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  1. Short answer is no. There's not much available at present.
  2. Great work on the resto. The red colour looks rad!
  3. p.s. The left radiator doesn't leak!
  4. Next up was to service the forks, fit the new seat (thanks Mario@Topline), do an oil and filter change, grease the brake caliper sliders, set the sag, handlebar and lever position and give her a clean. All that is left to do now is wait for lockdown to be over...
  5. After a few hours of head scratching I found the front brake switch and flash relay have the same style of connector. I swapped them over and now the front brake switch works and the rear stop light no longer flashes - yay!
  6. Onto the headlight and horn issue. The wiring had been sliced up to run the low beam off the side light. A quick check found the 15A fuse by the instrument cluster was open circuit. Not blown, but broken and not visibly faulty. I replaced the fuse and ordered some new connectors on eBay to repair the loom. This introduced a new and interesting issue. When the engine was running the rear brake light would flash. Time for another beer and to look over the wiring diagrams and check the loom for short circuits or poor earth connections.
  7. The bike tipped off the scissor jack whilst I was working on it so I went shopping for a proper bike lift table. Plenty of room to hold the bike, tools and your beer at waist height.
  8. The lower headstem bearing was farnuckled. Luckily for me I used to have a TE310 husky so had plenty of spare bearings and seals. Replaced it and re-assembled.
  9. After: I hope it doesn't leak now.
  10. Time to crack open a beer, hide my hammers and think about how to fix the radiator. I used an old bracket, 6 inch nail and made a wood former to give me leverage behind the bent part. Then I used a selection of pullers, a big vice and a slide hammer to persuade it back into shape. Nope. I dropped the seat into him on the way home.
  11. Initial diagnosis: The left radiator is "pretzeled" Front wheel bearings need replacing. Swingarm bearings need replacing. The horn, high beam and front brake switch don't work.
  12. There is a bright side to not being able to ride. It's an excuse to spend more time in the garage. I picked up (another) TE449 just before lockdown to give me something to tinker with. The bike was in good nick however I was keen to get out the spanners and give it a once over.
  13. I have the small scissor jack with wheels. It's great to lift the bike to a better height to work on. I have a seat on wheels that makes it's easier to move around the bike. The down side is the bike tips over forward if I remove the rear wheel and swingarm. I've just bought a hydraulic lift table to add to the garage as I can tie the bike down (front or rear) and work on my road bike with it. I also bought a small scissor jack to support the road bike without squashing the exhaust pipes.
  14. @jono1973 Did you use any slime in the low pressure section? If not, it's highly recommended. Bright green slime has the added advantage of making it easy to find any leaks or punctures.
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