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  1. I have one of these, bought it brand new in 2012, black rims, probably the same as yours as they didn't change em after 2012 I think. Couldn't get used to it til I changed a couple of things, suspension mods made a big difference. Fitted a pro circuit muffler on it which settled the bottom end down a bit. After that it's been awesome, done nearly 4000 ks hasn't missed a beat, haven't even done the valves yet as the bike starts and runs the same as when it was new. I've done a lot of high country riding with this bike and is very comfortable. Awesome in river crossings, great all round trail bike
  2. Hey biggie I was on the ktm 350, mark yz put me in as a late inclusion as his plus one and I probably forgot to introduce myself. Catch up on another ride. Cheers.
  3. Hey sg67 sorry about that, didn't mean it. Although I reckon we are even as you got me a ripper when I was just about to overtake you. Haha. All good mate.
  4. Go the honda crf450x great trail bike, all rounder you'll probably get a later model for your money than the Wr and they are very reliable, easy to work on, oils and filters that's it. I have one and it's been super good.
  5. That was one of the best rides I've done, plenty of steep hills, didn't realize how Much single track was up there, gnarly tracks some of those downhills went forever. Loved every minute of it, really well organized Habs and crew, the group flowed really well. Til next time. Cheers.
  6. Thanks Marko that was a top ride & a good bunch of blokes, I've never ridden the area before so it was all new to me, loved the tracks, bit of everything, highlight for me was the fella in the six day kato flipping the bike right in front of me, sorry can't remember his name but that was a ripper. I'll be on another one of these rides. Thanks again to everyone cheers.
  7. Better stay overnight in dargo then return via different tracks the next day, at least that way u can do some worthwhile tracks rather than just main road stuff. Heaps of good tracks around bright,