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  1. Wow. When did this happen? Just recently? At least you did a good job of it. [emoji106]
  2. Tips when riding on hotter dayz...

    There is another thread on this exact topic. I just can't find it
  3. Baaad. I used to love chatting to people via cb. Then I discovered hf radios. You can make phone calls from them. Or could. Even listening to a scanner to the airport and emergency services. Listening to all the crime areas etc etc
  4. What are you watching on TV

    Finally watched TT3D: closer to the edge
  5. Word Association...

  6. Word Association...

  7. Word Association...

  8. Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday Jas. (Dakota) I'm sure you have had a good day
  9. I was only talking about this camp to a couple of mates today and how good it is. When and if I get some time I'll definitely be back.
  10. Word Association...

  11. Break in and theft warning

    Let me know how much the CCTV is. I can get a Swann at near cost price. Nvr8-7090 with 4 X bullets or domes 3 mega pixel This is what I have at home. Brilliant
  12. Word Association...

  13. Break in and theft warning

    That's shit mate. Dogs for coming back. Next time you ring the cops say that your wife and child have been threatened. Even if you say that your child's window is where the dogs tried to get in. Then say you'll take matters into your own hands to protect your family. The cops will be there very quickly as the child has been violated. Did you look into CCTV mate? I know a good person that does them.
  14. Word Association...

  15. New to 2T

    Congrats mate. Looks a nice bit of kit. [emoji106] I'm sure you will love it. Look forward to reading all about it from your upcoming rides.