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  1. I just got one recently and am kicking myself for not having one years ago. Absolutely love it and working on your bike with one is so much better
  2. Bloody rippa day riding and good bunch of fellas. Haven’t been to Blue Rock in bout 4 yrs so was keen as mustard to hit some familiar trails with local insider Shaun who pieced together a great loop that I do very similar in reverse. Despite couple of small bits of rain conditions were absolutely mint and we managed to total of 108+/- kms by 1pm proving how well the group flowed. Good to see some familiar faces and meet some new ones. Thanks to everyone who came along
  3. Watched him at the Ausxopen last year and he was very very fast ! Kid has major natural talent
  4. Well what can I say ... Best ride of the year on new bike buy far ! Today I ticked over 1,000 kms 30+ hrs on the 450 and it soaked it up and relished in all that was offered by Dylan . We did 91kms at good pace... minimal breaks ... couple of snack stops. 4 competent riders, dylantops , husky 310 Nathan, me and my +1. Dylan lead , i sweep and the two boys mixied it up as cornerman rotated them. Today despite the recent dry conditions we were offered up the best mix of tight enchanted off camber 1st gear , 2nd & 3rd gear flowing and technical rock rut infested snot that had me on map 2 , twisting the throttle, plenty of ass puckering and certainly smiling wide till the last trail. Rode through dylantops family hut/property with over 100 years history which was great. Was great to meet Dylan today, he leads a great ride, has a level head and positive attitude that made for a great day. On bikes at 8.30 am, 91kms & off by 1pm, pub for Parma by 2pm and home with bike washed by 3.30pm. #bestdayfor2019 Thanks mate can’t wait to return the favour and show you around Mirboo
  5. Ha ha not only did I drown it on your lal lal ride mate I punched a big crack in side shroud when I hit the tree not far out of the creek. Those billet guards are strong AF and have saved me from replacing radiators many times on my two huskies
  6. I looked at mine today and rhs has seam sealer half way around it and lhs has none. They’re only stitch welded so your going to get water in there once powder coating cracks and get some staining. I wash my steed thoroughly after every ride, blow it off with compressor then silicone spray all critical areas and electrical components which I think helps
  7. Shagged by days end. Good grip just don’t last. Dead in one ride
  8. I’m up at bright this weekend and one of the boys on a 450 just put one on. 100 kms on it so far today and he’s impressed
  9. OMG I remember that ride [emoji849]. By memory we had about 17 riders which was nothing unusual back then when I was riding with Dave team blue. Ya rite Neerim has changed so much and despite the trench diggers killing of so much it always evolves thanks to the hard work of the track fairy [emoji6]
  10. Well it’d been a couple of years since I’d been at Neerim after moving over the Westside but it felt like home I tell ya ! Gee that track fairy’s been busy and how Mick manages to find them all is amazing [emoji6] Although it was supposed to be a basic L3 cruisy ride there was forecast of rain so I left nothing for chance. Knowing Mick was leading and could turn it up at any moment I went all out on Friday and through on anew shinko fatty up front & SC5 soft rear with tubliss on my spare wheels in anticipation. I know my way around Neerim confidently but for the first 55 kms I only saw one familiar track. We probably only done a couple km of open stuff and the rest was continuous bliss. A couple were quite slippery and I washed the front out few times even with 9.5psi up front but that could’ve just been my shit riding [emoji23] Once I found my groove I got up of the seat a lot more and really enjoyed the the Neerim magic. There was a few testing sections but thanks to that bloody awesome SC5 soft rear 8.5psi I managed surprisingly well. Ghost rider was up to his old tricks on a very slow slippery downhill that had us crawling over a log and him letting his bike cartwheel its own way down as I tumbled and ended up upside down with my bike near on top of me. Once we got to *%#T hill we’d done 55 kms and couple of blokes needed to get back to cars so I happily said I’d lead them as I was starting to feel it a bit. We did some transport sections but managed 3 ole favourite tracks that ended rite at car park with my speedo saying 64.5kms so not too bad ! Have a couple of battle scares and was tender all Sunday but I haven’t smiled so much after a ride in ages so will be back there soon and push myself. Great day had with atop bunch of blokes thanks to all who came[emoji1591]
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