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  1. 100% agree with Geoffro. I've led quite a few rides and had guys not turn up, not answering concerned calls of "where are you/are you ok?" or even comprehend why I was pissed at them for the poor communication/etiquette. They never ride with me again.
  2. Thanks Olly, I had the workshop manual and parts diagrams which helped. I used a bunch of cheap storage trays to keep the parts in order and labelled each one so I knew how to put the parts back in the right place. No parts left over!
  3. After fixing up 2 TE449's I picked up a 2011 SMR511 with a blown engine in early December. It ran however the big end was making loud noises and there were metal filings in the oil screens. about 2mm of play in the conrod bearing... This won't buff out. I was worried about having to get the cylinder replated. I wasn't sure whether it was deposited aluminium from the piston or scoring of the cylinder wall. It turns out that Nikasil is much harder than hardened steel fragments! The cylinder came up perfect after a professional diamond hone. It was sti
  4. Great video Bruce! Thanks for sharing. I loved the ooh's, ah's and "woah woah woah" commentary.
  5. What a cracker of a day! The anticipation for my first ride out of lockdown was at an all time high. I was awake at 3:40am, 4:30am and 5:05am, shit scared that my alarm wouldn't work and I would be running late. I jumped out of bed at 5:15am and got ready for my first Level 3 ride since March. I had managed to squeeze in two rides in June at Neerim but they were level 2 and had about a dozen blokes tagging along. I picked up Brad and headed for Yarra Glen to meet up with the other guys. The six of us arrived around 8:15am at the unload point and geared up. We were in for a warm
  6. I would check the 12V supply on the starter motor post and it's ground with a multimeter. That will tell you if it's getting 12V. If so, it could be a worn/stuck armature brush not making contact. It's hard to tell what is from the video - it sounds like something is loose. Does the bike start if you kick it or push start it? That should rule out other electrical issues.
  7. Looks mint! Job well done.
  8. Soooooo good to watch the Gold class riders in action.
  9. That looks awesome! Thanks for sharing.
  10. I had another thought... You mentioned the PO made it overfuel. Did he muck around with the factory ECU mapping or install a piggyback (such as PowerCommander,GET or Athena)? Maybe get a Honda dealer to reset the ECU back to factory settings (ignition timing curve and fuel maps).
  11. I would double check the camshaft timing (engine at top dead centre) and check cam alignment marks. Recheck valve clearances and do a compression test to verify no valve seat sealing issues. Also check the flywheel/stator nut is tight and the key is not sheared. If the flywheel has moved it will throw the timing out. The hissing sound may be from an exhaust valve auto decompressor (if it has one - I’m not familiar with Honda’s).
  12. Nice work Joel! Great to see the kids helping as well. I imagine many happy memories of family camping ahead.
  13. Short answer is no. There's not much available at present.
  14. Great work on the resto. The red colour looks rad!