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  1. Tested at Wombat, warm beanies [emoji108]
  2. Quick delivery and good quality warm beanie [emoji108]
  3. What a ride, cant remember last time riding in conditions like yesterday, mud, wet, slippery = heaps of fun. Been on few Dusty`s Dissa rides over few years and always had fun on his rides, great job yesterday Dusty, loved the racing track chasing you and few new tracks I didn't see before. Good group of riders, thanks for sweeping all day BushyBrows, till next time. Few photos:
  4. Happy 10th Birthday Dirtriderz, best thing I ever done was to join this forum, met some great people on here and had heaps of unforgettable rides/fun because of this forum. Thank you Dirtriderz
  5. Great vid Faultline, phone call on Friday if i can lead a ride and how can I say no to C&W gang. Some spots very slippery but plenty of fun, in the first minute of the video that's me on the floor [emoji12].
  6. Always great riding at Cobaw, thanks Riles and Rider for organising/leading this ride, great tracks plenty of fun. Lost count how many times I dropped my bike, had a very strange day on the bike as I struggled to get into it but still had heaps of fun especially the last extreme part. Cobaw never disappoints, thanks everyone.
  7. Perfect condition and ride after a long break, thanks Pepperjack and Jeff for leading. Good group of riders and good pace for a first ride back, good to be back on the bike, till next time.
  8. Rawson, didn't you lead this ride Mick?
  9. Didn't go here in a very long time.
  10. No, hopefully you can show me around one day.
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