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  1. Great ride, great conditions for riding and great crew to ride with. Have to mention the level four riders as the boys helped at every hard section, nothing was hard for them from pulling/pushing the bikes, lifting the bikes, riding up and down hills and creeks looking for tools to help drowned bike, advice what lines to take etc, was easy to do the ride with people like that so big thanks boys 👍. Cujo you will be missed, had heaps of rides with you and heaps of fun, great memories 👌👌👌. Few photos:
  2. Chewton is heaven for dirtbikes, can't wait to go there again, conditions and ride was perfect. I did sweep all day but not once did anyone need any help and the boys did move pretty fast so was fun trying to keep up. Thanks Riles for organising and leading, in for the next one [emoji108][emoji108][emoji108]
  3. That was best ride eva [emoji108][emoji108][emoji108]
  4. Was good to be back on the bike, conditions perfect, good group of riders too. Didn't see much action as I was leading but looks like the ride did move pretty good, we didn't do the second loop as once back to the cars cheese, crackers and some red drink come out (thanks Riles) then we decided we all had enough. Thanks boys for coming
  5. What a great ride report, loved it. Habs great video, looks like a hard fun ride with everyone helping everyone, can't even imagine how much work went into creating this loop/ride [emoji108][emoji108][emoji108]
  6. My second ride since the lockdown finished, first ride few weeks ago and now Riles Greendale ride. Work should slow down after New year's so hopefully get more time to ride, was fun to ride with a big group of riders and seeing the people I didn't see for a while. Fun day riding, lots of tight flowing tracks, perfect ride to get back into riding. Thanks Steve McQueen [emoji3] for leading and letting me join the last minute, now I can't wait to do it again [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  7. Running and push bike, running average 33 km a week, my fastest 5km run is 18min or average pace 3:35 /km and fastest 10km run 37:30, pace 3:45 /km. I run every second day since the lock down and never felt better. Hopefully staying fit helps me when I get back on the bike and I don't feel exhausted after 10 km of riding.
  8. What a ride, cant remember last time riding in conditions like yesterday, mud, wet, slippery = heaps of fun. Been on few Dusty`s Dissa rides over few years and always had fun on his rides, great job yesterday Dusty, loved the racing track chasing you and few new tracks I didn't see before. Good group of riders, thanks for sweeping all day BushyBrows, till next time. Few photos:
  9. Happy 10th Birthday Dirtriderz, best thing I ever done was to join this forum, met some great people on here and had heaps of unforgettable rides/fun because of this forum. Thank you Dirtriderz
  10. Great vid Faultline, phone call on Friday if i can lead a ride and how can I say no to C&W gang. Some spots very slippery but plenty of fun, in the first minute of the video that's me on the floor [emoji12].
  11. Always great riding at Cobaw, thanks Riles and Rider for organising/leading this ride, great tracks plenty of fun. Lost count how many times I dropped my bike, had a very strange day on the bike as I struggled to get into it but still had heaps of fun especially the last extreme part. Cobaw never disappoints, thanks everyone.
  12. Perfect condition and ride after a long break, thanks Pepperjack and Jeff for leading. Good group of riders and good pace for a first ride back, good to be back on the bike, till next time.
  13. Rawson, didn't you lead this ride Mick?
  14. Didn't go here in a very long time.
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