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  1. New member

    hello and welcome, hope to see you on the trails one day
  2. Hey guys

    gday and welcome
  3. Newbie from Officer

    hello and welcome
  4. Ballarat noob

    gday and welcome
  5. Flipping a rear tyre.

    been flipping my rear for years, no issues....
  6. Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    happy bday sink and tiny!
  7. cramps and pain. Symptoms and Remedies

    Ive suffered from cramp while riding as long as I can remember. Allot of people have told me to use magnesium which I have tried. still get it while riding but dont get them after the ride anymore. Best solution is to ride as often as possible, cramps are a way of the body telling you your pushing it, kind of a way not to overwork them too much (as mentioned previously on this thread). Hope this helps.
  8. The Walking Dead

    hands down my favourite tv show....and yes i also watch GOT
  9. New

    hello and welcome
  10. Beginner deciding on a trail bike

    nice, dont rush into buying one worrying about if it sells before you get your checks done, plenty of second hand bikes out there and the difference between a well maintained bike and one that isnt is plenty of $$$ down the line.....
  11. Beginner deciding on a trail bike

    if you buy it get the fork seals done by a professional, the only thing easy about fork seals is getting it wrong when replacing them. Chris on here is highly recommended and the only person I let work on my bike
  12. Hi from Nsw

    hello and welcome
  13. bloody hell that basket looks extreemly good!
  14. NEERIM 3+. 22/9

    will do