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  1. Another newbie from Melbourne

    hello and welcome, look foward to seeing you on the trails soon!
  2. Hello Riders

    hello and welcome, so what do you ride?
  3. Hi everyone

    hello and welcome, have fun hunting down your new ride!
  4. Newbie

    hello and welcome
  5. Smokers Lounge

    jeez didnt think so many would ride through summer, i hate riding in the heat, although the murray river ride I did was low 30's, luckily it was very cruisy! ive joined a cricket team so not much time to ride, looking foward to end of season so I can ride on a regular basis again
  6. New member from Melbourne

    gday and welcome
  7. Smokers Lounge

    Been a bit quiet here Who's done what to their bikes over the warmer months? Other than take mine for a ride along the murray I havent touched it in a while.....
  8. New guy from the Sunshine coast.

    hello and welcome. great looking ride u have there!
  9. G’day

    sent you a pm mate, im up the murray for 3 weeks later this month, lets organise a ride
  10. Howdy

    gday and welcome
  11. How ya going

    gday and welcome, tell Woodsy biggie say hello when you speak to him next
  12. G’day

    ive got 3 weeks up there over new years so ill bring up the bike
  13. New Member

    gday and welcome i live in wallan, not far from Romsey, if you every want a riding partner shoot me a PM
  14. G’day

    gday and welcome. i have a holiday site up on the murray, so might shoot you a PM if ive got my bike in the area!
  15. Newbie - Gerald

    gday and welcome