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  1. Probably should have done a tour with one of your forum sponsors Tone said he chatted at our lunch spot... couldn't believe what we we're hearing!
  2. MBMA

    Inappropriate posting

    I'm with the others on this. It's better to remind people that we need to be "mindful" of what we say (and do). But "not mentioning" single trail does not help: Plenty of single trail IS LEGAL Most of us prefer to ride SINGLE TRAIL Hiding this fact, or not keeping it in the public eye has no positive effect. Next time someone suggests "you can't ride there", that's when we as a whole can ask why. If you pretend you don't do it, you are outlawing yourself. If there are "trouble spots" identified, or "I'm cutting a new track in" pops up inappropriately - then rein them in Anyways... I've got some brush cutting to do
  3. 1. Any changer will probably do, but the old story... You get what you paid for! I recommend you look at and consider "rabaconda". I'm thinking of upgrading to this one, I have used it and it's easier and much faster. If you're ever going to do anything like an A4DE you will want to be able to do tyres fast. 2. Sex shop.... Or Ballard's, I think the last tub came from Ballard's. In the past have used 1 million of the bib's tubes 3. Have only ever used Michelin Bibs and have never had an issue on four bikes over many years 4. Depends on how good you are... At least 3 or 4 big levers, and 3 or 4 smaller ones as "wedges". 1 massive one and a mallet too. 5. Be generous on the inside of the tyre only. Wipe/Clean excess off bead and tube where it touches the rim. Get yourself a 30mm paint brush for the application. Good advice above with windex, I do the same with "new" mousses & tyres. *Tape up your rims to stop all the much oozing out through spoke nipples. And "re-lube" often as a part of maintenance if the tyre's been on for a while.
  4. MBMA

    Mt Buller Polar Expedition With Mbma

    I don't know, the house owner has it... Probably full of Kylie Minogue, Scissor Sisters, Queen and Guy Sebastian
  5. MBMA

    Mt Buller Polar Expedition With Mbma

    I don't, Scott came in yesterday and said his sister had found it during a stay. Thought it might be one of you guys missing it. Is there an easy way to tag all the boys with this question?
  6. MBMA

    Mt Buller Polar Expedition With Mbma

    An ipod has been found in the house you guys were in for the tour... Did one of you guys loose one???
  7. MBMA

    Mt Buller Polar Expedition With Mbma

    Well done everyone! Top couple of days out on the bike, I'm still picking up the pieces here but you all did the DirtriderZ proud. Every time I threw something at you lot you just lapped it up and asked for more - until Sunday arvos hills ... That about finished everyone. Always great to be out on the bike with great company and even better conditions. Thanks to all of you for taking the time, effort and expense to do the tour and I hope to see you all in the mountains again in the future. Nice work with the vid Faultline, I too am looking forward to the next installment Dave
  8. MBMA


    *Double check the wires from the banjo bolts of the front/rear brakes have not worn through and earth out or the problem might rear it's ugly head again soon
  9. MBMA

    Name That Lever

    Just take the lever off and take it to a few stores that carry a heap of spares :-)
  10. Spend time looking into these and you will either have a big check list or talk yourself out of it... "2 Ride The World" http://2ridetheworld.com/ https://www.facebook.com/2ridetheworld?fref=ts Met them a few years back, absolutely amazing, have been riding about 11+ years now "Alex's Motorcycle Adventure" http://www.modernmotodiaries.com/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Alexs-Motorcycle-Adventure-through-Mexico-Central-and-South-America/105918289474776?fref=ts *Make sure you look for and watch his video.
  11. MBMA

    Blue Rag Track Condition?

    Have done it several times recently, did it last week. Track is very straight forward on a bike and in excellent condition, try to time it with good weather because the 360 degree views are awesome at over 1700 metres. Not worth going past the trig point to the dead end unless you want to extend the ride. Further down the dead end it does get a little steeper and could test some riders - I'd still rate it easy. Huge amount of transport in/out unless you link it all up right Any other questions just holler