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  1. Thanks Greasa for posting! It was a killer loop that flowed really well. Great group and good to meet some new faces. Definitely jumping on Greasa’s next ride! Thanks Greg for sweeping all day. Was fun watching Mick going up the play hill. He made an impossible hill look easy.
  2. Thanks for the info Pete. I found the problem. It was part my lack of understanding of hydraulics and a miscommunication with Owen at Clake. Where the slave is situated on the hydro conversion, it pulls the actuating arm as opposed to pushing it. I think there was confusion on the phone when I heard to have the slave about 3mm out from the resting position when located on the bike. So I shimmed the S/C to that position when I originally installed it 2.5 years ago. I just removed the shims so that there is about 0.5mm of slack, bled the lines again and it's as smooth as silk and the lightest it
  3. Thanks Sabre and Pete for the replies. Pete, I installed a clake one light clutch to lighten the clutch up and it has been great (apart from a few teething issues with bleeding). The clutch lever at the perch has started to not release and get stuck sometimes. I put a new GYTR clutch basket on as there were some notching on the fingers but it hasn't helped at all. It has since gotten a little worse and thought it may be the actuating arm or rod but they seem OK. I know the clake/magura clutches can be difficult to bleed and wonder if there is a little bit of air in there. When changing th
  4. So I bought a tool from Bunnings that bent the right way and got the circlip off nice and easy. The clutch push lever and rod seem OK and doesn’t look like they have wear. I can’t find anything on the net of a new one to compare to. Does anyone know if these look OK?
  5. Hi Sabre, That’s the circlip I’m trying to remove and struggling to get access to it. Everything is in the way. Wondering if anyone has found an easier way to get it out.
  6. Hi All, I want to check the clutch actuating arm for wear on my 2008 WR450 and having issues removing the circlip without removing half the bike. Any tips? Cheers
  7. Thanks for putting the ride on Toby. You did a great job especially for your first lead ride. Thanks Dazz for sweep duties. No one got lost. Good to meet some new faces. I was home with enough time to clean the bike and air filter before having a couple of beers. Great ride. Cheers
  8. Hi Clement, I'm in South Yarra but my trailer only carries one bike. If you get hold of a bigger trailer I could help out. At the moment I can only offer you beer on chaps.
  9. Great ride gents. Thanks for putting it on conbraone and thanks for sweeping Lindon. Great to meet a few new faces. It was a great flowing ride with a nice little challenging hill. In hindsight, I soaked my boot on the last puddle so I should have just walked through the last creek crossing to test it. We'll have to hit it again when the weather dries up a bit.
  10. Tapatalk is the app if you want to have a crack
  11. Good to know. I've already ordered and paid for a new basket and clutch kit so I'll see how that goes and maybe give Owen a call if it's still not right. The clutch has progressively gotten worse since I filed the fingers of the basket down so I think that's the issue. I hope so anyway because the parts are on their way.
  12. The lever and perch are really smooth. The Clake is about 18 months old and is still like new. And being hydraulic, there should be any binding in the cable.
  13. Thanks cluffie. The paint on the springs is interesting to know. I would have never guessed that. So you recommend just going with Yamaha parts as opposed to Hinson etc?