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  1. awesome mount cole ,hidden treasure elaine.

    Been at Mt Cole only once and can't wait to go back there again, great riding there.
  2. Tubliss and worn rim

    Front mousse and rear tubliss, best set up.
  3. Tubliss and worn rim

    No need to get new rim, tubliss will definitely still be ok.
  4. Tallarook - 2017 Xmas ride

    Another great Dirtriderz Christmas ride, yes I was very late because of work but luckily few other boys were late to so small group in search of the big group. We had no luck in finding the group but we still managed to have a pretty good ride, back to the cars for bbq and ready for afternoon ride. Thanks to everyone who helped with bbq and drinks, was good to see a lot of new faces there, few new happy members. Happy Christmas and New Year to everyone and see you all next year.
  5. The "Is How It Is" Thread

    I still love this forum, my best rides happened because of this forum so always thankful to everyone on here. How many good people did I meet here and how much help did I receive from members on here, great forum great people and will never forget what this forum done for me.
  6. running on empty at Dindi

    Sorry boys I couldn't make it, added few psi to my tubliss last night and woke up to flat tyre, most likely I damaged it when changing the tyre.
  7. Sat 21st Oct Neerim Level 2 Ride Report

    Great report boys, love the 360 video.
  8. Dakota's Cobaw 3+ (+ what, a million)

    Thanks Dakota for the ride, love Cobaw and definitely my favorite place to ride. Was expecting the usual loop you do but you did surprise us all with few new tracks and the loop is even better and harder now just what we like . Again great group of riders to ride with but we lost early the most important rider KTM Tiny, hope its all good Tiny and thanks for all the help you offer at Cobaw rides. Perfect conditions and cant wait for the next one, few photos:
  9. Friday Grand Final Mt Dissa Ride

    Fun from 3rd gear hill
  10. Friday Grand Final Mt Dissa Ride

    After me getting up the Swamp Hill for the first time it should be renamed to Trench Hill .
  11. Friday Grand Final Mt Dissa Ride

    Huge thanks to Buzz for leading this ride who put in heaps of time/work to create this unbelievable loop and pretty sure we all appreciate it. I love when someone tells me don`t go to Dissa its all flogged out, obviously they don`t ride with Buzz . Gypsy great job organizing this ride and hopefully you already planing something for next year, legend Bayerj the sweep who stayed at the back for the whole ride keeping us all together, Gypsy sweep for a while but once he was let off leash there was no stopping him, the old Gypsy is definitely back. The loop definitely one of the best rides I ever done and its only short drive from my place, would put this ride up with Big River and Gough`s Bay rides so one more time Buzz big thanks from me. Have to say great riders to ride with, big group with minimum stops and no breakdowns, the favorite part I think it was the ridiculous off camber goat track at the end of the ride, one mistake and you will still be at Dissa today . Few photos:
  12. Habs is this ride happening soon again? If yes I`m in .