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  1. Mick501

    Overheating Husky te300

    Hey cruiser these new euro bikes are awesome but I wouldn’t be riding one without a fan at minimum. I’ve a fan on my 501 with liquid intelligence and it never gets hot now even in long sections of slow tight trails. Fans and coolant are cheaper than engines PS: is yr tune ok ie are you running it a bit lean which could created unwanted heat issues
  2. I don’t think the power delivery is the most noticeable asset. The forgiving nature of the suspension and how it absorbs the harsh obstacles is where it’s really a winner. Even though they are a great thing I believe there’s something special about the 14-16 models. I’ve never felt so at home on a bike as I do on these models , there mechanical reliability is amazing and if you can replace the 4cs they are a super reliable modern day steed.
  3. Mick501

    Wr 450 overheating

    Very informative and professional reply Pete M. Wish there were more people like yourself [emoji1303]
  4. Mick501

    Wr 450 overheating

    I run Evans coolant which is same as liquid intelligence and ICE products . My 16 fe 501 runs factory fan that still comes on occasionally in the tight stuff but compared to water the fan doesn’t stay on for as long. I’d prefer for the boiling temp to be increased slightly by using this stuff instead of water be spewed out of the overflow onto the ground thus lowering water level and not sufficiently cooling the bike if in trails where this can repeatedly happen.
  5. Shannon’s mate [emoji1303]
  6. Mick501

    Bears whippin it at whipstix

    Bloody good ride today. Terrific loop lead by Bear that had a mix of everything. Was posted as L2 and once the group warmed up it really flowed well. Help was given, bikes were layed over, I went over the bars on a slippery of camber log, laughs were shared and the ride flowed at a L3 pace by the end. Had fun on the play hills and really enjoyed the small fun loop within the forest so much I did it twice. Was great to meet new new blokes and out faces to names. Thanks all for a good day [emoji1591]
  7. The Alpine Rally will be awesome. There’s a few dirtriderz members going Urustu so we should try catch
  8. Mick501

    Exploring the bay - July 14th

    Just curious Bruce why you went with the fx over the fe ?
  9. Mick501

    Peak hour traffic

    Trucks are speed limited which is a good thing. What car driver don’t understand is that for us it’s about keeping constant speeds. As for you Sabre , best you be careful out there as yr actions will bring you unstuck one day and yr silly antics may just well impact the lives of others
  10. Mick501

    Willmax graphics

    Too many variables to give an accurate cost. The have many designs on file to choose from or you can do your own . I designed my own full custom kit excluding seat cover as I have different forks and wanted a couple cheeky things thrown. Quality it’s top notch and there willingness to help is very very good. I forgot to mention dirtriderz but non the less I was happy with there pricing
  11. Mick501

    Peak hour traffic

    I drive a truck full time so honestly anyone with a car license wouldn’t understand... if so people would understand why I am the way I am [emoji23]
  12. Mick501

    Willmax graphics

    Big shoutout to Max and his team for my custom graphics kit. Being fussy on what I wanted meant it took 3 tweaks of design to get what I had pictured in my head onto a template . I’d shoot an email off at night and by 9.30am they’d sent me back an updated version. An absolute pleasure to deal with and highly recommend them to anyone
  13. Mick501

    Dry July

    School holidays start today and I dunno if I can get through that without a nip 🥃 after there asleep and it’s quiet [emoji23]
  14. Mick501

    Goggles, are my eyes important?

    I’ve been running 100% goggles for couple of years now. Don’t look after or wash them , occasionally wipe them and hang them of quick straps on my helmet but never have an issue. I couldn’t even tell you what lenses I run as I’m still on the original set [emoji1303][emoji1303][emoji1303][emoji1303][emoji1303][emoji1303][emoji1303][emoji1303][emoji51]
  15. Mick501

    Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Arbo [emoji1303]