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  1. Go on level 2 step up rides so you can pass everyone
  2. Excellent crew , excellent ride , plenty of fun , had summer tyre pressures in at the start which caused some sketchiness, took care of that , thank you tubless , A little water really changed conditions great work Marko, Chris and Abe keeping us all together looking forward to next weekend all ready
  3. Fab rode a tpi ,,, within 2min ,, I have never seen him ride so fast , time for an upgrade Fab.
  4. Excellent work out there CV, great tracks , great crew , plenty of cursing on the hills by some , plenty of clutch abusing on the hills buy some , some steaming over heating bikes , chewton wins for the slipperest logs in vic, thanks to our sweap Cujo and excellant photos pete and Marko
  5. I know , i need training wheels when riding a 4t
  6. Thanks Mick , great work putting on the ride. All that work is appreciated, Thanks all for a great ride
  7. Nasty

    Dissa in winter

    Yep ,, after riding at dissa a couple times lately I have seen most of usual tracks ,, they are trashed , the ruts are foot peg deep ,
  8. hahahaha i was trying not to fall on my face . i was on my way to lend assistance.. Somehow I made it down the very steep incline in front of Mess.. I advised the others not to try it ... off camber vertical drop It was a great day thanks to everyone for attending good crew makes a good ride
  9. Awesome effort guys, safe travels , when you pass Jarvis , yell out “ COMING THROUGH “ ( for those that watch to many Jarvis YouTube)
  10. Stilling trying to muster my energy , at the time the ride did not seem to hard but I’m sore today , may be being cold and wet for most of the day did not help. lucky the day cleared up ,,,was finally able to put the googles back on,,,, but the tracks were great all day , lucky we had enough rest stops as there were plenty of challenges, The bike is still sitting there dirty , I’m hungry as hell , time to wip up some bacon and eggs thanks everyone
  11. The tpi just ate it up , petty my body needs an upgrade , great tracks , awesome effort guys , my new rear tyre compensated for my lack of skill ,
  12. How about these ideas. Please note ,,,,may be to may be to many rules, to hard implement First timers must ride no higher than level 2 riding ability must be graded by a fellow dirtriders member (may be difficult and further discussion needed) can be anonymously riding grading appears under avatar eg. Level 3 (this may help ride organises when accepting the rider to participate) just some ideas
  13. Great action shots Marko, lost count on how many times your bald back tyre roosted me , I think I passed on that one to who ever was behind me . Some very slick hills ,, thanks to all the helpers who got us up. Sc5 soft and red clay don’t work ,,,at all Nice work 99% keeping everyone on track,
  14. Thanks for putting on the ride gypsy ,, level 3 fire trails , you made them look easy I’m still learning how to get the new girl to climb , 4th ride down Good crew , thanks to everyone ,, great photos Riles
  15. I was exploring while waiting for the track to clear and ended up at the top of the hill,,, I’m sticking to that story good ride Thumper , thanks for organising , everyone flowed along nicely , that red clay kept the speed down and tyre choice really showed thanks matt & pete for sweeping the creek was a nice find at the end