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  1. Just got a Topline cover on my kato, thanks to KTMShane.. Im very impressed, wish I'd got one years ago....
  2. Exactly what I need, a quoting vehicle!! 😆
  3. If I was, I wouldn't be asking, Id already have done it.
  4. Hey Guyz, Does anyone know if you can purchase a new dirt bike and claim as a work vehicle?? I guess with Full Reg.. as part of the current Asset Write Off Scheme.
  5. Actually, I am selling the KX85 Small Wheel.. PM me if interested and I can give you all the deets.....
  6. I agree with splints, both my boys went from CRF50 to TTR110 then KX85 small wheel and KTM85 Big wheel.. They rode all bikes at Frankston and Hastings tracks and bush... Learnt their skills on the fun bikes (including the track) then went to the 85's.... Skipped the 65... A couple of mates bought the 65's and their kids rode them for about 6 months and out grew them.... In terms of the better bike, I still have the KX and the KTM in the shed, the KTM is by far a better bike, but nothing wrong with the KX. Good luck with it...
  7. Another great ride led by Coggs, thanks to the sweeps, they copped a fair amount of dust all day.. Great to catch up with the usual crew and meet some new peepZ...
  8. I will take a Large in Black please Fro!! Have also paid.
  9. What a great ride Coggs!! Thanks for putting this ride up.. So many awesome tracks out there cant wait to get back.. When we got back to the cars Coggs starts handing out some ice cold beers!! What a great bloke, topped off a great days riding.. Then Dusty hands me one of his special beers for the ride home!! Always great to catch up with the DirtRiderZ crew and meet some new peepZ. Thanks to Bushy for sweeping and Habs for the great pics... SeeyaZ all soon.... Robb
  10. Just had mine done at SPMX, it made the world of difference to the bike.. Supporting a forum sponsor would be ideal but Geelong was way too far for me... SPMX were very professional and did an amazing job.... Definitely recommend them.
  11. THERE WAS CAKE!!!!!!!! Damn you DirtRiderZ and the Birthday Boy!! LOL
  12. What a great day for a ride, the tracks were in superb condition and we had a great mix for the day. Top bunch of blokes too. It was a shame we didnt actually have cake!!!! Thanks to the leads and sweeps for the day. Unfortunately I now need a radiator repair after hitting a log on the side of a track, at least it was the last track for the day. Cheers to the bloke who towed me back to the car... Mid week rides are the best!!
  13. Nice write up Shane... Yes, it sure was wet and muddy out there. This was the first ride back in wet conditions after my broken wrist so I was a little cautious, but having just had my suspension set up made a huge difference and I soon felt comfortable in the conditions. SPMX did a great job, only wished Id done this earlier, would have saved me from a few offs and scary moments!!! After the end of a nice flowing loop that had some nice little muddy hills which we came across a Pajero followed by a Captiva with road tyres of course!! It actually got up the first hill, lol, wouldn't have got that much further though. Thanks Katman for posting the ride and Shane for sweeping, it was nice to meet some fellow Mornington-Peninsula peeps on the ride... Look forward to some pics and video.. Cheers guys.
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