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  1. Summer merchandise

    Can I grab 1 x black singlet large thanks Geoffro
  2. Stockmans Rally

    Lol, that would be a loooooong day
  3. Stockmans Rally

    Both loops will be arrowed. There will be signage at the start of the tracks where there is an easy or hard option.
  4. Stockmans Rally

    Good to hear the new Sherco will be making an appearance Geoffro. I'll be up helping the club out for the weekend. Just be mindful there will be MCRCV members out on the trails finalising set up on the Saturday. I'll come and say gidday if I see any familiar Dirtriderz faces. It's shaping up to be another good event and great weekend on the bikes.
  5. Rawson camp spots

    I'm after some info on good camping spots around Rawson-Walhalla area. I haven't camped around there for a lot of years now and need a few ideas. Cheers
  6. The riding game. Dirtbike version.

    Next challenge : Your bike under a bridge
  7. The riding game. Dirtbike version.

    How'd you go ben rmz450?
  8. Anglesea Jan 29 by request

    Came across a billie goat protecting a herd of sheep at Wombat too. Looked like they had been roaming the bush for a couple of years, pretty rough looking.
  9. The riding game. Dirtbike version.

    No takers for this challenge?
  10. The riding game. Dirtbike version.

    Only reason I didn't do it because I've done it before....we can keep your challenge or I'll put up another one. Up to you.
  11. The riding game. Dirtbike version.

    Sorry baz450, I have done this challenge previously so thought I would go with Geoffo's list....I can get it done though if need be
  12. The riding game. Dirtbike version.

    Ok, keen to get this game going again so here goes...... With the wife and kids still away I could do this without getting shot, divorced, or both, (only if she doesn't see the photo). And I used the last of her post-it-notes. Next challenge : As baz450 said, A photo of your bike in front or next to a railway track or level crossing.
  13. Dvmcc Pony X Wedderburn 2Nd Aug Sunday

    They haven't put it up yet. At their first general meeting they will roughly go over what they're planning for the year. Good chance to meet a few people involved in the club.
  14. Dvmcc Pony X Wedderburn 2Nd Aug Sunday

    No probs, hope you enjoy. Their Gisborne sprint round is a good one too.
  15. Dvmcc Pony X Wedderburn 2Nd Aug Sunday

    2016 3 hour Ironman.