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    2018 dirtriderZ Annual Weekend Beechworth

    Finally evidence my kato has been in the air....while im still on it....

    New Member

    hello and welcome

    Air filter oiling.. enough?

    i dont like the look of example A. looks like there's plenty of oil in 'spots' but not in others, im sure its just the photo but id be sticking to bottle B

    2018 dirtriderZ Annual Weekend Beechworth

    great pics noods, that river section looks AWESOME!


    hello and welcome, hope to see you on the trails one day

    Chewton Explore

    ill send it via PM
  7. Just got to the caravan park wanting to know if there is anyone else is keen as I am and You got here early. If anyone is up for a beer let me know keen to crack one
  8. hello and welcome. check out the organised rides section, plenty of rides about every weekend

    Bathurst 1000 social event.???

    Love watching the race, im interested depending on the location, ill be heading home from the DirtriderZ annual weekender so no chance in making the start of the race
  10. BIGGIE

    Chewton Explore

    Ill post up another ride soon, love the place so cant wait to head back there. hopefully i wont cramp up as bad this time....
  11. BIGGIE

    Chewton Explore

    i treated myself to a hot shower and early bed. i was so tired I didnt even eat dinner, and my username isnt proof enough I LOVE my food! i havent cramped that badly on a ride in a LONG time! I cramp every ride but not like that! Anyone record how many kms we did? Considering we were done before 2 I think we covered a fair distance, most of it technical tight stuff.
  12. BIGGIE

    Chewton Explore

    nice pics and well done for making it up scorpio, you made it look so damn easy
  13. BIGGIE

    Chewton Explore

    Jeez where do I start? Sunday morining its cold and a light drizzle, get up nice an early. Ive left my bike at Riders place as we were going to take his car, get to his place and I see him coming down the road, one bike on the trailer....whats going on here? Rider is injured and not going to make it. Damn. So hook the trailer up to my car and im first at the unload spot. Doesnt take long and the rest of the group arrive. We have six riders including myself. Quick chat and we hit the trails. Instantly I realise im with a VERY competent group of riders who are much quicker than I am. First couple of trails all I can hear is Mess hard up behind me. I string the first couple of trails together ok but the third track which is usually pretty easy has turned into a nightmare. Someone has gone through and litterally put THOUSANDS of branches accross the track, and I mean THOUSANDS! Normally a flowing tight track it became very technical and slow going. Eventually we get through and into the rocky climb, I stalled once but quickly got going again and made it to the top. Very very glad that Twincam joined the group because I went past the tracks I wanted to ride but he stopped and waiting until I turned around and came back. Few very rocky technical trails and then we hit scorpio. My plan was to ride halfway up, then cut left into the chicken track. I got a good run leading up to the climb and before I knew it I was 3/4 up scorpio, then I realised id gone too far, sat down and must have hit the throttle and the kato flipped on me! I think if I was giving scorpio a good go i could have gone up a fair bit further! Anyway I cut accross and make it through the chicken track no issues. Quick break and we cross the road into the river bed for some awesome flowing tight stuff. Twincam (who is now leading) gets a flat and we watch him change it with quite a bit of banter along the way. We continue along the river bed and what is my favourite bit of flowing tight stuff. Must have got my second wind because I started pushing a bit harder and before long my enthusiasm overcame by abilite and I ran wide next to a rocky creek bed, overshot the corner and went over the bars. Bruised my right arm and leg but Riles came back and helped me out of the gully and back on the tracks. Before long we are exploring off the tracks altogether and then head back towards the cars. I am starting to cramp very badly now and looking foward to getting back to the cars. Riles let me have a go on his 250 kato (I think its a TPI but not sure) and instantly i fell in love with it. Its so much more gentle than my 300, have to use the gears a bit more but my bike is savage compared to Riles! No wonder I keep cramping 3/4 way through all my rides! I dont know why i love this place so much, i think its the mixture of technical plus flowing tight tracks. Either way ill be back soon MASSIVE thanks to Twincam for taking over the lead. Also big thanks to Riles for helping me out of the gully when I came off!