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  1. Next time for sure, I remember one on the ride a couple of years ago that no-one made it up aswell, was on a tighter track and a few of us had some failed attempts before turning around
  2. Great ride Pete, the first half of the day was all fun technical trails but then when it was just the three of us left things got a bit more serious... Cruiser turned to me and pointed out that if I had to pull out of the ride for any reason then it would only be the old fellas that make it to the end. After that I new I had to finish but Pete was pointing me at all the crazy hills he could find. I managed to get through the power line hills without too many issues (except the last 10m of powerline I just couldn't get a clean run so had to push the last bit) The loose hill got me in the end. My worn out gummy Tyre wasn't getting any drive and after zig zagging my way up 100m or so and still not being able to see the end of the hill I figured I better give my clutch a rest. I had that chain on for a month or 2 and it seemed fine but I think you're right, it was too wide so it slowly wore the clip down until it came off.
  3. haha, yep still blue but the french variety nowadays. i had an 04 wr 250 previously. I dont know about unstoppable, my flogged out extreme tyre was good on the technical stuff but i didnt get far on bashplate hill, pretty sure the other guys beat me there
  4. Awesome ride! Thanks Pete for organising and most importantly for bringing the sausages. Guerney led us on some great tracks, lots of hills, rocks and even one track that turned into a waterfall. Petes brake pin fix was impressive, i would have just given up and gone without brakes... Stickmans track at the end was a good challenge. That was me on the powerline track Noodle, i think we passed each other a few times trying to reach the top. it just kept on going and when we approached the top it was just a bit to steep and rocky. luckily i found a sneaky line off to the side, just had to get over a sharp ledge and then i was at the top. Glad i jumped on this ride at the last minute, good bunch of blokes and Mt cole was definitely worth the trip.
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