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  1. If you run tubeless and need a tyre pressure gauge that is accurate above 100psi , this gauge is the go once on the valve stem it has a button that can release air with having to remove the gauge .A new reading can be taken with out having to remove the gauge I ordered mine from 99bikes
  2. Hey Noodles cheers for details Jessies suggestion also look good . I will give them all a call and see who sounds helpful /knowledgeable
  3. Hey Jessie It seems both your suggestions are near Caloundra , any reason why suspension matters is not on your to contact list
  4. Hey guys I’m new to Brisbane and need a suspension service for a 18 300 ktm TPI who is the best shop
  5. Go on level 2 step up rides so you can pass everyone
  6. Awesome effort guys, safe travels , when you pass Jarvis , yell out “ COMING THROUGH “ ( for those that watch to many Jarvis YouTube)
  7. How about these ideas. Please note ,,,,may be to may be to many rules, to hard implement First timers must ride no higher than level 2 riding ability must be graded by a fellow dirtriders member (may be difficult and further discussion needed) can be anonymously riding grading appears under avatar eg. Level 3 (this may help ride organises when accepting the rider to participate) just some ideas
  8. Not using Tapatalk , viewing from browser , just trying to type this reply, I lost this message twice , just trying to move the Curser with in the reply box has me navigated me off the page , very common issue
  9. Yes that’s another one ,
  10. It would great if some hours could be put into optimising the site for tablet use. i utilize a tablet for predominantly all internet use and this site is extremely problematic and with pages jumping around , scrolling issues ., double tapping required to select items, I won’t go on as the problems are very visible and easy to notice. this really reduces the time I spend on this site hope someone can get on top of this as user experience should be important
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