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  1. Second that with the raw finish Fatty pipe. Looked great for the first ride or two, but looked crook after that. I found it to be a good pipe though. I have the DEP on now and I’ve found it is easily dinged and bends a lot easier than the stocky or the Fatty. I have had it repaired and bent back in shape twice now. I bent it back to the starter motor and that was with a Force bash plate on too. If I was to get another pipe I would probably go back to the stock one. This is on an EXC 300.
  2. Bushyaz

    KTM XC-F range pro’s and cons

    Hahaha, it is a very good point.
  3. Bushyaz

    KTM XC-F range pro’s and cons

    Thanks for the info. If I go ahead it will be used for mainly racing the Vics and club rounds. That’s why I was leaning toward the xc-f’s
  4. I have recently been offered a 2017 and 2018 XC-F and was after any info on benefits or problems with them. I’ve been on 250 and 300 two strokes for the last few years so it’s a bit of a change of direction for me. My only concern is the AER air fork. I know there is a spring conversion for them but from what I’ve been reading they seem ok as they are, with the usual adjustments and personal set up. Any other info would be appreciated. Cheers.
  5. Bushyaz

    Yarram Enduro 2018

    Any idea of where the 4 day will be mate The last I heard, they were talking about Batemans Bay.
  6. Bushyaz

    Yarram Enduro 2018

    Spewin’ it was cancelled. Just cancelled my accomodation this morning. Last year was awesome fun. Best form of Offroad racing I think, and both me and the bike were sore and tired at the end of 2 days. Looking at doing the A4DE next year.
  7. Bushyaz

    Show Us Your Bike

    Cheers Gypsy. Yeah the 2016 300exc. Was going to upgrade this year but I love the thing. Top and bottom end freshen up and a good going over and she’s good to go for one more season.
  8. Bushyaz

    Show Us Your Bike

    Nice and neat at the start of the 2018 season....couple more scratches and scars now though
  9. A couple of years back at Mt Terrible. Awesome day in the snow!
  10. Bushyaz

    Summer merchandise

    Can I grab 1 x black singlet large thanks Geoffro
  11. Bushyaz

    Stockmans Rally

    Lol, that would be a loooooong day
  12. Bushyaz

    Stockmans Rally

    Both loops will be arrowed. There will be signage at the start of the tracks where there is an easy or hard option.
  13. Bushyaz

    Stockmans Rally

    Good to hear the new Sherco will be making an appearance Geoffro. I'll be up helping the club out for the weekend. Just be mindful there will be MCRCV members out on the trails finalising set up on the Saturday. I'll come and say gidday if I see any familiar Dirtriderz faces. It's shaping up to be another good event and great weekend on the bikes.
  14. Bushyaz

    Rawson camp spots

    I'm after some info on good camping spots around Rawson-Walhalla area. I haven't camped around there for a lot of years now and need a few ideas. Cheers
  15. Bushyaz

    The riding game. Dirtbike version.

    Next challenge : Your bike under a bridge