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    Romainiacs 2018

    good point, best of luck mate, we are all cheering for you mate!

    Romainiacs 2018

    nice photo's and what an awesome experience! +1 ill chip in to help you run a cam!

    Wet Wombat L2 14/7

    great vid! loved that flowing tight trail towards the end

    Vids By Fixxy

    damn, was looking foward to that vid

    Vids By Fixxy

    any vids from the chewton ride?


    hello and welcome, hope to see you on the trails one day soon

    Exploring the bay - July 14th

    wow awesome vid, that looks like a fantastic place to ride! loved the look of both those creek sections!

    Wet Wombat L2 14/7

    count me in

    Wet Wombat L2 14/7

    yeah ive got to start running my cam again, missing too many good bits
  10. BIGGIE

    Wet Wombat L2 14/7

    i love riding the tight stuff, so if you ever do a ride that is majority of it shoot me a PM which part was Barclays section?
  11. BIGGIE

    Wet Wombat L2 14/7

    Wow what a great ride and awesome bunch of blokes! If someone says it was -3 to start the ride i believe them, fingers and toes were tingling! Great mix of trails with the odd challenge here and there. I think we managed to cover 78km in total, still plenty of juice left in my tank so good to know what kind of distance i can get out of the 300. My first ride with the new B&B bash plate and pipe guard but no big logs to test it out so its maiden hiding awaits. Came accross one log that I thought might do the trick but I hit it too well and managed to hop over it without nothing but the tyres hitting the log Found the tracks to be very very slippery, i know wombat is known for its abundance of clay but jeez im pretty sure ice wouldnt have been this slippery! The one big challenge of the day saw the group have a few laughs when a couple of riders had trouble with a technical climb, few tumbled and bruised ego's but everyone chipped in, had a laugh and got the group to the top Andy top job for organising and leading some of the ride, ill jump on your rides anytime mate. Already looking forward to the next ride!
  12. BIGGIE

    B&B pipe guard and bash plate

    i can take pics tonight of it fitted but not of the mods (im not pulling it apart to take pics lol) i should have taken pics while installing but im terrible with taking pics, all the rides ive been on i dont think ive taken one pic....few vids though
  13. BIGGIE

    B&B pipe guard and bash plate

    looks great, finally got around to installing my bash plate and pipe protector. to say this is a straight bolt on job is an understatement! had to enlarged the two bolt holes as outlined in the fitting instructions, also had to remove the pipe. if I had to say something negative about this design is that I think it places to much stress on the two bolts that have the welded captive nuts. When smashing into logs/rocks pretty much the weight of the rider and the bike fall onto these two bolts and captive nuts (majority of the weight anyway). So I decided to modify slightly. I used a di-grinder and removed the captive nuts. I then slightly elongated the two holes and used a lock nut where the captive nuts used to be. This made the whole kit align better plus in my opinion if either of these bolts bend due to stress there is less chance of the plate bending, and I can just replace the nut and bolts to get it back to new. Overall the b&b unit is far superior to the force unit. Much more protection and much stronger and better design, even though install is more complicated. Going to test it tomorrow at Wombat, will post up any issues/thoughts I may find
  14. BIGGIE


    id take a hoodie
  15. BIGGIE


    gday and welcome