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    How’s it going !

    hello and welcome +1 to the above advice

    Address, Times, Cost

    hello and welcome to our free wonderland

    New to the group.

    hello and welcome

    New Mechanic Wanted

    good point, cant argue with that

    New Mechanic Wanted

    Still in Keynton as far as im aware. Im not booked in till next month so ill look it up before I head in there.

    New Mechanic Wanted

    Im of the opinion a shop should be able to smash this out in an hour, previous mechanic had similar pricing.

    New Mechanic Wanted

    grease points is only the swing arm and head stem on my bike. Bearings are sealed, no shop is going to pull em apart and repack. they simply replace. Im not broke but im not rich either, one thing I do hate is being ripped off, paying 3 times what I have to for the same job.

    New Mechanic Wanted

    got it mate, thanks very much

    New Mechanic Wanted

    Thanks for the advice. Ive delt with Adam a few times. He worked on my Harley a fair bit when I used to have one. Ive been getting very poor service out of him since, 8 voice messages and not a single return call. When in, told reception what I needed and to quote me up, never heard back. I find his pricing unrealistic too. Asked him how much to do my grease points. Said $300. Called Choice yesterday and said $100 at most. Pretty big difference! Totally forgot about K&J, ill keep them in mind. I had a really good chat with Choice yesterday so I am going to give them a try. Thanks for the info, ill keep that in mind
  10. BIGGIE

    New Mechanic Wanted

    Never trusted my local KTM workshop to be honest. I know/knew the service manager and he didnt even recomend getting work done through them! Ive used Chris for many many years and swear by him but now that he runs his own business he doesnt have time for the bikes. Had a really bad experience when Day's when I first got into bikes and Id rather give up the hobby than take a bike back to them! Ill touch base with Choice and see what they are like.
  11. Need to find a new mechanic, old one is out of the business now. Live in Wallan (northern suburbs) so somewhere around there would be perfect. Nothing major, no engine rebuilds just yet, things like grease points, tuning, tyre replacements etc.....
  12. BIGGIE

    Hello all

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    2018 dirtriderZ Annual Weekend Beechworth

    Finally evidence my kato has been in the air....while im still on it....
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