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  1. 2018 Tpi 250 very happy 2020 Tpi 300 very happy
  2. To be fair, in the ktm's defence it did have a full bnb alloy bash plate with pipe guard, "full of mud" and bnb radiator guards, around 4 or so litres of fuel and the forks through the forks a good 10mms. Not a total accurate comparison.
  3. 2017 Ktm 300 exc 2017 Ktm 450exc 2017 Yamaha yz250fx
  4. Great ride, thanks for leading Bear. There was some quick chasing going on all day. The vids dont do the hills justice as always. Glad i had that tube so gurney didn't ruin his day. Great blokes to ride with. Cheers.
  5. I am in the process of owner building a shed 9x18x3.75 walls in golden plains shire and because of the size of shed and part of my land has an environmental overlay on it I need a planning permit that has just been issued. No problems what so ever. Next is a building permit but because I am an owner builder the regs have changed and I had to do an online exam consisting of several tests involving all sorts of building topics. Then after passing all that they say I need a construction card which I have being a plumber. There should be two exams one for home owner builders and shed owner builders. Im sure that they say that if I will have other trades come into my property to do part of the work I need an evacuation plan/point first aid etc. I will be boxing up and helping with concrete, own plumbing and roughing in electrical for my brother to finish off. Times have changed since I built the last shed several years ago.
  6. Looks good, wish I wasn't working. Ballsy not running a bash plate on the rocks pete. The 450 would have climbed that with ease, but a lot heavier to pick up all day.
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