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  1. p_edge

    Guess the chainlinks Comp

    720 or thereabouts
  2. p_edge

    Drowned four stroke?

    In my experience you have water trapped in the electrode of your spark plug shorting out the spark. Clean the plug with compressed air and it should be good to go
  3. I've booked on one of these trips for next year from the 5th-18th of July 2019. It's on special during September. http://www.nevermindadventure.com/himalayan-rumble-14-Day Looks like a great adventure!
  4. p_edge

    Wr 450 overheating

    +1 on fitting a fan with a manual override switch. When riding try not to lug the engine and keep the revs up (increases the coolant flow rate).
  5. p_edge

    Whom to go too for suspension set up

    The fork oil wasn't the problem. It was the mud and crud from 5,000km of riding wearing out the bushes...
  6. p_edge

    Whom to go too for suspension set up

    5W. Standard I believe.
  7. - how long did you wait - 1 hour- how many riders on the ride? - 20- single, double or triple corner man system? - single- what was the issue.? - 3 riders ran out of fuel- where riding? - Marysville- did the leader and sweep have UHF comms.? - No
  8. p_edge

    Whom to go too for suspension set up

    I used https://suspensionsrus.com.au in Seaford recently. My front forks felt harsh and it was time to get the rear shock serviced so I took them to Izzy@SuspensionsRUS. Izzy advised that the front fork bushes whilst they looked OK had lost most of their teflon coating. Now the front forks are plush and there is no more stiction. It's always good to get your bike correctly sprung and the sag setup for your weight and to service the suspension regularly.
  9. p_edge

    dirtriderZ Hoodie Order

    Hi Geoffro. Put me down for a Large size, Gunmetal/Aqua hoodie thanks. Cheers, Phil
  10. p_edge

    Sunday 24th June - Black Range L3+

    I think it was Chewy.
  11. p_edge

    Which GPS ?

    I bought the Montana 600 on eBay from the USA. The mount and maps I sourced locally from Johnny Appleseed in St Kilda (https://www.ja-gps.com.au)
  12. p_edge

    Which GPS ?

    I run the Garmin Montana 600. It has the following desirable qualities: Waterproof Big screen (9 x 5 cm) Rechargable battery pack. Takes AA batteries if required. The screen works with gloves Track log function so you can find the cars again if exploring It has a solid cradle that can also power the unit and fits nicely on the handlebar clamp Has free software (Basecamp) for PC and Mac to upload/download tracks for trip planning I use the Oz Topo maps for Australia and New Zealand (SD card slot under the battery). They show both roads and off road tracks.
  13. p_edge

    Sunday 24th June - Black Range L3+

    Thanks again for putting together the video. The uphill section at the 5 minute mark was Bullocky Spur track. It was supposed to be a log strewn, deeply rutted, loose rock and off camber challenge. Having been freshly graded it was an awesome racetrack instead!
  14. p_edge

    Sunday 24th June - Black Range L3+

    @Habs Great footage! Thanks for the laughs. I didn’t notice your numerous unintentional dismounts...
  15. Well today was a great day. We were blessed with sunshine and tacky tracks as 8 intrepid riders put their faith in me leading my 1st Dirtriderz ride. We covered about 90km in 6.5 hours and did a selection of hills, rocks, narrow overgrown tracks, slimy logs and plenty of slippery red clay. It was great to meet a bunch of new guys to ride with, thanks fellas. Cheers, Phil Here's a short video from today: