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  1. The comments have got me thinking. I've got a 50 in the shed - im gonna try and it for Mondays ride
  2. Mine is 13/48 which converts to 14/51. 13/50 is more like 14/53 The difference between 13/50 and 14/50 is a 7% reduction in torque and same increase in speed.
  3. Now that VicRoads is involved the bureaucracy level is about to rise 100 fold. Looks at 'Safety Camera's'. No data at all to demonstrate their effectiveness, yet they stick them on every corner or bridge in Vicco. You can see it in the FAQ. "Rider crashes due to track conditions" Next thing they will close all but the main tracks, paint a line down the middle, force everyone onto full rego/ADR and impose a speed limit... They have one mission; regulate the **** out of everything! If they actually, genuinely cared - they would invest in rider education. but some one gets paid for stat