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  1. 2014 TE300 Happy. Had TSP mod the head and rejet the carby, now very happy. (smoother and better fuel economy)
  2. I've ordered some sets of brake pads. Cheers for the special deal!
  3. It's tempting but will attract thieves. I would keep it clean.
  4. https://riskracing.com/pages/lock-n-load or https://riskracing.com/pages/lock-n-load-pro These are another option. The downsides are having to store them somewhere if removed and I've found a two stroke expansion chamber is too wide to easily roll in. You have to lift the bike a little to get it over the clamps.
  5. @cruiser A mate of mine found these for his toyhauler tiedowns. https://finelinefabrications.com.au/products/bike-binderz-l-track-dirt-bike-kit
  6. Yeah. Closer to his home.
  7. I’ve used SPMX in Koo Wee Rup for engine and suspension rebuilds. Very happy with their work.
  8. I’d suggest a 150cc 2 stroke would be perfect. I reckon we put on a ride (when we can) with a few of the guys with 150, 250 and 300cc bikes and you can try them all to see which one suits you.
  9. How many years have you been riding for ? 10 What was your very first bike ? 2009 TE310 Husky What is your current bike ? 2014 TE300, 2011 TE449 and 2019 Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 twin. Do you have a childhood bike you would like to buy and restore ? ( if yes, what is it ? ) No, but I'm looking for a 25+ year old project bike (air cooled BMW R or K, or Japanese 4 cylinder) to turn into a Scrambler. Are you a 2 stroke or 4 stroke person ? 2 stroke for enduro and 4 stroke for the high country. Where was your favorite forum ride ?The annual multi level ride at Mt Disappointment. What is your favorite forum memory ? It's "the vibe" of the whole thing. The people you meet, riding new tracks, having a laugh and being laughed at... How many years have you been a forum member for ? 7-8 years Have you made any/many good friendships via the forum ? Plenty. What would you like to see as part of the forum in the future ? More rides, more multi-day rides, maybe leading some training days to help others safely improve their skills, shed days where mates bring their bikes over to repair and maintain them followed by a BBQ and a few bevvies. When this COVID thing is under control over I'm going to Gough's Bay for a week!
  10. Hi Macca, The linkage (3 hole assembly) should fall out of the swingarm. Give it a little gentle help with a block of wood and a rubber mallet. As far as the bearings, each one has a cylindrical roller with end caps. They don't just slide out. Use a right angled pick tool to pull the ends off so you can clean and re-grease each bearing. Here's a new one assembled. Disassembled: And showing the internal ridge that you grab with a pick so you can remove the end cap to get it out of the linkage: Some of the roller bearings have cages to stop the needles falling out, some don't so be prepared by working on a tray on your workbench. I would also check your swingarm bearings while you are at it. I'm happy to do a FaceTime chat to help you if you want. Cheers, Phil
  11. He's great. I've used him for my suspension and engine work a few times. He said that quite a few jobs were being cancelled so if your bike needs some work, do the guys at SPMX a favour and get it sorted so your bike is ready for when we can ride again!
  12. Hi lads, My 2014 TE300 was sounding like a bag of marbles recently (215hrs) so I spent some time in the man cave removing the engine and sent it off to SPMX for a full rebuild. I received it back today and found the problem. The big end crankpin was stuffed. Now I get to self isolate in the garage to put the engine back in over the weekend!
  13. I love following the progress of a rebuild. Thanks for sharing!
  14. Mine did this. It turned out to be the starter motor itself. The armature had a burnt smell so either it had shorted windings or the permanent magnets had lost their strength. Replaced the start motor and it's good as new.
  15. I've run Tubliss ( @4-6 psi) for years and have never seen any wear even close to that. Q. Do you run slime (i.e. https://www.autobarn.com.au/slime-tube-sealant-prevents-repairs-flat-tyres-237ml-10003) to help seal the sidewall? It would help to lubricate the tyre and red liner to prevent that sort of damage.
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