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  1. Marko_FE250

    Collarbone 2018

    Quick video from the ride:
  2. Marko_FE250

    Collarbone 2018

    Macka great job organizing this ride, my second time riding there and had great fun but still getting used to the sand riding, I think I was the slowest rider on sand . Arrived on Friday and decided not to ride with the group but just relax and enjoy the beautiful place Macka has there, had dinner, few beers with the boys and early bed so ready for big Saturday ride. 31 riders ready at 9am for the 150km ride and what a great ride, most was open fast stuff but also included few tricky hills and tracks with rocks and sand, open fast tracks not my kind of riding but still had fun trying to keep up with few other boys. I love Grampians, so much to see there and who better to show you around then the local bloke Macka, organizing this ride was 10/10 great job, support vehicles with fuel, tools, bbq, drinks and your place with hot shower, beds, fire places, big kitchen, just unbelievable, hopefully next time I can stay longer. Big thanks to the sweep TBRider who done a great job at the back keeping us all together and all the other people who helped out, Macka you legend . Few photos:
  3. Marko_FE250

    Tapatalk login problem

    This is from Dirtriderz Facebook page: ``A recent forum upgrade has caused a few bugs which may be evident but we are working on getting them fixed. At the moment, the Tapatalk side of things doesn't seem to be working for a lot of people asking for you to log in again. Using the forum by web page on your phone seems to be working and on your computer is good too. Hope everyone gets a chance to get out in the wet conditions this weekend``
  4. Marko_FE250

    Tire and Tube shifting

    Not for now.
  5. Running Bridgestone rear ultra heavy duty tube 4mm and wondering what is the lowest psi you can run rear tube? Conditions: wet Distance: 90km Weight: 85kg with gear Terrain: mix of everything Tyre: Bridgestone X20 soft Thanks
  6. Marko_FE250

    Tire and Tube shifting

    Just done this trick with my tube, worked perfectly, thanks Gypsy.
  7. Marko_FE250

    Fluro Zebra

    I knew you would be back again Hoff, you had too much fun riding, see you soon buddy.
  8. Marko_FE250

    Show Us Your Pics Of Your Bike Outside A Country Pub

    One of my first rides with dirtriderz on my KTM 530
  9. Marko_FE250

    2t4me Mt Dissa Anzac day

    I was bit confused with this group photo Riles so I had to zoom it in , can sweep explain?
  10. Marko_FE250

    2t4me Mt Dissa Anzac day

    What a great ride at Dissa today, first big thanks for organizing and leading this ride 2t4me, big thanks to Buzz the King of Dissa for also leading some parts and huge thanks to the all day sweep Bayerj. Again great group of riders today, little bit of dust out there today but that was not a problem at all, the biggest issue today for me was the loose ground and trying to find traction at few hills, sliding all over the place thinking that there is something wrong with my rear tyre but after talking with few other riders they all had the same issue, in saying this it was still fun . Great tracks with some nice hills, lost count how many times I did ride at Dissa and still loving that place. Cant wait for some rain up there as I think riding at Dissa is even better when wet so hopefully another wet ride at Dissa coming soon, have to admit I was also little bit wet when I saw Buzz king of Dissa as I new he will show us some special tracks . Bike washed, gear washed, air filter washed and ready for the next one boys, had fun today and see you all on the next ride. Few photos and yes Riles I did climb a tree just to get better angle/photos then you .
  11. Marko_FE250

    Kmatts grouse Greendale

    Thanks Kmatts for organizing this ride, perfect conditions and great ride, Greendale is always fun. Ten of us started and by the end of the ride only 4 of us finished the loop with little bit of exploring at the end. Little bit of dust out there today but most of the tracks were perfect and plenty of grip, 84 km today of great riding and we even visited the Three sisters but in dry not much challenge. Kbuxx you are banned from my rides as of today, I cant believe you said Kmatts ride was better then my last week ride . The highlight of today's ride for me was exploring and Crusty350 dropping his bike up this ridiculous steep hill and then running down that hill, that looked scary. Rest of us decided to turn back and never to return there again . Few photos from the ride:
  12. Marko_FE250

    Marko's Marauders Maul Spring Hill 14/4

    OK have to admit it did cross my mind last night and driving this morning to Springhill that maybe I should have canceled this ride due to weather warning but I thought I never canceled a ride before so lets ride. Luckily I didn't cancel this ride as I cant remember last time I had this much fun on a ride, 6 of us started with no rain in the morning but that quickly changed as showers started after maybe 10km of riding. Showers quickly made the ground very slippery especially the logs so slow down till we got used to the slippery tracks, forgot how good is to ride when its wet. Great group of riders and we all moved pretty fast with minimum stops, the rain was getting harder so trying to get back to the cars as quick as we can but once back to the cars boys still wanted to do few more kms. After few more kms close to the cars only three of us continued to complete the second loop and that is when it started to rain real heavy but nothing could stop us, the tracks looked like rivers and we did not stop till we got back to the cars. Great day and thanks boys for coming, hope you all had fun as much as I had, see you all on the next one. Few photos:
  13. I had plenty of good photos from yesterdays ride but accidentally deleted them while trying to transfer them to my computer Fab thanks for the ride, love that place but we need CentralVic to clean that area and then lead us , hopefully soon. Riles thanks for putting your body between the hard rock ground and my bike, didn't know you like my bike that much, next time you see me that I`m stuck run for your life . Good group of riders yesterday and see you all on the next ride.
  14. Marko_FE250

    NEERIM ride RCH GFA 2018 report

    Neerim RCH GFA, what a great ride with our lead rider Mick who knows pretty sure best tracks in Neerim, we could easily call him Neerim king . Bit more then 2 hours drive for me to get there but it was definitely worth it, conditions for riding perfect, grip everywhere even with average tyres, could not ask for better tracks so big thanks to Mick for organizing this ride and also big thanks to Big Pete for sweeping all day. Great riders today and great pace, one and half broken bikes today one with bent handlebars who was able to ride back to the cars and the other bike who could not start the bike so tow rope had to come out. Luckily we were not to far from the cars so little bit of pulling and pushing and we got the bike safely back. One more time great ride, great group of riders, great tracks and all for the great cause, good job dirtriderz.
  15. No good Bruce, hope they find your bike and stuff. Shared on Facebook and if no luck finding it I hope you had insurance, it's been happening a lot lately.