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  1. 2017 Ktm 300 exc 2017 Ktm 450exc 2017 Yamaha yz250fx
  2. Great ride, thanks for leading Bear. There was some quick chasing going on all day. The vids dont do the hills justice as always. Glad i had that tube so gurney didn't ruin his day. Great blokes to ride with. Cheers.
  3. I am in the process of owner building a shed 9x18x3.75 walls in golden plains shire and because of the size of shed and part of my land has an environmental overlay on it I need a planning permit that has just been issued. No problems what so ever. Next is a building permit but because I am an owner builder the regs have changed and I had to do an online exam consisting of several tests involving all sorts of building topics. Then after passing all that they say I need a construction card which I have being a plumber. There should be two exams one for home owner builders and shed owner builders. Im sure that they say that if I will have other trades come into my property to do part of the work I need an evacuation plan/point first aid etc. I will be boxing up and helping with concrete, own plumbing and roughing in electrical for my brother to finish off. Times have changed since I built the last shed several years ago.
  4. Looks good, wish I wasn't working. Ballsy not running a bash plate on the rocks pete. The 450 would have climbed that with ease, but a lot heavier to pick up all day.
  5. I don't think you would have done this Saturday. Lol
  6. Great ride thanks everyone. Good to meet new riders. I had just under a litre left of fuel, the last 15km i was just putting around to get back to the cars. It looked like you had half a tank left pete, you must have been on the pilot jet all day. Was a great warm up for todays 115km deep otways ride! Thats about 16 hours on the bike for me this weekend. Thank god for rdo Mondays! Let there be rain!
  7. Yeah you cant see that in the pic. You freaked us out when you started yelling I need help.
  8. After a quick 20km warm up three of us head back to the cars to find Dan gearing up. Sorry about the helmet mate. Next time! Three of us took off and it soon became a fast flowing ride. Through the sisters and after some repairs to a bash plate we were off again smashing through some old stuff where the tracks were non existent. A couple of times we just pointed and shot through the scrub and came arcoss a road. Would have loved to have taken a video of corey trying a rather large log from the opposite way after successfully jumping it only this time to go flying over the bars. Funny! We came across a couple of tracks that come out of a rocky creek that are best left for fresh legs. A few big hills and some elbow bashing racing back to the cars and we were done. Only a couple of photos unfortunately. Great ride thanks fellas.
  9. Hi pal, just wondering whow your finding the new 350 xcf?  Iam thinking of getting one and have owned a 13 berg fe 350 and felt it was under powered compared to my two stroke 300 but I think the xcf may be the answer.  How are you finding the forks? Are you looking at getting the suspension set up? Any info is greatly appreciated.  Cheers simon.

    1. Brucie.T


      hey mate,
      Never saw this post come up as a notification apologies for the late reply!

      I'm absaloutly wrapped with the new XC-F,
      Ive had the suspension re valved and set up for my liking and am happy with it definitely better than stock out of the box.

      They have more grunt of the bottom than my Husky FE 350 2014 model.


  10. Thanks for the ride noods and rusty. I had a blast. Its was getting hot after lunch on the fast open trails and I was happy to head back by then. I hope some on my antics were entertaining! I plan on exploring from the new track you showed me near Aireys inlet and head towards pennyroyal! Then eventually get to lorne.
  11. Awesome tracks, great blokes. Corey you broke me you bastard! I did enjoy the ride tho haha. Full respect to you for handling that drz in those conditions. Highlight of the day for me was as I was mid air over the bars flying down hill I somehow tucked, rolled then stood up! That loop is starting to grow into something bigger every time. Thanks.
  12. husky300

    Anglesea 5/7

    Yeah another great loop corey, it never fails to impress. We almost had that snotty hill, will nail it next time. It spins me out where you take that drz! Good to meet mark and get some golden beach practice on big sandy woops With robby. We were keeping a cracking pace all day, and only seen a couple of other bikes on the trails.
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