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  1. Mick501

    Will Max graphics

    I just sent through a heap of pics via email last night for a full custom order. Already have proofs back today so just giving it a tweak tonight and hopefully will see my kit soon. Very excited and must say there work ethic is brilliant.
  2. Mick501

    Finke 2018

    He’s a bloody Motorsport legend... his accomplishments will be spoken about for decades and possibly not be equaled by another Aussie for a while if ever.
  3. Mick501

    Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday Sir Riles , hope you have a great day mate
  4. Mick501

    What brand fork seals?

    I agree the SKF seals are top quality [emoji1305] For anyone who may not know JWT imports is “Chads Offroad Setups” who’s been a forum sponsor in the past. Chad Talbot has done a few suspension days at anglesea where he’s been very informative in explaining how things work and answered everyone’s questions
  5. Mick501

    Tapatalk login problem

    All good now [emoji1303]
  6. Mick501

    Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Chris aka “Toysrus” Hope you have a good day mate
  7. Mick501

    Local Shop Rips Off Forum Member

    Some how the name of this business needs to come out as to save anyone else from making the costly mistake of going to them .....
  8. Mick501

    Show Us Your Bike

    Definitely the best looking kato I’ve ever seen [emoji1305] Mite be something to do with the less orange and more blue but I like it. Enjoy [emoji1591][emoji1307][emoji1306]
  9. Mick501

    Ultra heavy duty tube PSI

    Be it either UHD tubes or Tubliss I always run 12-13psi front & 9-10psi in rear. Running constant low pressures with tubliss can make you reliant on the awesome grip levels so I save dropping the air really low for when I’m stuck on something difficult and it has saved me plenty of times
  10. Mick501

    Tire and Tube shifting

    Not running tubliss in the new bike Marko
  11. Mick501

    Fluro Zebra

    Great news Hoff and welcome to the Husky family
  12. Mick501

    Dargo ride

    I’m running the fatty on my 501 with great results. Up there You May want to try the starcross 5 intermediate for best all round grip/longevity. I run the soft but it’s usually half dead at the end of 3days up there
  13. Mick501

    Husaberg rear brake lock up

    They are very touchy with not much feel before the skid/lock up from standard but can be tamed with a solid rear disc. I run one on my bike and rate it highly
  14. Mick501

    WP 48 OC forks

    I have a set of springs to suit the OC’s Mick.
  15. Mick501

    KTM 450 XC-F 2015

    The fact that it happens when bike warms up would have looking at either stator or sensor. Have you checked the water level?