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  1. Thanks Gypsy for organising another epic goughs ride, I'd been looking forward to this since you posted it up months ago and it didn't disappoint. We had a good group that rode quick with no hang ups the whole ride. Some of those tracks over the back/Eildon side that run up and down the ridge lines are magic... I'll be back for the winter edition for sure
  2. Thanks for the Ride Ben and everyone else, sounds like it got pretty gnarly after I left. It felt like winter after riding 25 minutes of road to get back to the car in the belting rain. I had to crank the car heater the whole way home to warm up.
  3. Chewy

    Goughs - Level IV

    That would have to be one of the best loops Ive ever done, not just the terrain but the amazing places and views it takes you to. Most of us did about 80km on the saturday. Heaps of seemingly endless steep rocky climbs, big downhills and some really fast and flowing tracks in between. The weather behaved itself for the most part, with a few showers and hail storm which was something different to ride in. My car said 6 degrees as I was leaving so it was pretty cold when the big rain clouds blew in when we were up high on the ridge lines. Thanks Buzz and Gypsy for organising a great weekend, I will be back for the next one for sure.
  4. Yea that was me with the 360 high side. Deffinately feeling that one today. Thanks for putting on a great ride Phil, was a fun day with a good bunch of blokes. Couldnt ask for much more.
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