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  1. Marko_FE250

    Spring Hill in the Summer rain

    First ride after 8 or 9 weeks and what a day to be back on the bike, 10 degrees at 9am and rain for first hour or two, could not believe it is summer with the conditions we had yesterday. As promised when posted the ride we did have few extra breaks then normal and the pace was pretty relaxed, few play hills where I enjoyed watching Crusty, Crusty`s plus one and Chris going up some very steep tricky hills. I was happy with extra breaks as I definitely did need them, hopefully more rain coming before weekends so more riding. When I got on the bike after a long break (9 weeks is long for me) I realized how much I missed riding and how much fun I have while riding so hopefully plenty rides to come. Thanks boys for coming, great crew and see you all soon on the next one. SHORT VIDEO: [/url]
  2. Marko_FE250

    Guess the chainlinks Comp

  3. Marko_FE250

    Blackwood with Dylan

    Can you please next time make the ride report bit shorter, too much information to read [emoji3][emoji3][emoji3][emoji3]
  4. Marko_FE250

    Lal Lal with Gypsy

    And a short vid of play hills:
  5. Marko_FE250

    Lal Lal with Gypsy

    Five of us started this ride and three finished with no injury, two out of action for a while, not a happy ride. Started with some nice tight tracks and plenty of hills to play on, conditions little bit dusty but not to bad. Was all going great till the first injury, seeing someone badly hurt it takes the motivation to ride again but after getting the injured rider back to the cars we decided to continue as it was still early in a day. Lost my mojo to ride again so few mistakes while riding and just no motivation to ride and after two hours latter it happened again, another rider of the bike pinned between sharp rock and the bike with footpeg pushing in his leg. Another two back to the cars while me and Gypsy continued to ride as I could not say no to Gypsys offer of showing me some interesting tracks and a nice hill. Glad I decided to continue to ride as I did get some of my mojo back and loved the flowing tracks and especially one hill we did, we did talk about that hill few times during the day and with the stuff happening the decision was not to go there. Looks like Gypsy couldn't help him self and he had to take me there without any warning, the name of the hill is C..t hill so I knew that would be something extreme, once I made it up he told me thats that hill with the big smile on his face, surprisingly I got up pretty good while earlier in the day with no mojo I struggled on much smaller/easier hills. Good loop and hopefully we can do it again but with no injuries, thanks Gypsy and speedy recovery for the riders. Only few photos:
  6. Marko_FE250

    Found it Cobaw 3+ with Marko

    Thanks boys for coming, could not ask for a better group of riders, we moved pretty good and cant believe we finally finished the whole loop 73km`s. I would call this perfect conditions for riding, rain/showers for first hour in the morning what made the tracks more interesting, we started with 12 riders and finished with 5. Pretty sure everyone had fun on this ride as I could tell by the smiles on the faces and highlight of the day was Crusty`s comment when I told him at the corner to tell everyone to go straight up some very rocky track between two big rocks, his comment ``What are you doing to us, you trying to kill us`` I had heaps of fun on this ride, I love Cobaw my favorite place to ride, huge thanks to Dakota for showing me around Cobaw as 99% of the loop we done yesterday is what Dakota showed me, the only difference is I looped it bit different while trying to find his tracks. Good to see few riders I didnt see for a while and I know you hate me Toys but I still love you . Thanks for the photos Riles and good news you found your backpack. Hopefully we can do another ride at Cobaw soon, few photos:
  7. Marko_FE250

    Dartmouth 2 day

    No good Russ, now I have to make sure not to get injured in next 12 to 16 weeks [emoji16]
  8. Marko_FE250

    Dissa blast & BBQ

    Another great ride at Dissa thanks to 2t4me, was killing me not knowing will I be able to join this ride till last minute, yes I did have work on Friday and double time offered but Dissa ride was calling and glad I made the decision to join the ride, great group of riders, the pace was great with fun tracks, hills, creeks, rocks, mud and one tree what nearly ended my day early. Sorry for not staying for BBQ and chat but little bit panicked after my tree hugging incident as my hip was pretty sore so quickly home for some ice pack. My favorite part of the day was the 3rd gear hill, sitting there with my camera and watching the boys flying up that hill, could not stay too long as the level 3 ride was starting to move. Thanks Hoff for not running me over that hill . Big thanks to everyone involved in organizing this ride, BBQ, sweeps and hopefully see you all again next year. Also huge thanks to this forum DirtriderZ as without this forum I don`t think we would have these rides happening, thank you. Few photos: Level 4 riders: Level 3 riders: My tree
  9. Marko_FE250

    Dissa blast & BBQ

    Just a quick video from 3rd gear hill, level 3 and 4, enjoy
  10. Marko_FE250

    dirtriderZ Hoodie Order

    Anyone interested in buying large size, black with orange Dirtriderz logo. Too big for me [emoji53]
  11. Marko_FE250

    Kinglake - more like KingPuddles

    Cant believe I only been at Kinglake once before and its only bit more then 1 hour drive from my place. Great place to ride especially when you have two great lead riders, first part Mike leading trough some very very very slippery tracks, plenty of clay and big puddles but fun muddy tracks. Second loop Chewy leading was like different forest, dry, no clay and no big puddles but some nice flowing tight tracks with long downhills, hopefully Chewy or Mike can organize another ride there as there was plenty more tracks out there they wanted to show us but we did run out of time, thanks boys for leading. Few photos
  12. Marko_FE250

    Eggs Tallarook August 25 2018

    This log
  13. Marko_FE250

    Eggs Tallarook August 25 2018

    Egg the lead rider
  14. Marko_FE250

    Eggs Tallarook August 25 2018

    Thanks Egg for a good ride, conditions perfect and great group of riders. Love riding at Tallarook especially the ride to lookout, one of my favorite spots. Early finish so plenty of time to wash the bike and gear, now ready for next ride. Few photos: