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  1. Thanks 2t4me, yeah water is a must... I will try get out over the next few weeks. Cheers
  2. Yeah I think I will do just that, who's got time for that s#!t lolll. so I have another quick question... coming into summerhe now, will there be much rides happening or is it to warm for that?
  3. Thanks guys, thank you so much... I picked it up very cheap because of the rebate... I just have one question... do you think I should get them to do the rec rego or should I do it? I have done it many times before, very easy to do... I'm just thinking it will all get done and no stuffing around with making an appointment at vic roads and go back and forwards...
  4. Guys, looks like the 2017 kawasaki klx140L is the winner for me... going in on Tuesday to pick up, I can always give it to the misses and go bigger in a few months. I'm just getting back into it slowly as I had a serious bike accident about 6 years ago.
  5. Yeah your right on the money bud... I'm going to the motor bike expo on the weekend so I will see what's around and go from there, but to be honest, for the price, the klx is win for me and it's got electric start and it's maintenance free lollll. Not maintenance free but no need to rebuild the motor every ride... makes sence?
  6. Cluffie mate, I was at Peter Steven's yesterday looking at bikes and seen the klx140L and that bike was perfect hight for me and it's on special at the moment with a saving of $900. it's definitely a good idea but the only think stopping me is its power... it would be identical to my ttr125.
  7. Hey bud, I have the hours and your not wrong about the yz85 being more fun... love riding it but hate the fact if I stall on a hill, I struggle to kick start it because it's a little tall. like you said, it's the terrain I ride on that's an issue not the bike...
  8. Hey mate, I looked at the KTM 350 free ride but heard alot of bad things about the bike so unsure at this stage. I think I need to get my self another yamaha ttr 125 or a Honda crf150f or something short andrive that's it... I'm very limited and it sux, should become a jockey lollll
  9. Cluffie, beautiful source of information buddy... Yeah I'm very light too, so I don't want to drop the bike on my self... I been doing so research and there is so much you can buy... to give you a fair idea of the bikes I have atm and they are yamaha ttr125 and also got a Yamaha yz85... the yz85 is the highest I want to go because I struggle on that thing. as I mentioned earlier in my post, I really want a low maintenance bike and that's why I was looking at the Honda crf150f, crf230f yamaha wr250r... so yeah, not sure what to do and I'm seriously stuck...
  10. Hey mate, yeah the r model. nah just for the bush, wanted something low maintenance and good to ride. I have a ttr125 and yz85, both bikes a about 2 - 3 years old. can't wait to get out there with a few of you guys.
  11. Hey guys and girls, I'm Tony from Melbourne, Greenvale... just saying g'day and letting everyone know I'm getting back into riding. should be picking up a brand new WR250R in the next few days. hope to join you guys on a few rides.
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