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  1. In my experience, clutch drag is normal. Most bikes won't start in gear when the engine is cold.
  2. Happy Birthday mate!

  3. You will find the slippage is intermittent and less likely to occur when the bike is cold. You'll see once you take the side cover off that the kick starter and the starter motor drive through the sprag clutch.
  4. Would the sprag clutch failure result in slipping when using the kick starter as well, or only when using the electric starter? Yes - the kick start will slip as well. The kick starter drives through item 27 and item 4 to drive the crankshaft. It's possible to crash start the bike by selecting a gear and dropping the clutch.
  5. Item 4 will cause slippage which is your symptom. The only way to be sure is to take the RHS engine cover off and troubleshoot from there before you buy parts.
  6. You should be able to find the repair manual here: https://husqvarnaoutlet.com/repair_manuals and the part numbers here: https://husqvarnaoutlet.com/parts_fiche I wouldn't bother changing the flywheel or stator housing that the sprag clutch runs inside. I replaced the sprag clutch twice in the time I owned a 2010 TE310. The cause of failure is the spring not holding the clutch pawls in place rather than the surfaces not being smooth. The sprag clutch is item 4 below...
  7. So is a starter clutch / sprag clutch the same thing? Yes. Check out the post on http://www.cafehusky.com/threads/sprag-clutch-part-numbers.41148 If you have trouble sourcing the Husky part then try a sprag clutch from a 2005 honda crf250x (part number 28125-MT7-004). Turns out it's a common OEM item used in lots of makes of bike. Make sure you note the direction of the pawls in the sprag clutch and put the new one in the same way. It's a one way clutch so you'll need to ensure you install it the right way.
  8. What model is your bike? If it's a pre-KTM husky (TE310, TE490, TE510) then it sounds like the one way sprag clutch for the start motor. Common problem.
  9. In my experience you have water trapped in the electrode of your spark plug shorting out the spark. Clean the plug with compressed air and it should be good to go
  10. I've booked on one of these trips for next year from the 5th-18th of July 2019. It's on special during September. http://www.nevermindadventure.com/himalayan-rumble-14-Day Looks like a great adventure!
  11. +1 on fitting a fan with a manual override switch. When riding try not to lug the engine and keep the revs up (increases the coolant flow rate).
  12. The fork oil wasn't the problem. It was the mud and crud from 5,000km of riding wearing out the bushes...
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