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  1. Its been a long time since I’ve needed my bike dragged up hills all day. There were very few hill that someone didn’t need to help me. Buzz thanks for the help and encouragement cluffie thanks for the efforts dragging me up those hills gypsy coming back down hills that I don’t know how he got up to help habs Human strong man helping drag my bike when I just had nothing left I was destroyed After this ride , my forearms are permanently cramped now , not sure whats going on there so a trip to the physio is on the cards Thanks for the ride Toby and the effort put into creating the loop. The Gorge Was a nice place but what a laugh when it started raining and those rock were so slippery that walking was an issue let alone trying to move 100 kg bike
  2. Thanks for a fun ride Riles with your level 2++++++++ ride . nice casual funday in the bush , plenty of grip those poor tracks have been flogged out with deep holes in front of every log ,
  3. With the rain pelting down and the temperature dropping on the way to Neerim I was getting nervous this was going to be wet and cold day. yes it was 3 degree at the unloading area but the skies were blue and Mick had some magic trails ahead of us. some great work put in Mick , appreciate the effort and I enjoyed the challenge of some sketchy steep down hills and step hill climbs, lead to some flipped bikes and scattering of lines leading to the top some fast riders on this one so I was happy at the back , some crazy slippery corners had my 90 hour front Tyre asking to be retired but the rear Shinko just ate it up , thanks Gypsy for hooking me up, you did mis out on some fun hills , i was getting tired from trying to keep up with the fast guys but I would of liked to have tried some up those hills but needed to save energy thanks Mick, top work and Cheers to the rest of the crew
  4. Its good to have a great crew on a ride to make for a fun day I just needed to deliver with quality tracks. Conditions at the front were a little slick with a few logs catching me out I forgot about a few hills which were ok in the dry but a little challenging in the wet but everyone pull and pushed , just don’t go the way I went next time , those rocks are a different beast in the wet we even fitted in some free riding as promised I had some more tracks to give at the end but it looked like we all were content thanks cujo for keeping the group in check and everyone coming together to get up the hill Good work giving it a go illi, hope you had fun for the short time at least Cheers everyone
  5. Great job today Daniel , he never disappoints at Tallarook. We made our way around Tallarook from great track to great track , everything flowed well, come across some hills that would make Gypsy tear up with joy. They were so long my quads were burning coming down, I had to stop 4 times. Yes the hills were that long. My brain hurts thinking about trying to go up. a little bit of transport but hey you have to get to the good stuff some how. Prime conditions, wade and Jono killed it all day. One flat tyre and it was riden out at the end of the ride. So no one missed anything. finished off with some beers and a bbq , great hospitality, may be next weekend again .,,
  6. Go on level 2 step up rides so you can pass everyone
  7. Excellent crew , excellent ride , plenty of fun , had summer tyre pressures in at the start which caused some sketchiness, took care of that , thank you tubless , A little water really changed conditions great work Marko, Chris and Abe keeping us all together looking forward to next weekend all ready
  8. Fab rode a tpi ,,, within 2min ,, I have never seen him ride so fast , time for an upgrade Fab.
  9. Excellent work out there CV, great tracks , great crew , plenty of cursing on the hills by some , plenty of clutch abusing on the hills buy some , some steaming over heating bikes , chewton wins for the slipperest logs in vic, thanks to our sweap Cujo and excellant photos pete and Marko
  10. I know , i need training wheels when riding a 4t
  11. Thanks Mick , great work putting on the ride. All that work is appreciated, Thanks all for a great ride
  12. Nasty

    Dissa in winter

    Yep ,, after riding at dissa a couple times lately I have seen most of usual tracks ,, they are trashed , the ruts are foot peg deep ,
  13. hahahaha i was trying not to fall on my face . i was on my way to lend assistance.. Somehow I made it down the very steep incline in front of Mess.. I advised the others not to try it ... off camber vertical drop It was a great day thanks to everyone for attending good crew makes a good ride
  14. Awesome effort guys, safe travels , when you pass Jarvis , yell out “ COMING THROUGH “ ( for those that watch to many Jarvis YouTube)
  15. Stilling trying to muster my energy , at the time the ride did not seem to hard but I’m sore today , may be being cold and wet for most of the day did not help. lucky the day cleared up ,,,was finally able to put the googles back on,,,, but the tracks were great all day , lucky we had enough rest stops as there were plenty of challenges, The bike is still sitting there dirty , I’m hungry as hell , time to wip up some bacon and eggs thanks everyone
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