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  1. Great for go carts and speedway bikes that are on pipe all the time. Shit for general use as it just gums up everything.
  2. motoz

    Acerbis X-Seat

    I've got the first version on my 300. It's a great seat with fantastic grip. It is as hard as hell though. Maybe this version would solve this issue.
  3. motoz

    I'm back !!!

    Hello all, after 3 years in the wilderness I'm back. Lot of new names around here since last time I popped in. I haven't ridden offroad in over three years so I've got a lot off catching up to do not to mention fitness to get back. I've committed myself to a ride in February so I'll need to get cracking. Hopefully the Kato starts.
  4. motoz

    Ktm 300 Exce

    The F Bushing replaces the hemi bearing. As far as carb breathers go I'm not sure what your referring to. There are carby filters available and some guys run vents into the airbox. I've always left mine as standard and never had an issue. I have a rebuild thread on my 08 300 somewhere on the forum. There is a lot of info there as I did a full tear down and custom build with a huge amount of after market parts.
  5. motoz

    Ktm 300 Exce

    Do your self a favour. Replace the lower PDS bearing with a F bush. It will last forever. As far as self tappers go it's only a few course threads into the tank that hold the plastics. Don't over tighten and you'll never have an issue. You won't get a hydro clutch, braided lines as standard on the Jap bike so I'm sure you can like with a couple screws.
  6. Classic !!! Well my 7wks off work for the baby has come to an end. Back to work next week... The build will still progress though not quite as frequently.
  7. Thanks bloke. Something a little different I guess. My Amazon order came through today. Saved a heap of coin than buying here in Australia. Sad really though that's the joys of the modern world. Fork gators from Rancho. Pretty cool and about $4each Also grabbed a fork rebuild kit. As I'm ditching the pod filters a K&N washable air filter for the air box and a big heap of oil filters to keep me going for a while. Sourced some new hoops locally though from a mate who distributed parts here. Heidenau K60 in a 120/80 x 18. There a chunky tread duel purpose tyre. Going to run the same size front and rear. I know the purists will have a roll of the eyes though this bikes being built for hacking around the urban and dirt roads all under 100kmp/h as opposed to winding asphalt roads at speed.
  8. Ok so I haven't made too much progress the last few weeks. Juggling a 6wk old baby other commitments are seriously cutting into my spare time... lol Alas got the tank fitted up properly today. The old mounts were cut off and the frame cleaned up. The new mounting location was going to be underneath this gusset. An hour on the lathe had a new spacer machined up. After a few head scratches it was glued into place. I fitted a plate on the rear also. This has a captive nut and rubber block to hold the tank down. I also made a little bracket that was bronze soldered on. The plate will also hold the front of seat down. Next up to fit the rear mud guard donated from an SR 500.
  9. Maybe we can all take a walk down memory lane. Here's a thread from 2011 that is relevant to the current topic. See if the views are similar or there has been a change of tact since then.
  10. EOI: Expression Of Interest
  11. It's been a while since I tooled on bikes. I haven't ridden my 300 in over 2yrs though I'm still very much interested in building them. Apart from owning a 640 SM I haven't had too much to do with road based bikes. I've launched into a custom build on a 1984 XJ600. It's going to be a stripped down build in a Tracker / Brat style. Throw on a set of chunky duel sport hoops, Moto bars, modern electrics and LED lighting. See where it evolves too... Unlike my 300 build this build has no plan. Just more of a feel as I go and letting the bike evolve. I'm planing on reusing parts lying around and bits I can beg borrow or steal off mates etc. The donor... 44,000km stockish steed. With 3mths rego $500 The XJ was the first of the inline 600cc 4 cylinders out of Japan. Not blistering performance though in 1984 was pretty respectable. Twin disk front end, single rear, mono shock and linkage swing arm. It was belted with the ugly stick of 80's style though. Chunky and a little over the top. The plan, strip and sell what's not needed. Enhance what's left to make the lighter bike handle better and give it a style of its own. Into the shed for initial teardown. First to go was all the excess body work. The 20lt tank is a little excessive for what I'm looking to build. It doesnt really have the lines I'm after either. To be continued...
  12. motoz

    Word Association...

    WORD ASSOCIATION Hey all I got this thread idea from another site. It's fun and addictive, and somewhat pathetic... but hey, why not see how it a goes here ??? I'll start with a word, and you come along and post a word which relates to my word... And on it goes... example; hot > cold lemon > sour etc, etc...