's all over the news, but this explained it simply enough for me.
  4. faultline


    I'm still waiting for him to pay up on a 6pack bet for 2019 housing market collapse but the goal posts keep moving Tightest oligarch ever.
  5. faultline


    What's ya current take on property @FullySick ? Same, consistent prediction you've had for the last 5 years?
  6. And it was awesome. Cheers to the C&W crew for a great but steamy day on the trails. Great seeing you Melbourne folk again, if only briefly See ya all soon!
  7. That's still a funny watch Adventures were almost the same mate, how good is larrys. Come to think of it, the funniest part of this whole ride was Scottland wasn't even on a bike...
  8. Final day of riding Lake Toba. I think this is where Chris W received his nickname "Water Buffalo" You'll see why https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6phG7WruO2Y
  9. Really enjoyed this series! Great viewing mate. Teeing up a tour @Scottland ? Could almost twist my arm
  10. Finally caught up with the boys for an awesome 80km day on the bikes yesterday. @Marko_FE250 led us around some superb trails with a mostly DirtriderZ crew I think. Conditions were great though could have used some fresher tyres. @Ghost Rider was hitting all the big hills in preparation for his first Wildwood outing this November. Rider #417 if you're keen to follow his assent to becoming an enduro god. Finished the ride off with some cheese, wine and smoked trout provided by @riles. 10/10 day out, big thanks to all the boys and great seeing you all again during these weird time
  11. faultline


    Market prophet and apex predator @FullySick must have some advice to profit on others misfortune?
  12. How productive is everyone else going during this lockdown thing? Here's Day 2 : SUMATRA Medan to Lake Toba. We make our way down to the lake, ride the hills around Parapat the ferry across to the island. Also in this episde: The Water Buffalo aka @Ghost Rider aka Wyman decides to steal the show with crashes and flossing.
  13. The two 350s feel quite similar, until they don't :D. So a 15 Beta vs 19 Kato : suspension on the Kato is light years ahead, Scotty had them set up properly and installed a Trax shock. It's very very nice and can take big hits without spitting me off. Beta is still original forks and suspension with a few clicks here and there, not a pro setup. It's adequate but not impressive. I was having big success up rocky sections on the ktm where I probably didn't deserve to Kato definitely has a little bit more power, both have had top end rebuilds but possibly the Beta is just
  14. When wet, pack up and head to the villa for more cheese and wine.
  15. Cheers Ohmygewd. We'll be back on the trails in no time, though I'll be choosing somewhere a bit less hectic for my return