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  1. I had a 16 Sherco for 100 hours, never missed a beat, awesome bike!
  2. big thanks to Macca for posting. had an awesome days riding. flowed really well with some nice technical bits thrown in, pace was easy going and no pressure which I love. got through all the technical bits minus that double log un-assisted so thinking I might try my first 2+ ride for the season soon
  3. I’ll take one please size 2xl member BIGGIE name on BIGGIE number 03 amount $60
  4. hello and welcome Justin
  5. happy birthday mate, hope you have an awesome one!
  6. hello and welcome. how does the riding here compare to back home? looking foward to seeing you on the trailz!
  7. thanks for the heads up, ill keep my eyes out for it
  8. Might be the perfect loop to organise a level 2 step up ride one day, for the beginner looking to take it to the next level. also the pefect place for me to work on my fitness as pace, just keep hitting it as hard as I can.
  9. very true, like I said on sat im glad i pushed myself to do the second loop. although trying to walk down stairs today is about as pleasant as being stabbed....
  10. Great report habs. Wow ive never been this sore in my life! Never had a 100km day and certainly never carried that pace all day before, definetley pushed myself harder than I normally do. Again great ride Habs, thanks very much for posting, this place is fast becoming my favourite spot! Not much I can say that hasnt been covered already, thanks to Egg and the other bloke for sweeping the first loop. Cant wait to do it again! Big thanks to RIDER for driving me and putting on the bbq!
  11. great vid! few tracks i havent ridden in that one, might have to jump on one of dusty's rides in the future