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  1. Thanks Cobraone for a great ride , wet, muddy and slippery was the order of the day, Great to see you putting up these true L2 rides,i thoroughly enjoyed the day. Thanks to all that helped sweep, lead, and assit when needed, that is what makes thees rides work so well. Cheers Dex
  2. Another great ride at Creswick HQ Great trails a few creek crossings and a little dust , all standard for Creswick The ride flowed well all day except for the flat tyre .Thanks Nathan for the hand with the repair ..So much for HD tubes ? And big Kudos to Scotland for still keeping the ride going after being crook all night Cheers Dex
  3. Thanks to everyone one involved Wow what a great ..AWESOME!! .. ride Saturday was. Expected a level 2 ride with a little extra but got the lot, rocky hills, ruts, rocky step-ups, roots , rocks , logs oh and more rocks you name it rocks were there. And to my surprise managed to get over up and around it all, wasn’t pretty but I made it LOL Don’t step out of my home environment ( Creswick ) too much, but after this ride this might change, the help, advice, and comradeship amongst the dirtriderz is something special, you probably don’t realise it unless you step outside the box for a dose of reality and come back. Anyways, thanks to everyone especially Dakota for the organisation etc and what an awesome place you have, a little slice of heaven right there. Cheers Dex
  4. From work straight to ride sounded good the day before but not the greatest of of ideas..on the bright side i slept well when i got home .Thanks Scott for putting this great ride. and to all the guys,what a great lot of blokes all willing to lend a hand when i got caught a few times ,,Cheers Catch ye all on the next one Dex
  5. Another great at Creswick HQ. Thanks Scotty for a top day ..a few more pics of the day . even one of the 500 6 day Tc etc etc etc etc
  6. Cant go wrong with the Optimate 4, awesome Battery Charger maintainer, got one myself,$100 ebay , read the reviews youtube etc http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/OPTIMATE-4-dual-SMART-TENDER-CHARGER-A-MUST-FOR-ALL-BIKES-TRIUMPH-NORTON-BSA-/111924472184?hash=item1a0f37e978:g:vy0AAOSwVupTptUS
  7. Yep i do all the above ...The bearing was was all jammed up with a thick like carbon sludge so i guessing the continue friction would have caused the build up and eventual failure .
  8. Must be a issue that is going to keep on rising as kms buld on the 350s .My 350 just going on 6k .Not a cheap fix either at $370 just for the rollerfree wheel
  9. Thanks Noodz & Pete V had Matt from Raceline check it out today "only took him 20 minutes" and yes just as you said Part 14 ...bearing in the roller free wheel stuffed .No other damage but new bearing wont be here till Thursday . Thanks for the help guys, made life easier in making a quick diagnosis Cheers Dexter
  10. Yep leave it to the experts Thanks for the advice Pete will let you know what the outcome is Anyways looking at the bright side ..must be new bike time
  11. Will check out tomorrow ...but it looks like it ant going to be a quick fix, so will drop it of at the Raceline Tues morning .
  12. Thanks Pete, Engine turns over ok on e start and fires just wont start
  13. Hey guys need some help advice here 2013 KTM Excf 350 went to restart after a ride of 20 mins , would not re start, e start turns over ok .. When I try the kick start it is very hard to kick down sounds like the starter motor is engaged, like it is trying to turn over the starter motor as well while kick staring ?? Would this be a starter motor clutch shit itself or maybe decomp stuck where do start to narrow this down , any one else had this happen ? any help or advice greatly appreciated. Cheers Daxter
  14. Tow rope hill gives me nightmares ha ha thanks for bypassing it ..Another awesome ride with a great mix of trails, The group moved along really well not much stopping and wait at all.I watched Fullysick eat mud and timber on a slippery bend ..really looked worse than what it was . a few minutes breather and we were on our way . My bike fitness let me down towards the end with some gumby moments but was all in good fun. Great crew today really enjoyed the day Thanks to Scott for putting on the ride.
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