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  1. Great ride, been a long time since I've riden with Mev and he's killing it. As for buzz I was a touch disappointed with the 2 time international rider. I expected a little more to be honest. So disappointed In his performance I had to finish the ride early and let the boys finish with out me
  2. Mate I've never met you and I'm happy with forum, I just think we are all here cause we share a common interest. The world we live in these day we are constantly told how to think speak act etc I just think and it's only my opinion that it's hard enough to get the time to get on the bike let alone being told who can go. Fact is riding bikes is one of the best ways to spend time let's not over complicate it
  3. In confused. You don't own these rides do you. Being members only does that cover us with insurance or something im missing. Pretty sure the aim is Just to go riding. Might be best to not sweat stuff that doesn't really matter. I'm sure this will get pulled down so feel free to cancel my membership
  4. Yeah so broken fibula. Getting pins on Monday moon boot for 3 months
  5. Hey I was the guy in lvl3 ride who came back to cars 2min in. Not sure who helped me but thanks to guys who put bike back on trailer. I would have been in trouble if you guys were not there
  6. Not sure if this was mentioned but trials experience course are awesome for all types of riding
  7. Brownie was looking fast with his hair all gelled Sent from my LG-H870 using Tapatalk
  8. Have you tried Youi, I found pretty cheap and had to have a claim and couldn't have been happier
  9. Pick a colour buy bike ride bike. Once you gel with it it won't matter anyway. Reality is we are trail hacks and probably can't tell the difference anyway ( if we could honestly we would be getting bikes for free). We are really picking what looks best and which side of the fence we argue with the others about.
  10. Nothing bad ATM I've done 100hrs it engages when leaver is over 3/4 out. More just wondering cause I'm off to tassie in end of April and don't want to ruin a good ride but don't have the cash to change just for the sake of it
  11. How do you tell If you clutch is on the way out
  12. What sort of armour do you use? I use one with back plate and I cut hole in jersey so back of neck brace sits directly on my back under the back plate of armour hopefully this makes sense
  13. I'm with Youi fully comp quite reasonable price. I have recently made a claim on my trials bike for accidental damage. I could not speak highly enough of their service and time frame it was all settled. I would highly recommend them for any insurance from my experience
  14. Thanks nath for your loop, it all ran crazy smooth considering the size of the group. Thanks to sweeps and buzz for the lift, I'll sleep well tonight! I'll be back when it rains I think things could get interesting.
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