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  1. karter

    Six months no wheels

    Great to hear you're back on the bike and enjoying yourself Chris. Now comes the bike fitness
  2. karter

    fuel and kms

    Adam it's important to know how many ks your bike is good for and after a dozen or so rides you'll have a pretty good idea. This is what I suggest: - empty your fuel tank - refill in litre increments - mark each litre increment on a dipstick Then at the end of each ride just divide ks travelled by litres used, remember to always start with a full tank.
  3. karter

    Six months no wheels

    Hey toys how did you pull up after Saturday's ride ?
  4. karter


    Fastest easiest and cheapest way I have found is petrol then soap and water then rinse. job done
  5. karter

    Bike Wash

    Certainly worth sharing. Cheers
  6. karter

    My Berg 350 Wont Fire

    Hey noods no idea what the whirring noise is but had a similar issue with my bike not starting. Had spark would crank wouldn't start. Rang auto elec and he said sometimes on fi bikes the ECU can go out of wack and won't start at normal cranking speed. He said to find a big hill and bump start it at speed. Just happen to live on a big, bike started and never had a problem since.I did change the li battery or another li battery but I don't think it was the issue
  7. karter

    Toolangi Perfection!

    Nice work as usual Toys
  8. Orange bait will bring a feeding frenzy
  9. Bikes went through this morning I believe, anyone know what they made
  10. karter

    Neerim Sat Run

    Big thanks Mick for posting up and leading a great ride. Thanks Drew for sweeping and also helping (along with two others) retrieve that poor buggers dike out of that bog hole.,they weren't going anywhere without our help. Thanks to all for keeping the group moving, it's always a bonus when a ride flows as it did. Had a fun day. Cheers !!
  11. karter

    Neerim Ride Sat 07/03

    Love it !!!!
  12. karter

    Neerim Ride Sat 07/03

    Hello McFly? Anyone home? Hello!
  13. karter

    Neerim Ride Sat 07/03

    More nerrim pics
  14. karter

    Neerim Ride Sat 07/03

    Just a few shots from yesterday, will follow up with a report later on
  15. karter

    Eye Spy

    Hey Hummdinger can you tell us geographically who has been the closest so far !!!