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  1. Thanks for the day Andy
  2. Thanks Andy for a great. day, you booked the perfect weather
  3. Kavs

    Kinglake L 2

    You must have prayed to the weather gods Macca, couldn’t have a more perfect day. Had to have a go at that hill, glad I made it to the top. thanks for organising Macca. Enjoyed by all.
  4. Had a great day, thanks Coggs
  5. Kavs

    Kinglake L2

    Thanks Macca, gad a great day.
  6. Had a great day thank Noodle and everyone else that made the day happen
  7. Thanks KX, had a good day
  8. Great day, thanks Pete
  9. Thanks Gumby, I had a great day, not many K's but hard work.
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