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  1. +1 to dusty's advice. enduro 250 either 2 or 4 stroke would be the way to go.
  2. wow looks like an awesome ride, great pics!
  3. my only concern is the product itself is designed to have a higher boiling point. the issue is to stop the engine getting so hot it 'spits' out the coolant/water. this product raises the boiling temp making it harder to reach the 'spit' point but that doesnt mean the engine is running any cooler. a fan, which is my preference, helps the engine run cooler.
  4. ive heard very good things about that product also
  5. +1 on the fan, although not a smoker my old 2013 350 excf would spit out coolant on the coldest morning after the first tight track, put a fan and never had an issue, since then ive fitted fans to all my bikes from day one....
  6. hello and welcome
  7. ive had this issue with my 17 300 since new. i just put it down to 'one of those KTM things'. sounds like the starter isnt enguaging all the time which mine does at least once every ride, but when it does enguage my bike fires up almost instantly. yours doesnt. suggest getting the clearances checked (which wont help the enguaging problem), i just plan to live with the intermittent start issues, when my bike makes that noise I get off the starter and then give it a couple of seconds, try again and its running.
  8. Great advice, thanks very much
  9. Ive just started using a new mechanic. Old one is out of the business. Ive only got 36 hours on my 17 300 and the new mechanic recommended pistons and rings at 80 hours. Im a big believer in 'safer than sorry' so probably would do it around that time, most likley at the end of this winter. Anyone know how often the muffler needs to be re-packed?
  10. hello and welcome +1 to the above advice
  11. hello and welcome to our free wonderland